Mobile Accessories segment has huge potential in India- Mr. Gopal Jeyaraj – Head India and SAARC – Anker

Anker innovations, a US-based Multinational Consumer electronics Brand with a presence across countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, China, and more. The brainchild of former Google employee – Steven Yang, Anker was founded in September 2011 with the objective of bringing consumers affordable and high-quality consumer electronics goods. Anker believes in providing people with everything, which is needed in order to be mobile. The company is an expert in changing technologies and an innovator of smart devices for entertainment, travel, and smart homes across countries. Anker Innovations is an Umbrella brand that houses Anker, Soundcore, Nebula, Roav & Eufy. Anker is a global leader in charging technology and is America’s leading charging brand. Eufy specializes in creating connected devices and applications for smart household solutions. Soundcore we use innovation, experience, and pioneer listener analysis to create products that revolutionize expectations for audio quality. Our range of products, includes premium wireless headphones, TWS Earphones, and beautifully designed indoor and outdoor speakers. Roav is focused on developing products that bring smart, connected services to any vehicle. Roav’s DashCam cameras, SmartCharge chargers, and VIVA voice control devices make every drive safer and smarter. Nebula is a range of smart projectors which comes with voice-enabled technologies and in size of a can.

Mr. Gopal Jeyaraj Head India and SAARC Anker interview

In a recent quick conversation with Mr. Gopal Jeyaraj – Head India and SAARC – Anker, we got some company’s insights and the same has been shared here in this article. However, Gopal Jeyaraj who is heading the company in India and SAARC region has more than 12 years of experience and so far worked with quite many companies such as D-Link, Ingram Micro, Redington and V5 Global in various roles which have led him to develop a very active approach to his role. He manages all operations in India including Sales and Marketing.
Gopal believes in scaling to new heights of success with hard work and dedication while leaving a mark of excellence on each step. He finds reading books and listening to old Hindi film music, the best ways to relax.

1. What opportunity do you see for Anker in India and how it’s different from other countries?

The Indian market is one of the most evolving and dynamic markets when it comes to technology. We see huge potential in India with progressive consumers and the rising demand. The Mobile Accessories segment has grown continuously in India, with the advent of new technologies and techie consumers. The market which was once driven by price rather than quality has now reversed the role. With the changing times, the demand is changing as well, making better quality products at an affordable range, as the main criteria for purchase. We have been observing significant growth in India with our turnover doubling more than that of last year.

2. Tell us about Anker Portfolio and the main focus segment.

Anker’s product portfolio includes five categories – Smart charging (ANKER), Smart Audio products (SOUNDCORE), Smart Portable Projectors (NEBULA), Smart Home Appliances (EUFY), and Smart Car products (ROAV). We have launched all five brands among the respective channels with the aim to maximize its presence across the Indian landscape. These are all-encompassing smarter solutions engineered to incorporate a seamless lifestyle for our consumers. We are working towards ensuring our products to enhance the consumer lifestyle. The main focus segment, for now, is for Soundcore and Eufy. We have launched a new range of TWS, Party Speaker & Neckband in Soundcore, and– we are coming up with a RoboVaxc in Eufy.

3. How is Anker managing with the distributors?

Our business model in India is mainly through our distribution partners that have helped us create a strong base and an Omni-channel network in the market. Currently, we have more than 4 major national distributors in India. Under national distributors, we have some distributors for each state, then for different cities. These distributors on the state level help us in going to the retail. So, it is national distributors, sub-distributors, and then retailers. We focus on our strong retail strategy. We take care of our distributors and retailers, meeting all their expectations, which in turn helps us in competing in this price-sensitive market. In online, we have our presence over Amazon India and Flipkart as well. Our biggest strength is keeping the prices the same for the online as well as the offline channel.

4. What challenges did Anker face for procuring the demand during the crisis?

With users looking for the products that cater to the ongoing situation, the demand has increased amid the global lockdown. The only biggest challenge we have faced through this is the delay in manufacturing and shipping. We normally plan as per our forecasting mechanism and we follow global product lines for the Indian market as well. Considering that, we haven’t faced much critical situation on product procurements and continue to meet demands as per the needs of the market and with the support of our distributors.

5. What are the future plans of Anker for the Indian Market?

Anker always focuses on providing durable and great quality products for all customer segments. In India. We focus on matching the customer needs considering the affordability factor but at the uncompromised quality. Our next steps for growth are clearly focused on – new product extension, increase penetration in the existing markets, and setting new channels of distribution. Currently, we are focused on developing and launching several new products, especially under our brands – Soundcore, Nebula, Anker, and Eufy, matching the current market dynamics. We will be bringing more devices and products that would offer the best of experience to the users. We would also work upon expanding our retail reach across the nation. Our focus will be in line with power banks, unique portable projectors, Robovacs for the Indian market.

6. Has anything been changed in the working of Anker due to COVID?

Nothing has really changed, in a way our HQ is in different locations so the team in India has been working from home and have been managing the distributors over the calls and emails. For us, nothing has changed in our working pattern. Our team has adapted the “Work from Home” lifestyle. In fact, we have more interactive sessions than before, we have got a chance to get to know each other through these interactive sessions.