6 Best Budget Smart Televisions in India to buy in 2020

No doubt that Televisions are amongst the oldest and most used electronic gadgets of humans, but with rapid progress in technology, our present is a lot different from our past. Gone are the days, when people used to remain glued to the cathode tube box, as LCD and LED televisions have completely overshadowed them. But now, Smart TVs are the new trend among the masses and most of the people, especially, genX wants to own them. So, in this article, I have included some of the best and affordable smart TVs for you all.

Sony HD ready LED Smart TV

The first smart TV in our article on our list is from electronic products giant Sony, let us figure it out. It allows you to easily cast everything from your smartphone into it using a feature called screen mirroring present in it. I know that YouTube is simply one of the most favorite sources of entertainment out there, and you will be delighted to know that it supports one-click YouTube access. The remote control has a dedicated YouTube key and you can open it with a blink of your eye and then remain hooked to it. Furthermore, the viewing angles are awesome and you will definitely like them. The audio quality is also praiseworthy and you will have no complaints against them most probably. It comes with USB connectivity support, so you can easily connect your smartphone, tablet, or multiple devices and instantly start playing any of the content and enjoy it to the fullest. It supports multiple languages, so you are almost sure to find your favorite or local language in it. The built-in WiFi is another beautiful feature of this gadget. The 32 inches smart tv of sony would easily get in between 15k to 20K.

Sony 32 inch budget smart TV to buy in India min



The viewing angles of this device are nice, and you will like and appreciate them in most probability. It offers you a vibrant yet natural like viewing experience at a very affordable price this is why the Chinese products are so popular.

The in-built Chromecast feature allows you to easily cast your smartphone or any other gadget without any issues to this TV and view all your favorite videos, and much more. Furthermore, you can also view apps like – YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, etc as they are all supported in it. Mi boasts that this device will offer you amazing sound quality, well it does offer you immersive audio output, and you can enjoy all your favorite songs and movies in it to their fullest. The Quad-core processor along with 1 GB RAM makes it a good performer and yes, the 8 GB of in-built storage lets you store your stuff in it. If connectivity is your concern, then let me tell you that, it has some cool options for you regarding the same. It comes packed with two USB ports, three HDMI ports, one Ethernet port, Bluetooth (4.2), and last but not least, WiFI is also there for your aid.

Mi 4A PRO min

Vu Premium HD Ready LED Smart Android TV

It has the Chromecast feature embedded in it, and it empowers you with a lot of things. You can cast all the stuff present in your various devices into this smart TV and then enjoy them. It also comes packed with apps like – Hotstar, YouTube, Netflix, and a lot more and yes, you can stay glued to them all day and night long. The quad-core processor coupled with 1 GB RAM enables it to serve you better, and yes, the in-built 8 GB storage lets you store your things in it. The powerful speakers backed with Dolby atmos technology offer you a theatre-like feel and yes, it is going to be a moment of bliss every time you watch your favorite movie, web series, song, or even while you happen to be partying hard with your guys. When it comes to connectivity, it has a lot to offer to you. You can choose from over a number of options, which include – two USB ports, two HDMI ports, one LAN port, and much more. Moreover, it also comes with an in-built Cricket mode, and this very mode coupled with Dolby atmos offers to you an awesome cricket experience whenever you are watching any cricket match in it.

Vu Premium HD Ready LED Smart Android TV min

Kodak XPRO Full HD LED Smart TV

YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar are some of the apps that it comes loaded with for you. The source of power here is the Cortex CA53 processor which is backed by 1 GB RAM and overall it offers some decent performance to you and it will always try to stand up to your expectations. The in-built storage is 8 GB and you can store your stuff in it. It comes with over fifteen Indian languages and yes, there are high chances that you might find your favorite language in it. The display and the viewing angles are vibrant and you will enjoy nature like experience in it. The audio quality is magnificent and you are most likely to appreciate it. Well, how do you want to connect your gadgets to this smart TV- USB, HDMI, or WiFi? You can bring a smile to your face right now, as it supports them all.

Kodak XPRO Full HD LED Smart TV min

Samsung HD Ready LED Smart TV

Samsung, one of the most popular and used electronic brands enters this list and yes, it has got a lot to thrill you. The first thing that is going to attract you in this beauty are the sharp and good viewing angles, and yes, you all are just going to like them. One of the most astonishing features of this smarty is that you can transform it into a personal computer. The Personal Computer mode allows you to turn this beauty into a personal computer and then you can do all your stuff right here. The sound quality is also nice and you will enjoy every bit of your time spent with it. The Screen Mirroring feature lets you play all the stuff of your smartphone or tablet directly in this monster. Moreover, it also comes loaded with many interesting features like – Content Guide, PurColor, HDR, and much more. YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, are some of the crazy apps included in it. If you are thinking about the connectivity options, then it has two HDMI ports, one USB port, in-built WiFi, etc.

Samsung 80 cm 32 Inches Series 4 HD Ready LED Smart min

Motorola HD Ready LED Smart Android TV 32SAFHDM

Motorola now enters this list with this product, let us check it out. You are sure to appreciate the viewing angles in it and yes, they are indeed amazing. You can also adjust brightness, contrast, and other features to get the display of your priority and yes, the display is both sharp and natural, and it is one of the coolest things for sure. Furthermore, the dual speakers come backed by Dolby Atmos technology to deliver you with theatre-like experience and yes, you are surely going to enjoy that. The quad-core processor along with 1 GB RAM offers you decent and lag-free performance and you will be able to multitask without any hassles. Moreover, the 8 GB in-built storage enables you to store all your content in it. It also has a lot to offer to all the gamers out there. The wireless gamepad makes sure that you can have a dose of wireless gaming in this gadget and it is indeed praiseworthy. It comes backed with YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, and many more fantastic apps in it and yes, you can enjoy them to their best. Last but not least, the dedicated hotkeys of your favorite apps are just going to add fuel to fire.

Motorola HD Ready LED Smart Android TV 32SAFHDM min

Thus, these are the six best and affordable Smart TVs that all of you can look forward to purchasing. If you are willing to buy a Smart Tv but happen to be on a budget, then I hope that this article might have been beneficial to you. And as of now, you might have selected your perfect smart gadget.