Microsoft new Edge browser will support full Chrome extension next year

This week, Microsoft officials announced that the Windows 10 Edge browser will switch from EdgeHTML to the Chromium/Blink (Webkit sub-core) engine, causing a stir in the industry.

Although Mozilla/FireFox (Firefox) CEO criticized Microsoft for blowing Chromium’s market domination by giving up its self-developed kernel which is not for the browser competition or liberty to users to choose among different browsers. However, Microsoft will certainly not in the mood of retreat to adopt the Chrome rendering engine.

Microsoft Chrome Edge browser

When talking to netizens on Reddit, Edge project manager Kyle Alden on Reddit said that we plan to support all Chrome extensions.

Indeed, there are few people who buy the Edge browser and the lack of expansion. Although Microsoft has made reinforcements in the later period, the Edge Eco has not been pushed up. In addition, Kyle also revealed that some extensions can even be downloaded directly from the Win10 store.

It is reported that the new Edge after the “replacement” will be launched in early 2019, and support Windows 7/8/8.1 and macOS down. After “rebirth”, will you choose Edge?