How To Change Ubuntu Root Administrative password, if Forgotten

How to reset lost root password on Ubuntu 17.04

If you are using the Ubuntu Linux for testing purpose and forget the administrative or root password then you don’t need to format your system. You can change the root password without any recovery CD/DVD by using the Ubuntu Grub and few commands. This Ubuntu password reset tutorial will guide you through step by step … Read more

Panasonic P91 with Multi-mode Camera Launched at Price of INR Rs.6490

Panasonic P91 with Multi-mode Camera Launched at Price of INR Rs.6490

Panasonic is the only smartphone manufacturer who has launched around a dozen of phones in this year. And today again they have unveiled P91 equipped with a multi-mode camera feature. According to the Panasonic, the P91 camera lets you capture every mood in different modes and brilliant shots even in low light. Panasonic P91 priced in … Read more

Protecting Mobile Networks from WireX Botnet

Protecting Mobile Networks from WireX Botnet

By Sanjai Gangdharan, Regional Director SAARC, A10 Networks In October 2016, the Mirai botnet commanded a number of devices such as routers, webcams, DVRs, IP cameras, thermostats, digital video recorders and other Internet-connected devices, to deploy DDoS payloads that surpass 1 Tbps throughputs. The botnets were used to launch massive DDoS attacks to take down … Read more

8 Free & Best Open source Video Streaming Servers Software

Plex Media Server open source video streaming server

Video streaming servers are system software that allow users to stream videos regardless of the operating systems. Some videos streaming servers are OS independent based on Linux and can be installed on any machine. Few others are meant for specific platforms such as Windows, Linux or Mac. What is a Video Streaming Server? The server … Read more

9 Free & Best Open source Firewall to Secure Network

Free Best Open source Firewall to Secure Network

A firewall is one of the important parts of any network to secure systems. Here are the best available opernsource firewall based on Linux or FreeBDS. Firewall software are network security systems that act as a wall between the internal and external networks. Just like in Games of throne North wall to save the west from deads, … Read more

100 Linux Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

Linux Ubuntu Keyboard shortcuts

Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts proves very handy if you are Linux-based Ubuntu user. We all know about the Windows shortcut keys because large numbers of people use it, but what about the Ubuntu users, especially for beginners. The shortcut is the word which everybody likes to hear because it means where ever this word is going to … Read more

12 Best Android Racing Games Without Internet Access

Racing Fever ANdroid Racing game offline

There are many Android Racing Games on Google Play those work without internet access and when it comes to killing the time no better option than racing games. Most of the racing games use the G-Sensor of the smartphone to perform different commands and that is the best part of the Android Racing games. There was a … Read more

15 Best Free and Open-source CAD Software

Blender CAD opensource prograame

Open-source and free CAD software can prove a valuable resource to those looking for an alternative to paid CAD software like AutoCAD. CAD—computer-aided design or computer-aided drafting is a technology to create real-world objects on your computer screen to understand them deeply. For example, if you want to build something new and creative such as … Read more

12 Opensource Tools for Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2020

Opensource Tools for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now in trend because people are looking for some sought of technology that makes their lives more easy and valuable. Even the smartphones are shifting their focus towards Artificial Intelligence. Big companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook are already working on it and contributing in the form of Opensource AI Tools. For example, … Read more

13 Free & Open Source Tools For API Creation, Management & Testing

Free & Open Source Tools For API Creation, Design, Management & Testing

Open source gives its contribution nearly in any type software development either free of cost or commercially paid. There are some dedicated open source repositories those provide open source code, software and coding tools free of costs such as GitHub and SourceForge. The development of RESTful APIs also gives a way to API development tools for creating, testing, designing … Read more

How to Root Vivo Y15, Y11, Y51, Y21L, Y3, Y31 Android Phone

How to Root Vivo Y15, Y11, Y51, Y21L, Y3, Y31 Android Phone

Vivo is the fifth largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer company.  In India, Vivo is doing well due to its strong offline marketing and mid-range segment devices. The personally what I like in the Vivo’s phone is its sound quality. Nowadays you don’t need to push multiple commands to root your device, there are lots of software … Read more

13 Free Software for Windows to share and play media files

Free nas software for Windows

Windows is the most popular operating system and everybody is used to it. But when it comes to converting it to something else like Linux operating system can do, it would seem to be a little bit difficult. For example, Linux can use as a Web server, Media server, Homer servers, NAS ( Network Attached … Read more