What is Xbox Project Scarlett? Anaconda or Lockhart

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Now the time of 9th gen gaming console is about to meet an end. Even the primary level 10th gen consoles like Xbox One x is about to become an outdated piece of equipment with the latest news from Microsoft’s side. By the end of 2020 and by the time of Winter Holiday of 2020, which is just 1 year from now, the Xbox Project Scarlett will be a reality in the market. As per the sources say, Microsoft will launch Xbox Scarlett, which is the next instalment of the Xbox era, in December 2020.

Update: As per the recent announcement, the final product of next-generation Xbox will be named as Xbox Series X and not the codename Scarlett. Learn more about the announcement.

Now there are many questions about the details are looming, as what will be the price segment, what are the specs as it is 10th gen console, and what on Earth are Xbox Lockhart and Xbox Anaconda. So, here we go:

Xbox Scarlett Potential Price Range

Though there is no official news from Microsoft’s end about the pricing by the 2nd week of Dec 2019; but according to sources, it is not going to be cheap for sure. Considering the specification Xbox Scarlet going to feature won’t come for cheap. According to experts, you can expect a price range of $599 to $699. As the Xbox One S and Xbox One X also had the price range around $500 at the launch date. So, with upgraded gears and inflated market, this one is for sure not going come for cheap.

But, there is a piece of good news which is Xbox Scarlet is featured in Microsoft’s Xbox All Access Program, using which you can avail the instalments facility, and also can finance an Xbox One S or Xbox One X for around $20/month. The All-Access members can upgrade to Xbox Scarlett, once it is launched and the customer also paid their total 18 instalment payments.

Xbox Project Scarlett Specification

Project Xbox Scarlett will be powered by a custom-made AMD Zen 2 CPU which provides four times the processing power than the Xbox One X itself. Xbox Scarlet comes with the Ray Tracing Support, ensures 120fps gameplay at max, provides 8K resolution support, GDDR6 memory is used in GPU and also featured with Variable Refresh Rate support. The storage device is a custom-made SSD this time, which is much forty times more-faster than any HDD, and also provide no loading experience while opening any game.

To know more details about the Xbox Scarlet Specs, you must know about the Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart.

What is Xbox Anaconda & Xbox Lockhart?

According to the press reports and the announcements from Microsoft’s side, Xbox Scarlet is not going to be released as one console, instead, it is going to be two different consoles, namely Lockhart and Anaconda. The things which happened with the prior instalments like Xbox 360 and Xbox One, where the entry-level editions launched at first and the premium editions launched couple years later, is not going to be repeated with the Xbox Scarlet project. This time both the entry-level and premium level editions are going to be launched at the same time. Where Xbox Scarlet Lockhart is going to be the entry-level 10th gen console, and the Xbox Scarlet Anaconda is going to be the premium or advanced level of 10th gen console from Xbox.

Detailed Specification

Both Anaconda and Lockhart will have an 8-core CPU which custom-made and based on AMD Ryzen 3 series. Anaconda will feature 16GB of RAM (while 13GB of which gaming dedicated, rest for the system). The consoles are going to feature a custom NVMe SSDs, which is fast in execution, reading and writing. So, you can see no-load time performance this time.

Both Anaconda and Lockhart will have an 8-core CPU which custom-made and based on AMD Ryzen 3 series. Anaconda will feature 16GB of RAM (while 13GB of which gaming dedicated, rest again for the system). This consoles also going to feature a custom NVMe SSDs, which is fast in execution, reading and writing. So, you can see no-load time performance this time.

  • CPU – AMD Zen-3 8 Core Custom-made
  • RAM – 16GB GDDR6 (Xbox One X has 9GB dedicated for gaming)
  • GPU Teraflops – 12 TF for Anaconda & 4 TF for Lockhart (While Xbox One X is 6 TF)
  • Storage – NVMe-SSD Custom-made (Capacity has not been announced but it will be around 500GB-1TB)
  • Ray Tracing Support – Yes
  • Maximum Resolution Support – 8K (8K 6 0FPS is not guaranteed)
  • Maximum FPS Support – 120 FPS (4K 60 FPS is guaranteed) (120 FPS can be achieved with 1080p)
  • Optical Drive Support – Not present in Lockhart

Expert Verdict: According to the speculations and official announcements, our experts compared the Scarlet Console with Xbox One and the suggestion has come in front, where it said that if you are an Xbox One X users then upgrading to Scarlet Lockhart is not worth it. But for Xbox One S users both the Scarlet consoles are a huge upgrade. Substituting your Xbox One X with an Xbox Scarlet Anaconda is a worthy deal if the price range is proved to be reasonable. But, using an 8K or at least a 4K TV is a must to enjoy the full capability of your console.

Xbox Project Scarlett Controllers

Any new controller or new design has not been launched from Microsoft’s side, there is no legitimate speculation about this topic as well. But it has been confirmed by the sources from Microsoft that the existing Xbox One Controllers will work with Scarlet consoles. As well as all other accessories like Kinect and compatible headphones also will work.

Expected Games

The Halo Infinite is being anticipated to be launched with the Project Scarlet, but there is no news of this game being Scarlet exclusive at all. It has been confirmed that Xbox Scarlett would feature 100% backward compatibility so any Xbox 360 or Xbox One games can be played with Xbox Scarlet as well. In other big titles, GTA 6 and Elder Scrolls VI are also being anticipated with the Scarlet launch and specs. The Rage 2 developer, Avalanche Studios is working on their next-gen (10th gen) titles already.

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