Data Science… Whether to pursue or not in 2020????

We are living in a world where there is a generation of huge amounts of data and Data Science is a technology that helps us in tackling these data tactfully by using statistical, analytical, and visualization tools. Today Data Science has created a buzz among various people and interest groups. Many people don’t even know what the real meaning to be a Data Scientist is or what Data Science is???

It’s shocking to hear from people different meanings of Data Science without diving deep into the in-depth concepts of it or without proper research. The actual meaning of Data Science and the work of a Data Scientist is to extract, analyze, visualize, and store data in a way that is quicker and very much time-saving. This stored data is then used to generate specific insights into what is going on in an organization whether sales-related matters or any business-related matters.

The three main prerequisites for learning this emerging field are Math, Statistics, and Computer Science knowledge that is knowledge of programming languages, database management software, etc. The scope of Data Science has emerged so much that companies are offering a high pay scale to the Data Scientists and many aspirants are therefore actively applying for this position. But, remember the fact that, when there is an advantage then there exists a disadvantage as well. This semantically goes with the field of Data Science. Let’s discuss the pros and cons related to this field now.

Pros and Cons in Data Science

Pros and Cons in Data Science


  • High demand: Yes, this field is in high demand at present, and as we talked earlier that many young as well old people are switching their careers in the field of Data Science. Nowadays, the situation is that people who have pursued different education or have a different area of interest are turning into Data Scientists due to the huge pay been provided by the organizations. It is predicted that Data Science will create 11.5 million jobs by 2036. So, we can say that this sector is highly employable in its nature. Also, on average a Data Scientist makes INR 30 to 40 Lakhs per annum.
  • Abundance in position: As discussed that this sector is highly employable in nature so, there exists a large number of opportunities for getting handsome jobs.
  • Saturation is less as compared with other IT sectors: Because a person needs to have the requisite skills to become a Data Scientist, there is always a huge amount of vacancies in the companies to hire creamy candidates.
  • Versatile in nature: Due to the wide acceptance of this field in every sector of the world whether health care or business intelligence or agriculture or e-commerce and many more. Where there is an inflow of huge amounts of data there we will need Data Scientists to generate meaningful insights.
  • Data interpretation and visualization become easy: This is because, whenever data is given to a Data Scientist then he/she analyzes that particular data using his programming language skills like Python, R, Scala, and many more. These programming languages have built libraries that do the analysis and visualization part on their own. We just need to feed the data into the system and run a few codes.
  • A reputed job: The job of a Data Scientist is highly reputed because these Data Scientists help in shortening the time taken to analyze the data from scratch. The position and image that a Data Scientist holds in an organization are highly prestigious.
  • Has proven to be a savior for health care: Data Science has proved itself in the field of health care due to its fast result prediction feature and better data understanding feature. It has made it easy to detect early-stage cancers both malignant and benign. Also, this field is getting widely accepted by other domains in health care to make life easy for doctors and researchers.


  • Requires huge domain knowledge: Being a very vast field and amalgamation of various subjects at a single platform, the skills required to be an expert in this field is very tough and requires rigorous dedication and a drive to explore more.
  • Mastering this field is next to impossible: As said that, this field is an amalgamation of various subjects like Math, Statistics, and Computer Science, so learning all these things with full in-depth knowledge is next to impossible.


Keeping in mind the things discussed above, it can be concluded that the pros dominate the cons, and hence one must go into the field of Data Science if he is well proficient in Math, stats, and computer science. Also, this field will be hiring more employees in the coming years mainly in the aviation, automobile, agriculture, and health sector. So, start your career as a Data Scientist if you can achieve the heights in this field.