5 Best Laptops under 20,000 in 2020 for you low budget need in India

We all just love our gadgets and always want to add more items to our pre-existing collection, a laptop no doubt is a very sought after gadget that most of the people want to own. But, two of the biggest hurdles that many of us face are the high price and a lot of options, these two problems restrict many of us from purchasing a dream laptop of ours. So, today in this very article, I have included some of the best laptops under the price range of 20k, yes it is for all those who happen to be on a very tight budget. Therefore, without any further talk and debate, let me start this article.

Below are the best available laptops under 20K:

Acer Aspire 3 Celeron Dual Core 

Acer Aspire 3 Celeron Dual Core -min

It boasts of a 15.6-inches HD LED screen which is backlit, which makes it look quite attractive and also it adds more sparks to its sleek design. It is a light laptop, so you can easily carry it anywhere you go. And, yes many heads are going to be turned whenever you decide to flaunt it. It comes equipped with eye-loading blue light technology, which reduces the harsh impact caused by it to your eyes.

The viewing angles are very vibrant and they never fail to impress your eyes. When it comes to the connectivity features, it has support for Bluetooth (version 4.1), Ethernet, Wireless LAN, etc. It also comes loaded with a built-in microphone and two dual stereo speakers which deliver some good quality sound for you.

When it comes to performance, it is powered by Intel Celeron Dual Core processor clocked at 1.6 GHz and coupled with DDR3 2 GB RAM, it carries on all your day to day tasks without much issues, you can perform all your official work without much lag, but don’t expect it to be a great performer nor expect much gaming. The in-built storage of 500 GB ensures that you never run out of space for all your precious data and entertainment stuff.

Asus VivoBook E12 Celeron Dual Core 

Asus VivoBook E12 Celeron Dual Core -min

It features an 11.6-inches display HD display. It is a lightweight laptop, and yes again, you can carry it along with you very easily. The design of this laptop is also astonishing and you will surely be having only praises for it. And yes, it is also sure to make you stand apart from the crowd all because of its elegant design.

You can lay this beauty flat on the surface due to the 180-degree hinge. When it comes to the connectivity features, it has Bluetooth (version 4.1) and Wireless LAN for your aid. And yes, it has the in-built microphone and pre-loaded sonic master speakers to keep you going the whole day long.

It is powered by Intel Celeron Dual Core processor having a clock speed of 1.1 GHz and backed by a DDR4 RAM to make things easier for you, as you can carry on all your daily tasks with ease and also keep yourself entertained through different means. Though you can play some of the low range games but do not buy it if gaming is your main objective. Furthermore, it has an in-built storage of 32 GB.

Lenovo Ideapad 330 APU dual-core A6

Lenovo Ideapad 330 APU dual-core A6-min

It features a 15.6-inches screen display HED display which is anti-glare having backlit. You can lay it flat on the surface as it has the 180-degree hinge support. It has a sleek design and you will be stunned by it. The connectivity features supported by this beauty are no less, as they include- Wireless LAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth (version 4.1), etc.

It comes loaded with a built-in microphone which is fully digital, and it also has got built-in speakers to keep your party going on and on. And yes, the \dolby atmos technology enhances the sound quality and gives you a theatre-like an experience. In the heart of this laptop, there is an APU Dual-core A6 processor, which along with the DDR4 GB RAM carries out all your daily tasks very effectively and also keeps your party on, you can play some of the low to mid-ranged games frequently on it, but do not expect it to be a gaming machine.

The processor is clocked at 2.6 GHz and it also comes backed with a 0.3 MP front camera so that you can remain connected with your friends and foes, and also make all the necessary video conferences related to your precious work. One of the most astonishing features of this gadget is that it has got a gigantic 1 TB in-built storage and it will ensure that you never run out of storage.

HP APU Dual Core A6

HP APU Dual Core A6 -min

It boasts a 14-inches display screen having HD LED-backlit display. When it comes to the connectivity features, it is backed by Ethernet, Wireless LAN, And a Bluetooth (version 4.1). It is also a lightweight laptop which can be carried easily by you.

It also features an HD webcam for all your important video calls and conferences. The built-in dual speakers are also there so that you can relax after a hectic day’s schedule with your favourite song, web series, movie, or simply YouTube. It has also got a built-in microphone for you. When it comes to the performance, this powerhouse is powered by APU Dual-core A6 processor which is clocked at 2.6 GHz, and this along with the powerful and iconic DDR4 4 GB RAM, and these combination lets you multitask and browse and perform all your tasks without much lag and issues.

Yes, you can play your low to mid-ranged games on it, but again do not expect much gaming from it. Moreover, the biggest thumbs up that it has got are the monstrous 1 TB in-built storage which will eat everything that you try to feed it and it will always request you, “Feed me more”.

LifeDigital ZED Series Core 13 5th Generation 

LifeDigital ZED Series Core 13 5th Generation -min

The first laptop in this article with a mighty and powerful processor is here, let us figure it out. It has a 15.6-inches full HD display having backlit IPS display, and believe me it has got some of the best viewing angles of this class. Now, let me talk about the performance of this demon, Intel Core i3 5th generation powers this monster and DDR3 4 GB RAM is also there to boost it from behind.

The speed of the clock is 2 GHz, and this mighty and powerful combination ensures that multitasking is fun and you can also carry out each and every day’s task of yours with ease and without much issue, and yes you can also play some of your favourite mid-ranged games in it, but again do not expect much of gaming.

It has Bluetooth ( version 4.0) and Wireless LAN for you when it comes to the connectivity features. The 0.3 MP webcam makes sure that all your important video conferences are carried out without any issues. Furthermore, it has got an in-built digital microphone and dual speakers for your aid.

Thus, these are the five best available laptops for all those people who happen to be on a very tight budget, and yes if you are looking out for gaming or entertainment gadgets, then you should not buy them, as they are meant to help you in your daily work-related tasks and yes they can serve you with small to moderate levels of entertainment or light gaming daily. As, the price of these laptops are even less than most of the mid-range smartphones out there, but yes, these all cool devices are best in class monsters and will definitely help you out in your work.