7 Negative Impacts of AI- Artificial Intelligence

With the advancements taking place in the world AI is such technology that is creating a benchmark for every technologist out there. The hunt to dig deeper into this field and try something innovative every day is the new trend that scientists and researchers are following concerning this emerging field. Many Data Scientists and AI engineers are getting recruited that are constantly building some of the other kinds of algorithms with which new machines including various humanoids are getting built every day. Some of the coolest devices built through AI include Alexa, Alpha Go beating the world’s best Go game player, AI passing entrance examinations, and many more. We are moving towards an era where everything will be automated and the reliability of humans will be least. AI is expanding its reach in different nations of the world and many big tech giants like Apple, Google, SpaceX are investing as well as implementing this technology to make their life easier.

Now, it is possible to do surgeries with AI, predict chronic diseases like cancers and tumors, and predict Pneumonia, and many more. This is really a big achievement for us and we should cherish this but, advancements in technologies come at a cost of many things that adversely affect mankind in a very drastic manner.

negative Impacts of AI Artificial Intelligence

There are many disadvantages associated with AI and these are listed as under:

  • Increase in Unemployment: By using AI in every field of study there will be a time when people will have to go through a phase of unemployment. This is because machines will be replacing humans companies will definitely try to reduce their manpower cost by utilizing these technologies. Moreover, it will lead to starvation and poverty in the world.
  • Increase in Cyber Crimes: Due to the adoption of AI in the field of Data Science huge datasets will be collected and analyzed but with such huge data generated every day, there will be a risk of Data stealing and hacking as well. Also, threats related to virus attacks will increase a lot and companies may face huge losses because of these activities.
  • Freedom of Individual will be Lost: By incorporating AI in the business there will be a lack of jobs in the market and this, in turn, will lead to a lack of freedom of people as well. This can be concluded by the fact that when a person goes out and work he/she feels liberated and it generates a positive vibe. Also, without any work and sitting idle at home will lead to fatigue, and body metabolism rate will slow down.
  • Disputes between Different Countries on the Rules and Regulations: Many countries are there in the world that still loves to do their task with least intervention of AI machines as far as possible and they have different rules and regulations that are followed by the organizations operating there. But, due to the commencement of AI in business and wide acceptance by many countries, it may lead to disputes between the non-following and following ones.
  • AI may lead to the creation of Harmful and Illegal Weapons: With the advancements in AI and our journey to achieve the peak of it, a time will come when AI will be exactly replicating humans and will have emotions as well. If this happens then terrorists and other criminal people can use them to make Missiles and other weapons. Also, it could be possible that AI humanoids are making weapons by themselves and using it to destroy mankind.
  • AI may lead to the creation of Biasness: As we all know that the mechanism behind the working of AI is related to learning from the past data and then analyzing the same with special algorithms and then predicting the future based on his inferences and learning. Now, what if the data that the AI learned is biased and one-sided?? Companies can adopt biased systems which will only give positive results and hide the negative ones. This may lead to a decline in the goodwill of the organization and also a decline in the economic status of individuals blindly following the company laws.
  • Data Privacy Issues: With many companies committing that the Data of individual is preserved and will not be shared to other groups, it is possible that with the incorporation of AI in business companies start sharing Data of their customers to others or the Data of the customers gets hacked by other organizations. The privacy of a customer will be at a threat.


With every technology, there are associated risks as well and we must mitigate those risks and be as transparent as possible in front of the public. After all the public decides to accept or reject anything. Also, we should try to abide by the rules and regulations of a country and not try to violate them just to satisfy our needs. Use AI wherever possible but try to maintain the goodwill in front of everyone.