Zyxel Launched Three New 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless Access Points

Zyxel Communications launched three new MU-MIMO wireless access points— NWA1123-ACHD, NWA5123-ACHD and WAC6303D-S. The company said— their new wireless Access Points are meant to deliver the full potential of Wave 2 wireless networking and also help in solving the challenges faced by the consumers in 802.11ac Wave 1 WiFi networks.

According to the Zyxel, the Wave2 MU-MIMO access points will provide better performance and faster speed without compromising the data rates. Also, they clear that the new standard requires robust noise suppression capabilities, otherwise total network performance can be degraded by non-MU-MIMO clients in a group.

ZYXEL Wave 2 wireless access points NWA1123-ACHD, NWA5123-ACHD and WAC6303D-S

Further, the Zyxel’s Wave 2 access points are designed to equip with next-gen beamforming technology. This technology not only increases the data rates for MU-MIMO-compatible clients but for all existing ones, as well.  To deliver the maximum coverage these products are engineered with an “RF First” policy that optimizes the radio frequency design in every aspect of the hardware.

With the variety of wireless frequencies at the workplace such as 3G/4G, those can create an interference and to minimize them the Zyxel’s Wave 2 access points feature built-in filters.  The WAC6303D-S is also equipped with a smart antenna that is proven to eliminate WiFi co-channel interference in busy environments.

The NWA1123-AC HD Standalone Access Point, NWA5123-ACHD Unified Access Point, and WAC6303D-S Unified Smart Antenna Access Point will be available through Zyxel authorized resellers.

Note: All mentioned features and capabilities are claimed by the manufacturer, the H2S Media haven’t tested them.