Fraud GPT: Fraudster AI Avatar of ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm. It holds the potential to simplify our lives, but there’s a difference between what can be achieved practically and what it can do in theory. In the past few months, we have seen the mindblowing capabilities of AI, but we cannot ignore the potential dangers it brings, such as creating deep fakes, spreading misinformation, and the risk of job replacement for humans.

We all have heard concerning news about AI being misused. First ChaosGPT and its connection to the dark web caused worries. Soon after, the news of WormGPT followed, which helped cyber criminals to generate phishing emails. Now, a new harmful AI tool is being promoted on the dark web and Telegram. This tool is specially designed to aid cybercriminal activities.

So, to know what exactly is FraudGPT, you will need to read further!

What is FraudGPT?

According to reports, FraudGPT is a bot used for various illegal activities like creating cracking tools and phishing emails. It can write harmful code, generate undetectable malware, and find leaks and vulnerabilities. This chatbot has been circulating on Dark Web Forums and Telegram since July 22. It is available for purchase with different subscription plans, starting at $200 per month and going up to $1000 for six months and $1700 for a year.

A screenshot of the bot has been doing the rounds on the Internet with the name ‘’Chat GPT Fraud Bot | Bot without Limitations, Rules, or Boundaries.’’ The text on the screen further reads that it offers a vast array of exclusive tools, features, and capabilities, tailored to meet individual needs without any restrictions.

According to a screenshot shared by a user named “Canadiankingpin” on the Dark Web, FraudGPT is described as an advanced tool that promises to revolutionize the community and work methods. The promoter boasts that the bot has limitless potential, allowing users to manipulate it for their benefit and make it perform any desired tasks. The promoter also claims that there have been over 3000 confirmed sales of FraudGPT so far.

ChatGPT Fraud bot screenshot

What can FraudGPT do?

FraudGPT is capable of creating phishing pages and writing harmful code. This all-in-one solution allows scammers to appear more authentic and persuasive, leading to potentially larger-scale damage. Security experts stress the urgency of innovating to counter threats posed by rogue AI like FraudGPT, which has the potential to cause significant harm. Many in the field believe this is just the beginning, and there seems to be no limit to what malicious actors can achieve with the power of AI.

Recently, a new AI cybercrime tool called WormGPT emerged. It was promoted on various Dark Web forums as a tool for executing sophisticated phishing and business email compromise attacks. Experts referred to it as a blackhat alternative to GPT models, specifically designed for carrying out malicious activities.

In February, it was discovered that cybercriminals were finding ways to bypass ChatGPT’s restrictions by exploiting its APIs. Both FraudGPT and WormGPT operate without ethical boundaries, highlighting the clear risks associated with unregulated generative AI.