What will be the impact of Godfall on PS5?

Godfall is the first game that is confirmed for upcoming PlayStation 5 by Sony next year. And it will be a good thing if the impact of this game helps PS5 towards a successful launch.

To predict the impact of this game among the fans of PlayStation and the future of PS5 we must know about the game and what it could bring to the potential PS5 buyers. So let’s take a walk with us.

Discussion on Godfall game for PlayStation 5

It is a role-playing game packed with action sequences releasing next year for PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows. The developer of the game is Counterplay Games and the publisher’s name of the game is Gearbox Software. It is a fantasy game with some high settings. The main mission of a player in the game is to prevent a dangerous apocalyptic event. There will be major three character classes from where the players can select according to the requirement. The game will have both single-player and co-op gameplay mode which is a “drop-in drop-out cooperative mode” for up to three players. The game type is a looter-slasher according to the reports and the combat system is based on melee attacks.

Features of the game

  • This is the first attraction of PlayStation users as it is the first game announced and confirmed for upcoming PS5.
  • This fantasy action game is a looter-slasher for the players with the role-playing genre.
  • Apart from PS5, you will be able to play this game on a gaming PC.
  • Single-player mode and co-op mode is available in Godfall.
  • Melee attack combat system is one of the main features of it.

By the above discussion, we can expect this will be a good game from the developers in that specific genre. The news about the first confirmed PS5 game came to life at the event of The Game Awards 2019 by the game’s developer Counterplay Games.

If you want to know the eagerness among the gamers for this game then you can check out the popularity of the trailer of the game by the number of views and likes. And you can also have a glimpse of the game, thanks to the trailer. The features we will get from the game are quite impressive but there is no news of any DLC or any other update from the developers.

Will it make a good impact or fail to deliver the expected things to the fans? I certainly cannot give a specific answer on that case. It is looking quite good at the moment but some of the other games which offer the same loot or co-op gameplay mode did not have a smooth road in the past. And if the game does not have the backing of critics after releasing then it will not help the game or the new PS5 in terms of sales.

There are some concerns related to the game are there but if you like a game of this type of genre then you must be feeling excited after hearing the news. We do not know much about the gameplay and other things which might be the parameter to judge the game quality. If it maintains a good standard then it will have a favourable impression on PS5 and the gamers of PlayStation. And there will be more games to support the whole situation. If the fans and critics do not find it worthy after the release of the game and the PlayStation 5 which is expected to come out in the market late next year 2020 then god bless to Godfall.