7 New WhatsApp features you must use in 2023

Mark Zuckerberg keeps flooding WhatsApp with exciting new features that every user should know about. 

WhatsApp has evolved into every Indian’s most promising chat application in the past few years. Today, the platform has a loyal consumer base of 2 billion people. The Meta-owned platform supports cross-platform compatibility and end-to-end encryption, making it a trustworthy and user-convenient platform for the formal and informal exchange of thoughts. 

In these years, WhatsApp has introduced many new features, making the platform unbeatable and a hefty competitor against other chat applications. Under the leadership of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp has launched exciting new features that have never been seen before. 

Here is everything you need to know about:

Share HD Quality Images:

Users can now share pictures in HD quality through WhatsApp. WhatsApp introduces a new feature allowing users to share images in high definition (HD) quality from their Android or iOS devices. The features help preserve image quality while sharing via WhatsApp chat. The platform is also working toward enabling an HD video-sharing feature on WhatsApp soon. 


Voice Chat in Groups:

Unlike “group calls,” which require users to manually add applicants, the new feature sends a silent call notification, allowing members to communicate without disturbing the room. When a call is initiated, the icon turns into a waveform icon, and the option to connect pops up. Users can leave and enter the room at their convenience… 


Screen Sharing in Video Calls:

Now users can share their screen on a video call. The application is convenient when the user needs to represent something to other users. It is easy to access the feature; the user needs to click on the ‘Share’ icon available at the bottom of the screen during a video call. The user needs to allow the application to record their screen to make it visible to other participants. 


Create a Group without a Name:

Users now have the freedom to create groups without the hassle of thinking of names for them. This is the latest feature introduced by Mark Zuckerberg to the app. The feature automatically suggests a name for a group depending on the participant’s name. Currently, this feature only supports up to six participants in a group.


Edit Messages

Considering the issue of writing the wrong message and a change in thoughts, WhatsApp comes up with the most reasonable solution. Users can now re-edit their messages within the next 15 minutes of sending them, and the same will be informed to the recipient. Learn how to edit sent WhatsApp messages as per your device.


Respond with a Short Video:

WhatsApp adds a new dimension to chatting with its new short video feature. Users can respond to messages through short videos in the chat. 


Mute Unknown Calls:

The new mute unknown callers feature helps protect user privacy. The feature automatically mutes unknown calls from strangers, protecting users from the hassle of dealing with unsolicited audio and videos or wasting time. The setting is manual, and the user needs to enable this feature to use it. 

In the case of unknown participation in a group, only the number will be visible to protect user privacy.  WhatsApp has solved all the user conflicts faced by users over the years in the past few weeks with the release of its new set of extravaganza features. Once again, WhatsApp is the most qualified chat application out there.