4 Popular Android Based Arcade Games to play offline

Best 2020 offline Arcade games for Android

All of us enjoy playing games from Google Play store, as there are many of them and all of them are just cool. So, today, in this very article, I have highlighted some of the most played and popular Arcade based android games for all of you. Let us now explore them.

Smash Hit

This 58 MB size game is developed by Medi-core for all of you to play. Smash Hit is one of the best Arcade games available for Android to give you the golden opportunity to travel through time and space, so it is somewhat a dream come true. Your journey is full of serenity and bliss, and the background music just adds to it. In the meantime, you must smash and eliminate all that dares to come into your way, you should demolish all that glass and other objects that dare to stop you from reaching your endless destination. Over forty-nine dimensions are waiting to be explored by you and the graphics are stunning. The in-app purchases range from 125 to 130 rupees.

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Kumobius has created this 55 MB size popular Arcade Android game for all of you to enjoy. It comes loaded with 8 chapters which are filled with mystery, adventure, and a very deep narrative story narrative experience. Furthermore, you have daily tasks, which will not only boost you up but also let you earn many rewards. In order to excel in this game, all you need is a free mind and you must put all your concentration in it, and then only you can rise further and further into it. But do remember, that with each and every passing level, things only get tougher and tougher, so be prepared in advance. You might be thinking about the in-app purchases, let me tell you that they range from 75 to 200 rupees.

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Sonic Dash – Endless Running Arcade Game

This 100 MB size game is developed by SEGA. As the name itself suggests, get ready for some adrenaline rushing band endless adventure. And while you are having the time of your life, do have a look in the surrounding environment as it will offer you some of the breathtaking views. All thanks to the amazing graphics that this app comes packed with. You have the challenge to go as far as you can as the infinite loop empowers this game to let you race through an endless journey, so get ready to create a benchmark accolade for yourself. You will face a lot of challenges in it, but, you must overcome them and rise against all the odds. Furthermore, you can choose from multiple characters to kick off your awesome journey. Moreover, this exciting game will make you shell off 80 to 7900 rupees for all those in-app purchases.

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Fruit Ninja

It has been one of the favorite games of most of us since our childhood, but now Android has given you the platform to relive your memories. This 83 MB size game is from Halfbrick Studios. You have just one duty to perform in this game, and that is to slice off the falling fruits. But wait, it is not that easy, rather it will push you to your extreme limits. You have to overcome bombs, hurdles, time, speed, and many more things. The speed of the fruits approaching you will go on to increase with every passing level, and you must face them with full swagger and confidence. The graphics are also majestic and you will most probably have no complaints regarding the same. And yes, you can remain assured that you are going to find out your favorite fruit in this game. When it comes to the in-app purchases, they range from 30 to 3262 rupees.

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Thus, these are four of the most popular Arcade based android games for you to enjoy. After going through this article, I hope you might have found your favorite game, now, you just need to grab it and determine your supremacy and enjoy yourself to the fullest.