4 Best Mid Range Tablets of 2020 to satisfy entertainment needs

Tablets are widely regarded as the big brother of our beloved smartphones and the number of owners of tablets is just increasing by passing time. If you are still not one of the proud owners yet, then this is the best time to become. 

Best available tablets for entertainment needs:

In this article, I have included some of the best mid-ranged available tablets which can satisfy all your entertainment needs and desires. So, without any further delay, let us quickly get into the discussion.

Honor Pad 5 tablet

It features a big 10.1-inches full HD display and also offers very impressive viewing angles, which simply means you can enjoy in-depth rich details of everything that you watch in it. Just imagine, how mesmerizing and the blissful moment would it be watching your favourite movie or web series or You\tube or any other random video on such a big screen having vibrant and rich viewing angles?

Well, you can even consider it to be a mini theatre of yours. This is sure to make you an entertainment king of your own. The sleek design of this beauty is also worth mentioning and is sure to turn heads when you move along with it, it just adds more sparks to your style. The dual speakers are placed in a perfect manner and are backed by powerful and innovative technology to provide you with stunning audio quality. Well, wait I am not done yet for the part of sound quality, the listen 5.0 audio technology delivers you with theatre-like sound quality to ensure that your party never stops and you always keep feeling that you are the king of the world.

Honor Pad 5 tablet

As far as the security of this gadget is concerned, it boasts a strong fingerprint sensor, which keeps your data, files, etc safe and secure from all the notorious criminals out there. When it comes to the performance this beauty simply turns into a monster, the octa-core 659 Kirin processor coupled with a 4 GB RAM makes sure that you can multitask smoothly like butter and also play your favourite moderate to high-end games without any issues. It supports calling and is Android 8.0 (Oreo) out of the box. It boasts an 8 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera.

The internal storage is 64 GB and it can be further expanded up to 256 GB. The blue-ray filter technology protects your eyes from damage and it also gives you a warning as soon as the distance between your eyes and this tablet becomes less than 25 cm. Last but not least, the huge 5100 mAh battery ensures that your party never halts.

Lenovo M10

Lenovo enters this list with this exciting tablet to win your hearts. It boasts a 10.1-inches full HD display. The big size display having full HD resolution coupled with good and bright viewing angles ensure that you are always ready to spend hours watching your favourite videos, movies, YouTube, and a lot more in it.

It also features an 8 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera to capture and seal all your precious moments. When you talk about security, this beautiful piece from Lenovo has a strong facial recognition mode which further makes your gadget more and more secure from outside threats. With the Kids mode option, you can customise the settings as per your wish and then hand it over to your children and remain tension free. It comes loaded with dual front-facing speakers and they are backed by the powerful and trustworthy Dolby atmos technology to give you the magnificent theatre-like sound experience.

Lenovo M10 tablet

The performance of this smart device is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which is clocked at the speed of 1.8 GHz along with the 3 GB RAM. They ensure that your tablet is always ready to perform even if you try to push it to the extreme limits, you can multitask and play moderate games in it without much lags and other issues. Though, one of the drawbacks of this tablet is that you cannot make calls with it, but still you can connect it over WiFi and it is Android 9.0 (Pie) out of the box. Furthermore, the massive battery of 7000 mAh capacity makes sure that your powerhouse has enough or little juice left even after hardcore usage by you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung joins this battle with this 10.5-inches full HD display beauty. The LCD backlit design of this tablet is sure to turn more and more eyes every time you decide to show it off, and you yourself are also going to be very proud of it. Well, you can definitely consider yourself to be a true entertainment king with it, do not believe me? Let me explain to you. It boasts four speakers arranged in a very accurate manner and delivering you very good audio quality which is almost like a mini theatre.

Furthermore, the very strong and vibrant viewing angles make it a moment of complete bliss whenever you decide to watch anything in it, the in-depth and rich details are only waiting to welcome you with open arms. Therefore, the big full HD screen, the great viewing angles, and the superb audio quality are all set to make you feel like you are in cloud nine. It supports calling facility and is Android 8.1 (Oreo) out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 64 GB Wifi Tablet Silver (2019)

The 450 octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor coupled with a 3 GB RAM allows you to multitask smoothly and also lets you play your favourite moderate to high-end games without any issues. The inbuilt storage is 32 GB, but you can further expand it to a massive 400 GB. It has an 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera to click some of the cool snaps for you. The Kids mode lets you customise the settings as per your wish for your kids and it also comes loaded with Samsung Kids feature with which you can sit comfortably around a corner of your house while your child learns some of the best educational lessons through it.

One of the most amazing features of this smart toy is that it has a massive battery capacity of 7300 mAh which ensures that your entertainment brigade never stops and if you happen to be a wild entertainment geek, then you have the fast charging technology for your aid.

Apple iPad (7th Generation)

The most royal and trusted brand of all time is here and the name itself is enough to win your hearts. It features a 10.2-inches full HD retina display. You get to witness the best in class viewing angles to delight you every time you get hooked to your friend for watching anything.

The gorgeous display of this beauty makes you feel like you are watching your favourite movie, web series, or any other video in real life instead of a screen. You also get a smart keyboard for a thrilling typing experience, it requires no additional accessories or arrangements, you can simply attach it to your tablet and straightaway start typing. It is a lightweight and durable keyboard and performs multiple functions, it protects your tablet from accidental damage, offers you a cool typing experience, and also adds more feathers to your style.

Apple iPad (7th Generation)

It has a very stunning audio quality and you are sure to get blown away by the sound effects of this beautiful monster. The 8 MP rear camera and the 1.2 MP front camera capture outstanding shots for you and even bring out the crazy photographer within you. It is powered by a powerful A10 chip processor and it carries out all the commands thrown by you at it without any hassle, you can multitask with ease and also play almost each and every favourite game of yours without any issues.

Thus, these are the four best available mid-range tablets of 2020 which you can purchase. These tablets will act as an all-rounder and stand up to all your expectations. So, if you happen to be looking for a tablet and your topmost priority is entertainment, then I hope after going through this article you must have found the right gadget for you. Therefore, this was all for this article, I hope all of you have found it useful.