Just Corseca SNUGAR Calling Smartwatch review

The Just Corseca SNUGAR Calling Smartwatch relies on IP67 Water-resistant, advanced HR sensor, and robust housing. In this review, we evaluate whether this is enough for the hard-fought middle class of smartwatches.

Many of us wouldn’t be much familiar with a brand called “Just Corseca”. However, this well-established accessories manufacturer is slowly but significantly started grabbing Indian consumers’ attention due to its quality products and reasonable prices. Out of its wide range of products, one is Just Corseca SNUGAR Smartwatch”. Which is a perfect alternative for those looking for Apple’s look-alike smartwatch but in a budget range.

We tried SUGAR for more than one month and after that here are our thoughts about whether one should buy it or not.

Design, Specification, and Operations

The Just Corseca SNUGAR comes in a slim metal housing. The bezels, i.e. the edge around the display are in curvy shape and give a premium smartwatch look. Coming with Water Resistant (IP67) feature – the watch can resist liquid splashes and sweat during a workout, dust and yes it is Swimming Waterproof. You won’t have to worry if your smartwatch gets wet, whether you’re swimming in the pool or running in the rain, even in the shower. If the band gets wet or if you sweat while wearing it, remove and dry it carefully before putting it back on.

Operations are easy by hand. Swipe down from the top and opens a quick menu, swipe left opens a list of apps.
Display: ‎1.69 Inches, LED, 280 * 320 pixels resolution.

Technical Specifications:



Just Corseca Snugar Fitness functions

Smartwatch has been equipped with plenty of sensors for recording training sessions and displaying general health measurements. In our test, the heart rate was almost correct even when the arms moved a lot. In sports mode- the watch is armed with options to measure your training sessions such as walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, and Football. In the practical test, for example, the watch recognized a walk after just two minutes and also noticed when it was over. The watch automatically detects sleep and recorded sleep duration, however, its accuracy is not up to the mark and had a tendency to add a few extra hours.

Just Corseca SNUGAR Calling Smartwatch review

A user cannot rely on the sensors of smartwatches to diagnose some health issues however, he or she can have some idea. Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Calorie Count, and Step Count are some other monitoring features but the user should not rely on a single result. I mean if you are trying to monitor your heart rate then measure it at least 5 times to get an average value to rely on. Otherwise, all sensors work perfectly in our test.

Other practices functions are Breath Training, Call Notifications, SMS and APP Messages (WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram…), Music & Camera Control, Brightness Adjustment, Weather Display, Sedentary & Water Drink Reminder, Gmail, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Find your phone.

In connection with the smartphone, the Just Corseca Snugar provides a few clever functions. It mirrors weather information and vibrates notifications, and also offers a call answer function. A (vibration) alarm clock can be set.

The best thing is we can use the smartwatch to directly access phone contacts (favorite contacts added via app) or dial manually the number to call. In short, we can use the watch to call and talk without touching the smartphone; thanks to the inbuilt speaker and mic. However, the watch and smartphone must be connected via Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, there is no calendar function. The watch can controls the music playback on the smartphone remotely. All the functions offered worked in the practical test. The system cannot be expanded with apps.

Furthermore, we can click photos using the watch’s “Shutter” option; Alarm, Stopwatch, and Countdown are a few other useful options during training sessions.


Da Fit app

By default, there will 5 watch faces on our Just Corseca Snugar, out of one can be changed manually as per choice. However, to change the Watch face, we have to take the help of an app called the Da Fit app. It is available for both Android and iOS phones.

To connect the smartwatch to Da fit app, first, download it from your iOS or google play store. Once the installation is completed, turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth, and add a new device, there you will find a device named “Snugar”, and select to connect the same.

Once connected, open the Da fit app, under different watch models select Snugar. To change the Watch faces, select the options given for it. Scroll down to More faces and select the one you want to set for your smartwatch.

Further, the app can also be used to record all the monitoring data to get the history of your workout intensity.


Just Corseca Snugar Battery

The battery backup of the Just Corseca Snugar was not much impressive, it can only survive a day if you are using it with a smartphone connected via Bluetooth for notifications and Da Fit app. Whereas without an active connection for just two days. So, design-wise it looks good but the battery backup is not digestible.



Well, the features and design of the Just Corseca Snugar make it an impressive smartwatch because the watch is priced in the lower segment. The smartwatch is available for INR 3,499. Waterproof, various training options, and analyses, as well as the helpful hints for sleep recording, coupled with the workmanship, form an overall package for which we can give an almost unreserved purchase recommendation, however, only if you are ready to charge your smartwatch daily.

Attractive features:

Slim design and light; good sports functions
IP67 rating
Good LED IPS display
Responsive interface
Calling function, built speaker and mic
Whole-day heart rate detection

Things that need to be improved:

Battery backup






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