Panasonic P100 Camera Review with Image Samples

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Pansonic P100 is a budget smartphone and keeping the thing in mind that it has a price which is below 6K; the phone has a decent camera that can full fill your daily need of mobile photography without weighs on your pocket.

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Panasonic P100 Camera can capture decent images to fulfill the people personal social media demands in the budget a price.

As far as the Pansonic’s Smartphone concern most of them are not value for money as specs and quality wise. But this time, if you talk about their latest budget smartphone Panasonic P100; it is completely different in terms of quality and design as compared to rest of the Panasonic smartphone available in the market. The price of Panasonic P100 in India is ₹ 5,299 for 1GB RAM version and ₹ 5,999 for 2GB RAM version the storage and other features such as camera and battery are same in both the models…

The Pansonic P100 in the mobile market directly compete with the Xiaomi Redmi 5A, we didn’t get chance to review the Xiaomi Redmi 5A so we can’t comment or compare the camera & image quality of Redmi 5A with Panasonic P 100. However, if you compare both in terms of specs then Xiaomi Redmi 5A weighs on the Panasonic P100.

After using the Panasonic P100 around more than a week, here is our camera review along with image samples in Day and Nightlight in the different environments.

Pansonic P100 Camera review and Specifications

panasonic P100 camera review, test, and camera image samples

We know that, if we are spending few bucks then what we get is also like the same. The camera specs you are getting on this phone are also not so high end; the Pansonic P100 camera situated on the back side of the phone offers 8MP autofocus camera along with LED flashlight.  The Primary camera of Pansonic consists 5P Lens element and aperture of F2.2 which means it can capture a reasonable amount of light in the low light conditions. The camera modes offered by the rear camera are Panorama, Face Beauty, and HDR.

As we know, the price of this phone’s camera falls under the low budget category, so what we are writing here whether good or bad; we have this thing in mind.

The images captured by the camera in a bright daylight are sharp and color reproduction is also good and natural. I have tested and reviewed couple of Pansonic devices before but this one is far better. However, P100 keep struggling to carve out the detailing in the images but still it not much satisfactory; if you zoom the photos a bit. But still, it improved than the previous Panasonic phones.

The micron size of Panasonic P100 is 1.4 µm which allows it to absorb a good amount of light to illuminate the picture brightness in the low light conditions. But the thing which happened in most of the budget phones is in the low light photography they all start getting grains and the Pansonic P100 too.

The landscape shots took by us in daylight are brighter and quite good. The camera focuses quickly without any problem even in the dark when you are using the flashlight. We have attached some images at the end of this article captured in dark using the flashlight. The details are not that much good but the overall structure and colors are quite impressive.

Furthermore, the Zero Shutter Delay is also here, which enable the smartphone to captures the images instantly, however, don’t expect or compare it with the shutter speed available in the high-end phones.

The main thing which most of the youngster or casual photographers looking in the smartphones is — Bokeh effect. The Bokeh created by Panasonic P100 is really good and gives looks and feel that the photos have been captured by some high-end camera. Now the question is how to create a Bokeh effect in low-end smartphones like Panasonic P100. The lens and aperture of the smartphone cameras are not like the DSLR where you can change the lenses. So, most of the time the bokeh effect in smartphone camera like P100 can only be achieved when your subject is near to the camera around 2 to 3 inches to get an ultimate Bokeh effect in a portrait mode. Just look at the image samples given in this article and you get an idea…

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The 5MP front camera again sports equal aperture size as a rear camera which f/2.2 with Digital Zoom. The camera uses 4P element lens and features modes like Beauty and HDR. I don’t have any complaint from the selfie camera too and it is enough good to capture selfies outdoor and indoor; pictures those clicked by it can post easily on social media channels like Instagram. Again from such budget, we can’t expect more than what if offers.

In terms of video recording, the rear camera can record videos at 720p resolution and the quality is good enough. The good thing is, it has the support of EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) while recording the video to reduce the effect of jerk and handshake.

The video recording on the front camera can also record the videos but there’s nothing special there.

Pansonic P100 Camera App

The camera app interface of the P100 is quite simple and easy to use.  Under the setting you will get the Exposure control, multiple live filters, like sepia and chrome, White balance, Anti-flicker, Volume key, Shutter sound, and Focus sound control.

For Images, it provides Zero shutter delay control, Face detection, Auto scene detection, Self-time, Capture number for burst shot, Picture size adjustment and Preview size.


Panasonic P100 camera app and settings

In the video settings, the EIS on/off, Microphone on/off while shooting video, and videos quality adjustment. the highest resolution to capture video is HD 720P.

Panasonic P100 video recording and camera features

Pansonic P100 Camera Image samples

Day Light Image Samples

panasonic P100 camera review and images sample

panasonic P100 camera samples bokesh effect

panasonic P100 camera images

Panasonic P100 camera portrait mode

panasonic P100 camera quality test

panasonic P100 camera image sample 3

panasonic P100 bright light image sample

panasonic P100 camera image sample landscape

panasonic P100 exposure image sample

panasonic P100 day light image sample


panasonic P100 potrait image sample

panasonic P100 smartphone camera samples



Panasonic P100 Zoom Shoot In and Out

panasonic P100 smartphone camera image samples

panasonic P100 zoom image sample


P100 HDR shot

Without HDR

panasonic P100 without HDR image sample


panasonic P100 with HDR image sample

Closeup shots

panasonic P100 without HDR image sample

panasonic P100 close bokesh effect sample

panasonic P100 image test

panasonic P100 images and camera review

panasonic P100 pictures

Focus shift shots

Flower in focus

Panasonic p100 camera test

Backgroud side portion is in focus

panasonic P100 camera picture samples

Panasonic P100 Camera– Closup in HDR mode

panasonic P100 camera review

Low light Image in a Room (indoor)

Panasonic P100 camera samples

Panasonic P100 Camera– Night Shot with LED flash

panasonic P100 camera image sample with flash light

panasonic P100 night image sample

Panasonic P100 Camera — Street lamp with out camera’s LED flash

panasonic P100 night light image test