DIGISOL Launches 24/48 Port Configurable Fibre LIU

DIGISOL Systems Ltd., (100% Subsidiary of Smartlink Network Systems Ltd.) a provider of Active Networking products, announced the launch of its new drawer type LIU under it’s Structured Cabling Systems (Passive) range. DIGISOL 24/48 Port Configurable Fibre LIU drawer type is a 1U rack mount unit for storing and terminating incoming fiber cable. Management rings within the system to accommodate excess fiber cordage behind the adapters and maintain fiber bend radius.


LIU (Light Interface Unit) or Fiber patch panels are used to manage, organize and secure fiber cable assemblies. It comes in both wall mount and rack mount types, depending on infrastructure requirements. From 6cores to 96cores, these LIUs can accommodate for a variety of different cable types and installation sizes. Most widely rack mounted LIUs are preferred by designers and installers.


Splicing trays inside the panels secures fiber cores after splicing process and avoids damages while handling. It also gives flexibility in pigtail and patch cord interconnections while doing MACs ( Move, Add or Changes.)


DIGISOL offers unique in the industry “Drawer type” LIU where adapter panels are integrated with LIU main chassis. Generally configuring loaded LIU demands three or four line items BoM, where are DIGISOL LIU will be configured with only two. Main LIU and required number of adapters. This reduces confusion in all the stages from planning to testing in fiber terminations. Cold Rolled Steel as Raw Material consist of Top Cover and Bottom Panel and available in Standard 19” Rack mountable 1U height.


DIGISOL SCS products adhere to EIA/TIA and ISO/IEC international standards. ROHS compliant products are backed by international 25 years product performance warranty.

Drawer LIU Type

DIGISOL 24/48 Port Configurable Fibre LIU’s Key Features:

Available in Standard 19”

Cold Rolled Steel as Raw Material

Consist of Top Cover and Bottom Panel

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

Three Types of Input Holes

Cable Entry Through Water Proof Cable Clamp

12 Simplex or Duplex SC or LC Adapter Interface

Splice 24 Fibers with 1 Tray and 48 Fibers with 2 Trays

Patch Cord with Bend Radius Guides Minimize Macro Bending

Install 6 Cable Management Rings Inside to Ensure Flexibility

Comprehensive Accessory Kits for Cable Entry and Fiber Management