Apple’s New Pencil Gets a Major Boost with Hover Support & USB-C Charging for $79!

Sleek, smart & affordable, know all about the upgraded Apple Pencil which introduces USB-C and Hover support.

To meet the rising demands of Apple consumers globally, the tech giant has released an affordable Apple Pencil for $79. Unlike the previous Apple products, the upgraded version comes with a sliding cap that reveals the USB-C port for charging. This new stylus will be available in November, this year and will offer compatibility with all iPads.

The price of this 3rd-generation Apple Pencil is surely an irresistible offer for many. But it comes with its own set of drawbacks. The latest Apple Pencil does not support some advanced features like wireless charging and pressure sensitivity.

It is known to be the most budget-friendly Apple Pencil, to date which supports pixel-perfect accuracy. The fancy stylus with USB-C charging can be used with all Apple iPads from 3rd to 6th generations.

Apple released its 2nd Pencil back in 2018 with a range of advanced functionalities like wireless charging support. These improvements, however, came at a hiked price of $129. This price was $30 more than the Apple Pencil 1. So, the 3rd-generation Pencil is a great alternative for users who are looking for an affordable tool.

Inclusions and Exclusions of the Apple Pencil 3

The latest Apple stylus does not support pressure sensitivity and wireless charging. Although you can attach the pencil to your iPad using a magnet, for storage. To recharge the battery of your Pencil, you will have to slide the cap and expose the USB-C port.

The Apple 3rd gen Pencil does not support the double-tap functionality to change drawing tools. The company has also declined to offer free engraving this time around. Apple had embraced the USB-C port for its iPads a long time ago. It has also ditched the lighting port in its new iPhone 15 models as well.

However, Apple is still not completely detached from its lighting port. The old devices like iPhones, Magic Mouse, AirPods Max, etc. still use this for charging.

Both Apple Pencil 1 and 2 have been users’ favorites and have been in demand among casual notetakers and professional digital artists. Apple promises the same accuracy and responsiveness with its new USB-C Pencil as well.

Apple’s affordable stylus peculiarly supports hover, a functionality that lets you have a preview of your actions. This feature can be extremely useful for professional artists and creators.

In a brief look, the Apple Pencil USB-C will be the best buy for iPad Pro, Air, and Mini users. Apple has moved a step forward toward an all-USB feature, and we are here for it!