Panasonic Eluga A4 Camera Review and Sample Images

Panasonic Eluga A4 is another budget segment smartphone by Panasonic and the best feature of this smartphone is its battery backup. The Panasonic Eluga A4 has 5000mAh battery. We already have done the Panasonic Eluga A4 review and now its time to tell you about the Panasonic Eluga A4 camera performance.

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Eluga A4 Camera App and Features

The camera app of the Eluga A4 is not very snappy and especially in HDR mode, the camera shutter is very slow. Also, the app is not very responsive due to media core processor of the phone.

The camera app offers exposure adjustment, Color Effect, Scene mode, white balance, Anti-flicker, Zero shutter delay, Anti-shake, Face detection, Selfie timer, ISO setup, Face beauty mode, Scene mode, Panorama mode, in videos— Noise reduction, EIS, and video quality 720P.

Pansonic Eluga A4 camera app review

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Panasonic Eluga A4 camera technical specifications

Rear camera summary 

  •  Pixel: 13MP
  • Max picture size:  4864×2736 (16:9)
  • Zoom: 4X
  • Autofocus: Continuous
  • Orientation 90 degree
  • Picture format: JPEG
  • Picture Size max: 2560×1920
  • Focus mode: Auto, Macro, infinity, continuous Picture, and video
  • Max Num of focus area: 1
  • White Balance: Auto, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Warm Fluorescent, Daylight, Cloudy Daylight, Twilight, and Shade
  • Scene mode Auto, portrait, Landscape Night mode Portrait, Beach, Snow, Sunset,  Fireworks
  • Video size: 1280×720
  • Video stabilization: Yes



Eluga A4 Camera Performance Test

The rear camera of the Panasonic of Eluga A4 is of 13MP & supports autofocus with LED flash. The autofocus of the camera is decently quick when you tap to focus on your subject. The camera performance in the daylight is decent in terms of color accuracy. The color produces by the camera are natural not over saturated or washed. The phone’s camera also supports the HDR mode. But while using the HDR mode, often few areas in the picture automatically get overexposed and ruined the picture and subject.

The tone of color was neutral but bit dull but thankfully there was no extra red or yellowish tint in the photos. The shot of landscapes and the distant object didn’t perform well in the picture and appeared with lack of details.  The Macro shots performed very well and also have significant amount details but only in daylight. Even the close-up shots handled by the camera in a very well manner without too much noise.

In the low light, the camera performed below than average and captured lots of noise. You can see that in the low light samples given below in the article

We also tested the camera in the dark room with a flashlight the and the images those came out are acceptable. But still detailing wise other smartphones camera performance coming at this price point are much better than Eluga A4. For example Hono 6X. Coolpad cool 1, Xiaomi Redmi note 4

The video quality again decent and maximum output is 720p. It has inbuilt electronic videos stabilization which can be toggle on from the camera settings. The EIS does a decent job but not very effective.

The front 5-megapixel sensor easily can captured decent images but only in good amount of light for example bright day light.


Panasonic Eluga A4 camera review:  Day Light Samples

camera A4 eluga phone


camera performance


camera samples of eluga a4 smartphone


ELuga A4 camera low light images


Eluga A4 camera review


Eluga A4 camera test


Panasonic camera review day ligh


Panasonic Eluga A4 camera reiew A4 smartphone camera review


panasonic eluga A4 camera review in the day light


Panasonic Eluga A4 smartphone camera perfromance


Panasonic Eluga Camera review macro shot test


Panasonic Rluga A4 camera close up


Panasonic Rluga A4 camera images sample


Panasonic Rluga A4 camera images samples


Panasonic Rluga A4 camera review sampels


Panasonic Rluga A4 camera review samples


Panasonic Eluga A4 camera review


ELuga A4 day light distant object sample

Panasonic Eluga A4 Camera Review : Low light and Night Samples

Night light camera samples of eluga a4.jpg


Night light camera samples of panasonic eluga a4


Night light camera samples of panasonic eluga a4 review


Night light camera test of panasonic eluga a4.jpg



Eluga A4 camera dark room Picture with flash light

panasonic eluga a4 camera review low light with flash

night samples with flash light

panasonic eluga a4 camera review with flash light