How to keep your Laptop PC safe from internal and external damages or theft

A laptop or PC is not a luxury anymore in this present world. It is long gone when we used to see them as luxury. Now the majority of the people need PC or Laptop to do their official work along with personal need and entertainment. Yes, your Smartphone can do a lot of things that previously required a laptop to perform. But you cannot replace a PC or Laptop with Smartphone. It is a must device that you need to do your daily work comfortably.

Like any other thing, your Desktop or Laptop needs some protection to prevent damages. We save and secure many useful or important data in our system. Some of the essential or confidential data are so precious to us that we cannot afford to lose it or get it hacked by any hacker. Any loss of important data would make our life difficult to recover the same data and sometimes we would have to bear any sort of financial loss because of it. So, we must protect our Laptop or PC as much as we can to save the data essential to us.

Take Care of your Laptop from Internal or External damages


We will discuss it by dividing it into two sections.

  1. Internal protection
  2. External protection

First, we will discuss the internal protection to secure it.

A login password to access the Laptop or PC

This is the first and most necessary step you should do to protect your system. When you switch on your PC or Laptop, make sure password protection is there to prevent it from being used by any other person. It will keep your data and files secure from the reach of any unwanted people.

Keep your password a secret and do not share it with anyone and make it a hard one for other people to guess it right. By doing so, you can prevent others to access your system without your knowledge.

Apart from this, you can also set screensaver with a password which will protect your system if you left it running and not in front of it. If anyone tries to get into your system, the screensaver would require a password to exit and access the system.

Both ways are very useful and simple to put on. It helps a lot to prevent others to access your laptop without your permission.

Hard drive encryption to secure the data in it

Hard drive encryption is a good way to protect your data saved in the hard drive. It will deny any access to see your data from the hard drive. Anyone can easily get in your hard drive if they got access to your computer or laptop. And in case you lost your laptop or someone stole it, then they can get your data with ease.

So, encryption of the hard drive would be a smart move to secure your data from people with evil intension.

Always update your software and system and enable Firewall

You can use the Firewall for security reasons. Usually, it stays, in active mode so you do not need to turn it on. However, you can turn it off if you think it is not needed for you and prevents you to perform some task that you have to do.

But, you must update your software for better use and security. Especially the software you use for browsing the net like Google Chrome. You can use the auto-update feature to update it automatically or you can do it yourself after a certain period of time.

And your OS should be updated also to get all the security patches with the latest version of it. It will make your system more secure and comfortable to operate. You can auto-update it by turning it on.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) to enhance privacy

The use or need for VPNs is increasing day by day. It is a tool that can help you in the privacy section by preventing any tracking activity from your browsing history. It will deny any people to know about your activity in the world of the internet and you can browse without any fear of data breach.

While choosing a VPN service try to find the best possible one that provides good policy in terms of privacy and security. The providers of a VPN service can also track your activity so, it is important to select a trusted service provider.

Antivirus software to protect it from viruses

You can find many Antivirus software from the market to use for protecting your system from virus threats. The antivirus software can warn you from any potential threat of viruses and detect them within your system to remove them completely. It can also alert you from going to any risky platform where you would get any virus.

Update to the latest version of it to work properly for your security and keep your system virus-free to run it without any threat.

While surfing the net, always try to maintain a safer way to do it. If you get any link or attachment from any platform or message, open it if the link or attachments are looking safe to you. If you have a minimum doubt, do not try to click on them. The risky ones usually contain malware that can harm your system and compromise your privacy.

The same goes for the privacy part. Such file that is being pirated in the web is also a source of unwanted malware and other viruses. It is recommended not to practice any piracy for the protection of your system and it is not ethical to do. And do not download any app from unknown sources.

Always browse keeping in mind that the internet is the main source of viruses and data breaches. Protect yourself all the time by not visiting any vulnerable site where you can get any damaging virus that can hamper your security and corrupt your system.

Think before connecting USB, external devices

USB or any external device is also a source from where you can infect your PC or Laptop with malware and viruses. So, it is safer to use your own USB devices and try to avoid attaching that device to an unknown system. There you can also get such a threat and it will corrupt your system when you connect that USB in your system.

You can use the external devices you know would not infect your PC. And always try to use any trusted system or USB and external devices to avoid any risk of malware and virus.

Prevent your system from overheating

Overheating can damage a lot in a system. So, we should consider the ways where we can avoid the overheating problem for longevity. Try to use your PC or Laptop in a comfortable environment where the system would not get any heating issue in a short time of usage. It is always better if you use your system in an AC environment especially while using it for long hours.

You can install a CPU cooler on your desktop to keep it cool if you push your system very often by using it. Overheating can lead to many problems in your system and can damage any hardware at any time.

Now we will mention the external protection (physical damage) part.

 A quality backpack (Anti-theft) is recommendable

In the case of your Laptop, it is quite natural you would carry it with you when you go outside for using it. You can carry it in your office or you can have it while traveling to any place for a short or long trip. So, in that situation, it is necessary to protect your laptop from physical damage and theft.

It will be very useful if you buy a good anti-theft backpack for you to prevent any damage and theft. These kinds of bags come with an anti-theft lock, hidden chambers, cut resistance or slash-proof, etc features.

But, anti-theft backpacks are relatively costlier than other normal backpacks for laptops. It is worth buying but if you do not want to spend much on it then you can go for any good backpack. Buy any of it with good padding especially at the bottom and easy to carry. It can protect your laptop from any kind of impact that can damage it physically.

An extra laptop sleeve is also can add value in terms of protecting your system from damages. You can put it on your laptop and then place it in your bag for extra security. It is always good to have some extra assistance to prevent any crack.

The habit of cleaning is very good for your system

Now, this is a thing that most people miss that cleaning your system not only makes it look new but also helps to protect it from damages. Dust is very harmful to your system and it can hamper the functionality of your PC or laptop.

Make a habit of cleaning your device every day before and after using it. It will keep your system dust and germ-free. Dust can create scratches on your device and if it goes to the internal part of it then you can face heating issues.

Extra cover for safety

While you carry your laptop outside with a good backpack and extra sleeve on it, that could protect the device in the bag. But when you use it for any purpose outside in a restaurant or the bench of a park an extra cover or skin certainly can help you to prevent any impact on the laptop.

You can use it while working on your laptop outside, inside anywhere you want. So, it will be even better if you use such covers to protect a laptop from getting cracked or scratched.

Waterproof protection on the go

One of the main dangers we face when we carry our laptops outside with us is rain. Water can easily damage a laptop so it is very important to keep it in a waterproof carrier. We cannot predict the exact time and amount of rain. It can happen at any time.

It is best to buy a waterproof backpack so it will prevent the water from getting inside of the backpack and your device will be safe in there. Or you can use a rain cover and some sort of plastic bag that can protect your laptop.

Avoid eating or drinking while using it

Many people make the mistake of eating and drinking in front of the system or put any liquid form of food or tea/coffee beside the keyboard or laptop. You should change that habit to prevent any accidental spilling of such food on your laptop or keyboard.

Any liquid form of food or water can damage the whole laptop because it could go to the internal parts of the device and can create malfunction or damage any parts. The same goes for a desktop but in that case, only the keyboard would take all the damage as it is a separate thing attached to the PC.

Any small particles of food can go to the internal parts of a laptop using the vents and damage the system.

Use it with care

It is not very difficult to understand that if you handle your device with care then it will last longer. So, good care and gentle use are needed for your laptop or PC to run it without any problem for a longer period of time. Clean it, use the keypad or keyboard gently and the mouse too. Do not push your device too much or it can damage parts by over usage and heating.

Also, take care of the accessories like cable and cords. Do not twist them as it can damage them. You might face difficulty getting a connection from such damaged cables. If it does not work then you have to buy a new one which will certainly cost you money. So, care for and use them the way they should be.

These are the things which we generally think we should keep in mind for the safety and security of our PC or Laptop. And other ways are also there to explore and we should improve our way to protect our devices from such damages. We hope it helps you guys to know general things about keeping it safe.