20 ways modern technology is impacting our daily life

Everything in this world has two sides which always run in a parallel way with one another. There is no exception in the world of modern technology. There are so many benefits or improvements you can see because of the modern tech and there are also some negative areas you can mark out which might be ruining our old school simple life.

With all the speculation and discussion surrounding the more advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, we will try to keep it a positive tone here. We certainly cannot forget about the benefits we are taking every day with modern tech and give it a shout-out for making our world more accessible in various ways.

If you think precisely, you can understand that the modern world is trying to give us assistance to make our life easier. And the ever-developing technology is creating new ways to lead our professional and personal life. Without it, we might not be able to defeat the modern threats that we face today in terms of diseases or natural/unnatural disasters.

modern technology is impacting our daily life

So, it is a good thing to point out and discuss a little about some of the things where we can see a massive change or the impact of modern technology in our lives.


Advanced Telecommunication

Telecommunication is one of the greatest things which fasten the speed of our life and daily work. It allows us to connect with anyone in the world via calling to converse about any important thing. And the modern telecommunication we have today is providing us many ways to inform anyone about anything we want with the help of high-speed internet.

You can easily call someone in audio or video format using your phone or Laptop and you can send mail or text/voice messages with apps like Whatsapp or FB messenger etc. For these services, we can now work remotely or from our home without any difficulty. Communication saves your time and energy to finish your work quickly. Learn10 things in our old cell phones that we miss today.


Digital banking and payments

The days are gone when you must visit the bank for any kind of banking-related work or payments. There was a time when we only used cash for our daily transactions or payments. Anyone can argue that those methods were relatively safer than the methods we have today. But we cannot forget the time we had given for those kinds of methods in the past.

You can use the modern online banking system and payment methods sitting from your couch via your smartphone or PC. And if you do it a bit carefully you can keep it safer from theft or any other problems. You can transact with direct bank transfer, eWallets, etc. Services like Paypal can be used for money transferring as you can send money to anyone in the world with safety. And it takes little to no time compared to the old methods.


Online shopping facility

In the present day, you can hardly find any product or services that you cannot purchase or consume from your home. And that is possible today only for the facility of online shopping that brings you the services to your doorsteps.

Many big e-commerce sites like Amazon offers a wide range of products and many regional or local stores now offering delivery services to save your time from going outside and standing in lines to purchase your monthly essentials.

You can go to any site you want to buy medicine, grocery, apparel, vegetables, restaurant food, etc with a couple of clicks. And you can pay them online or cash on delivery depending on your preference.


Improved healthcare industry

The Healthcare industry and services are one of the most valuable and demanding sectors that we need to live our life healthily. There is no alternative or other option available to this. And the modern technology provided a huge improvement and helping it to grow continuously for the betterment of our health.

From advanced medicine to more detailed reports we can get so much data and services to keep our health joyful. Technology helped medical science with new highly equipped machines to evaluate and cure critical illnesses with efficiency.

Apart from that, now we have different apps and smart bands which could help us to monitor our health daily like sugar level, pulse level, sleeping quality, etc. So, you can act accordingly to the data you get from it. You can seek any health-related tests and consult with your doctor and make appointments at any time online.


Benefit in fitness

Fitness is not limited to building muscles or having a jacked body. You can build your physic if you want but there are a lot more things fitness can offer you. You do not need to go to a gym for getting fit or make your body healthy from the inside. Any type of physical workout can provide you some sort of benefits and you can choose any of them according to your wish.

There are so many fitness platforms or apps available thanks to the technology which offers you various kinds of workout regimes to keep you healthy or recover from any health issues. You can use those apps or services and start your fitness journey from your home to become healthy in life. You can track your progress with apps or bands that provides data on it.


Reduction of wastage

Using modern technology, the internet can provide us nearly everything in our reach sitting at home. And in the era digital world, it is helping us to reduce material wastage and keeping our surrounding a little less dirty. The most important thing is that the internet reduces the use of paper which is a very good thing.

Recycling is another thing that can be possible more precisely because of the reach of the internet. You can resale any product or service you do not need anymore online and you can reach many people from it to sell it. It will eventually save the product from being wasted.

Modern tech can also convert used or wasted things to create a new product or service with the advanced machines we have today.


Keep connected with loved ones

Now, this is the thing which is only possible because of modern technology. Previously, you only had telephone or old mobile phones to connect with your loved ones. And the network connection was not that much good back then as it is now.

You can stay connected with any person you want around the world at any time. Through the internet and telecommunication, you can do audio or video call to anybody; you can send text or voice messages or photos and videos, etc. Even you can do video or audio conferences with help of apps like Skype, Zoom, Google meets, etc.

You can reach to any person if you want at any moment in case of any emergency or wish.


Google is there to answer

Before the internet or Google, it was very time-consuming and frustrating to know about some specific things most of the time. You had to go through books or newspapers or any expert who would know about the thing you need to know.

But now you can use your smartphone or PC to know about anything on any particular topic via Google search. It takes very little time to provide you with search results where you can learn the thing you are looking for. It also ends many debates quickly about which is right or wrong and what is exactly happened.

And you have news portals and apps to provide you updates on what is happening around the world. It makes it easier to research something for personal or professional uses and you can gain knowledge on so many things which you can use in your life.


Flexible working time and venue

The culture of work from home is increasing very fast in recent time and the way is opening new paths for the companies and employees. This is actually quite beneficial for the employers in terms of cost-cutting and they do not have to maintain office space to keep it affirmative for working. And from the perspective of employees, they can stay in their homes or wherever they want and work from there through internet facility.

Even anyone can work with flexible work timing because of the net services all the time if their works allow them to do so. That can give you some benefits to juggle your personal and work life while working from home according to your need. Soon, the flexible work culture will increase and it will be possible only for modern tech.


Agricultural development

Modern technology has changed the agriculture field drastically in terms of production, quality, and time. It makes the agricultural work more efficient and easy compared to the old ways. With modern farming machines and equipment, it takes a lot less time to do such works and it also helps to increase or identify the quality of any crop.

For the farmers, it provides them the assistance they lacked before and it also guides them through modern ways of farming which is more effective. Farmers can identify any disease in their crops or can prevent them to keep it healthy with updated technology to avoid any loss.

Using this opportunity they can create quality products in less time for a profitable business. And it helps to prevent any wastage of water and keeps the crops fresh.


Better education system

Since Covid-19 came into our life as a pandemic, we started to see what modern technology can do in the education department. The impact of it already started before the pandemic and now we can see a clear vision of the future of the education system.

Students and teachers can learn anything from the internet and they have some modern gadgets like smartphones or laptops to research or learn through it. There are also some learning platforms and apps available to help students in their studies.

Online classes are a new age thing which is very beneficial and you can access it from your bedroom.


Increased productivity

The productivity of any work certainly increased in a large way using modern technology. If you can use these techs properly then you can gain momentum in your work and can see a rise in the production rate of your work.

Those works take a lot of time and can you cannot avoid mistakes doing it manually; automation can do this in a very short time without any errors. It is a better way to complete any task to save time and labor. The effectiveness of modern machines and gadgets is highly recognizable and it helps us to increase our work efficiency.


GPS for direction

The GPS of any car or in your phone is very much improved thanks to modern solutions. You can now go to any place with the help of GPS and Google map which decreases the chances of going in the wrong direction or place and saves time. Modern cars now have voice directions to guide you when you use the GPS that helps you to drive properly without breaking concentration by looking at the GPS.

You can feel comfortable and confident to go any place you do not know at all because you have a tech with your side. It makes it very easy to find any location and reach there on time. Learn8 different ways GPS trackers can be a worthy investment 


Social media life

Social media is a large virtual world where you can spend your time as much as you wish and it has become a whole new business platform for many companies. The easy accessibility of the internet and smartphones created the opportunity for every person to be on social media every time.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktik, etc social media platforms are filled with users across the globe which connects people through it and creates a large customer base. Seeing that opportunity, brands and companies utilize this to promote and sell their products collaborating with social media influencers.

But, it is also the reason for depression for many young guns and you can get cheated on it in various ways.


Option in entertainment

In the segment of entertainment, you can find many options to select any of the ways to get entertained via modern technology and the internet. Gadgets like smart TV or phone, PC or laptop can provide you a whole day of enjoyment if you want.

Social media platforms or video streaming sites like YouTube can bring you much content on different topics. Streaming sites like Netflix or Amazon can deliver a large number of movies and shows for you to watch at any time. If you like music then there are music streaming platforms like Spotify.

The video gaming industry developed the most using advanced technology and you can play any game from the huge list of games on your phone, PC, or gaming console.

Even you can read digital books or articles from the net to learn something new. The news portals or apps can provide you information around the world. There are so many ways you spend your time for entertainment to release stress.


AI is there to help

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the things that started to take over the future of technology. You can notice it in some areas already and it will take over the world on a large scale sooner.

We already have Google assistance which you can use with voice command and it will do as you said to it. Similarly, Siri is doing the same thing in iPhone. All you need to do is just say “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri” and command it to do any task. People with smart homes or advanced cars can relate to it more as you can control your home or car with such an AI system.

In some fields of work, AI is already in use or trying to implement it for the betterment of the work. Though, it is concerning in some capacity that whether these techs will actually benefit us or it will show more negative sides. But one thing is sure that AI is the future of humankind.


Revolution in business

The online presence of any business is visible nowadays and if you are not using the technology of online business opportunities then you are missing a big part of the profit. Nearly any business is keeping an online persona for marketing and improvement to scale the business.

Using modern tech and mechanisms businesses can run more smoothly with accuracy which can bring them quality, sales, and success comparatively in a shorter time frame. AI and robotics can help them to increase production and save a lot of money. Digital marketing can give them the platform to reach maximum people around the world.

Even small businesses can use social media to sell products and create their own identity to compete in the market.


The smart city is a reality

The rise of smart cities is now an actual thing that is a perfect way of utilizing high-tech solutions. A smart city can bring you a perfect combination of things that you might need shortly and saves a lot of resources and tracking real-time data. It will give you all the facilities that you would be needed to live your life comfortably.

This is a perfect example of the utilization of modern technology and its outcome. The eco-friendly nature of such cities would give you a fresh environment and the technology will provide you the necessary services that you require.


Compromising in privacy

We are living in a virtual world in online and social media. Every single thing we do or anywhere we go online is being recorded and you sense it very well. Our personal and professional data is now on the internet so there is a concern of privacy and security will always be in our minds.

This is the negative area we cannot ignore or forget no matter what. We do pretty much everything online like shopping, watching movies, gaming, banking works, research, etc. So, all in all, we spend a large amount of time on the web. And that is the reason for increased digital theft or scam which might affect us badly.

Yes, there are also some protections you can get online in form of Antivirus software, password manager, VPN, etc. But, you cannot change the fact that the privacy of our data is not that safe in there. So, we have to be careful and responsible about what we do online.


Change in life

If you look back ten or twenty years ago, you can easily notice that our life has changed massively and continuously changing to adapt to the modern ways of life. The impact of technology is huge for changing our life so much. We cannot deny that.

Today, we cannot live a single day without modern tech and gadgets. We use them in every moment of our life and it has become a part of it. From our personal uses to our professional demands, it is everywhere and we got a habit of it.

We might miss the old simple days we used to live but we certainly cannot ignore or leave the modern life we are leading now. So, we need to adopt the technology and use it with full responsibility because it is better for our life.



Development is the key to improve human life and it is a continuous process which is happening for a long time ago. So, we can feel blessed that we have such technologies to make our life easier and handle them with responsibility.