Best Laptops for College Students for various purposes

Laptops are very common nowadays and every second or third person most probably owns it. But still, there are many types of laptops available, so people often get confused about the fact that which one should be perfect for them, as various types of laptops serve different purposes.

Below are the best laptops for college students in India:

So in this article, I have included the best available laptops for college students as they need it very much and it is very crucial for them. All the students are the future of our powerful evolving economy so they must prepare and study in the best possible way to outshine and make us and our motherland proud.

Asus Zenbook 13 Core i5 8th Gen

This super light and super thin laptop can become your best friend during your whole study course and believe me, it will stand up to your expectations and will not disappoint you. The lightweight and stylish design serve two purposes, first, it lets you carry it anywhere you go and the second it is damn beautiful and a perfect head turner. Now coming to the performance, the eighth-generation Intel i5 Core and RAM of 8 GB lets you multitask as smoothly as butter and also delivers amazing performance.

Asus Zenbook 13 Core i5 8th Gen

This performance ensures that after all the hectic project work and studies, you can simply relax by playing your favourite games or remain hooked to YouTube. The SonicMaster technology ensures that you get an awesome sound quality which is 3.5 times sharper compared to normal. You get an ample number of connectivity features in it and also high-speed WiFi connectivity. Furthermore, it has a cool battery backup which lasts for hours after a full charge. All these make it your perfect companion and you can rely on it during your study years. You can make projects, assignments, prepare presentations, do research, study, watch various videos and everything else. So, just purchase it to make your college life more fruitful and a fun-filled journey.

Approx. Price India: ₹75,990

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 Core i5 8th Gen

This 13-inches full HD LED-backlit with anti-glare IPS display laptop from Dell is indeed superb. It is best designed for multitasking and processing and both these things make it just the best for all the college students out there. It has Windows 10 and comes preloaded with MS Office so it just adds fuel to the fire. The DDR4 8GB RAM ensures that after you are done with your studies, you can relax and entertain yourself in the way you wish to.

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 Core i5 8th Gen

The built-in dual speakers are good and the dual digital microphone is also there to assist you always. The thin and light design is both stylish and easy. Though it does not have a front camera, it is a good deal. It is almost a guide for every college student as it will perform all your tasks without any issues and emerge as your best friend and guide. So if you happen to be a college student and looking for a laptop for your studies, then you can definitely purchase it.

Approx. Price in India: ₹66,990

Acer Aspire 5s core i5 8th Gen

It is another laptop which all the college students can look forward to. It comes packed with genuine Windows 10 Home. This 15.6-inches full HD LED-backlit TFT display serves as a perfect treat. It provides you with a battery backup of almost 8 hours after a full recharge so you don’t really need to worry about running out of power during the presentation or any research-related work. The DDR4 8 GB RAM ensures smooth performance and multitasking, it makes sure that all your study related stuff is completed within the deadline and you can watch all your lectures in full HD mode seamlessly without any lag.

Acer Aspire 5s core i5 8th Gen best laptop for college students

Furthermore, the 1 TB storage capacity is more than enough to store all your data and videos. With a number of connectivity features and a built-in good quality dual speakers are just going to please you more and more. The built-in microphone is also of good quality. This laptop is also thin and appears quite stylish. To conclude it is a good package from Acer and all the students out there can shell their bucks on it.

Approx. Price in India: ₹34,990

HP Pavilion x360 Core i5 8th Gen

The intel core i5 processor coupled with DDR4 8GB RAM and intel integrated ultra HD 620 graphics card ensures super-smooth performance. You don’t need to worry about watching hours of lectures in full HD resolution or quick multitasking or even hours of research, it will handle all those patiently and deliver quick results. The 256 GB SSD storage ensures that you never run out of storage and all your ppts, files, videos, and any other types of data remain safe and secured.

HP Pavilion x360 Core i5 8th Gen

The powerful audio quality is perfect for you to watch important lectures in a room with your group, and the crystal clear display contains the in-depth detail of every second coupled with awesome sound quality and lags free super clear display is only going to make your study more and more. With an ample number of connectivity features, a fast WiFi, and stylish and jaw-dropping looks are all going to make you fall in love with it. Furthermore, you get a battery backup of around 11 hours on a full charge and it is indeed very good. So, this laptop boasts a handful of features which make it worth buying.

Approx. Price in India: ₹42,990

Thus, these are the four best laptops for college students and all of them are packed with powerful processors and offer a number of super cool features which are sure to make you fall for them. Anyways after going through this article, you must have found the best laptop for you. So all you need to do is purchase it and then use it to the fullest, these laptops will not only help you in your studies but will also serve all your entertainment needs and desires. So that was all, I hope this article is useful for you all.