7 Ways Technology helping businesses to improve sales

As I have always said that technology has always left its shadow on each and everything in this world, whether directly or indirectly, so how could this very segment be left behind? Well, today, in this very article, I have included the best possible ways with which technology can be employed to boost sales. This is going to be very helpful for the Sales executives, and almost each and every individual working in sales-oriented jobs. I know that there are many individuals who work in this segment, therefore, let us quickly start our article.

7 Ways Technology helping businesses to improve sales

CRM Technology

CRM or Customer Relationship Management technology is one of the many methods by which technology aids you in your mission. This is a type of tool that most of the firms have been using to maintain and overlook consumer needs and demands by interacting and talking with them, ultimately boosting sales.

With the help of this tool, the company can know about the wants and desires of customers as it arranges the data of numerous customers which is kept with the firm. On the other hand, all the customers get all the necessary information like – contact number, email address, website, and much more.

This tool also empowers consumers to get the details regarding customer care, concerned sales executive, his/her purchase history and recent preferences, queries, etc. This is backed by powerful technology and helps us out in a number of ways, and is a must-have tool for all the sales-oriented firms.


It is one of the most important and crucial tools of technology when sales are concerned. But, all of you might be thinking that how can apps help boost sales? The answer is pretty simple, let me explain it to you.

Any firm, big, medium, or small based on sales should launch its app in Android and iOS. After that, the firm should regularly post about all the products and services that it has got, the offers and discounts available, upcoming projects, and so on. Yes, this app must be updated on a regular basis and must have an attractive, simple, and user-friendly interface for all the users.

To boost up your sales, this app can further be used by all the sales representatives of your firm whenever they happen to be on the field visit. They can directly showcase and highlight all the characteristics and positive sides of the products or the services. This will also leave a very good first impression in the mind of the customers and in turn, it will boost your sales. Moreover, the customers can go through your app any time of the day and night and choose the relevant service or product for them.

Video Conferencing

This is one of the most amazing tools which can assist you a lot. This can serve many functions, let us check some of the most important functions.

First of all, the apex management and sales authorities of the firm can conduct weekly or monthly meetings with all the sales associates of the firm and guide them with the best strategies. Also, all the other tips and examples required to promote and monitor sales performance can be share easily one on one interaction. Believe me, it is something which would seem very difficult if this facility was not there, as the traveling and other costs would skyrocket.

Furthermore, the sales representatives can also conduct such sessions with all those people who happen to be living at a very distance or cannot take out time for a physical meeting; in such scenarios, online video sessions would prove to be very worthy for both time and cost-saving. If the presentation and approach are up to the mark, then sales will no doubt raise at an exponential rate. SeeBest Free video conferencing software in 2020 


Now, this is one of the awesome methods to boost your sales. If your firm does not have a website of its own, then it is the time that it should have it right now. Many people think it of a waste of money, as what does a sales firm have to do with it?

But, no, it is absolutely wrong, rather I would call it a long term investment which will only make more and more dollars for you and your firm. Let me explain you with an example, suppose a customer comes to know about your firm and its product or services. Then the first thing that he/she would do is check it out on the internet. And if there is no presence of the same there, then the customer will lose interest in your firm and forget it in most probability. On the other hand, if you happen to be there and have your own website, then you can win the confidence of the consumers.

Yes, make sure that your website is designed in a beautiful way depending on the type of your company and what it offers, and it must be user friendly. Furthermore, you must list all the details of your company there and also include all the offers, discounts, seasonal greetings, special prizes, and so on. This will also be very good for all the sales executives when they are out on the field visit.

Social Media 

Social Media is one of the most mighty and iconic global tools and almost the entire technical world is present on it. That’s why it becomes very important for your firm to be present on it for its upliftment.

You can have your presence on all the powerful tools such as – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. They are one of the best ways of promoting everything that you have got including yourself, so the stage is all yours. The platform is set, all you need to do is get set go. Yes, just promote everything that you have got, list all the products or services that you have got, display all the discounts related stuff.

One of the most astonishing things about the same is that if some of the people like or benefit from your product or services, then they will eventually recommend it to others on various such platforms, and all of these would only add more followers, more shares, more likes, and finally more and more moolah by sales. See: 5 Best Free + Paid URL shortening services for Beginners

Digital Promotion

Did you think that it is over? Wait, technology still has something in store for you. You can also promote your firm in various apps, all you need to do is just tie-up with all the major apps like – JustDial, Flipkart, Amazon, and many more. The big question is what will all of this do?

Well, all of these things will only make your brand famous and make it reach its daunt. When people will be searching for a particular service, then JD will show your firm on its page, then you can easily get more and more customers with the help of these majestic apps.

Moreover, if you happen to be a product based firm, then you can tie-up with the likes of Flipkart and Amazon, and your product will be listed on them, and people can directly buy it from there. Overall, you will only boost sales and generate more revenue in simple words if you implement the same with a good strategy.

Digital Payment

It is one of the best things that you can do, and believe me it will turn out very good for your firm. Just enable the e-payment option along with the cash on delivery mode across all the platforms from where consumers can buy your stuff, and it will, in turn, boost up sales for you.

Today, most of the people have gone cashless and prefer to pay online rather than cash. Even many people reject a product or service even if it is of good quality but the reason being, that the customers have to pay cash for it and there is no option of e-payment. So, if you include this feature, then it is going to have a very big positive impact and you are in a very safe zone.

Thus, these are the seven best tools of technology with which can help you in increasing sales. If you happen to be the owner of a sales firm, then you must implement all this stuff, and if you happen to be a sales executive, or any employee dealing with sales, then you should recommend the higher authorities to implement the same. All these tools are available in the free category as well.