How can we use technology to safeguard ourselves from COVID-19

Well, the novel Covid-19 is spreading like a forest fire and no doubt that the entire humanity is very badly affected by it and is in big danger, as no one knows when this unprecedented path of destruction will end. This concern is very much vital and genuine as the rapid increase in the number of Corona positive patients and the fact that we have no vaccine for the same are the worst nightmares. So, now the question lies can we protect ourselves with the help of technology? The answer is somewhat yes. Yes, you heard me right, with the help of technology and our brains, we can try to avoid coming head to head with this uninvited guest. Therefore, let me explain this to you in brief.

use technology to safeguard ourselves from COVID-19

First of all, since all of us are completely confined within our house, but still, you all will agree to me that at least for some reason or other, we have to leave our home for one or more reasons, so this article is all about persuading you to stay more and more in your house by providing you with some of the alternatives.

Use Apps to buy Food

First of all, most of us have to leave our house almost every two to three days to buy grocery and related items. So, in this very case, you can simply buy all that stuff from the apps like BigBasket, Grofers and so on. You can choose your favourite app from the following link –Best online grocery app in India. Though initially due to a large number of orders, and a huge cut in the workforce due to this pandemic and other relevant instruction from the central and state government respectively, you might find late or delayed delivery, but still, I would request you to have some time in hand and then go on to order your stuff in bulk from these wonderful apps, as this would prevent you from going outside your house for buying items like – Wheat, Rice, Bread, Vegetables, fruits, and much more. Apart from that, you can order almost all that you want to have in your breakfast, household hygiene, and almost each and everything related to this.

Services and repairs

The second thing that worries us a lot is related to services and repairs. They include- Electricians, Carpenters, Plumbers, and so on. No doubt that these are very crucial things and they can malfunction any time, and it would be the worst feeling in the present situation, believe me. You will hardly be able to find any of those professionals in this situation and even if you found one, there is perhaps no guarantee of the safety of all those guys that would be coming into your house to repair or correct the fault and also they will be charging a very hefty amount from you. But, with the help of technology, you can relax a bit and get rid of this problem.

There are some amazing apps, just like – Urban Clap, which offers all these services at a very nominal rate and also ensures the safety of both the professionals as well as you, as all the professionals visiting you are properly screened and sanitized before they enter your house and they follow all the important guidelines as issued by the government.

Furthermore, you also get services like Saloon for men and women, as well as massage at home, so you can imagine the importance that it holds as nowadays it is very difficult to find any saloon and even if you find one, then it is quite dangerous to go there and get your work done.

Let us now try to find the solution to one more hurdle of ours. We often go out of our house to buy medicines for all the family members of our house, and they are also a must, and we have no other choice but to buy them. But, wait, we can also do that right from our house, didn’t believe me? Let me explain to you, there are many apps available in our Google Play store, which can help you in this regard. Yes, they can prevent you from going out into a medicine shop and standing in a queue and interacting with all those staffs to buy your medicines. You just need to simply place your order, upload a prescription ( if you have ) and then your order will be delivered to you and you can also make the payment in the way you want using apps like 1mg.
Well, it is not at all over, you can even consult doctors online, he/she will examine you and then suggest you the relevant medicines, which you can buy from that app itself. And if you feel unhealthy or have any disease, then it is indeed the best option to consult a doctor online, as you will rarely find any doctor out there now, and you should avoid going to hospitals unless you are in very serious condition. Furthermore, you can choose your favourite app from the link below –
Best apps fro doctor appointments in India  

Online order- Cooked food

One more thing which might be bothering you is the cooked meal right at your doorstep. You all must be thinking that is it safe to have outside food? Well, personally, I would suggest you avoid them and have healthy home-cooked food, but still if for any reason you are not able to prepare it too often, then again there are some apps that can help you out in this issue. Apps like Swiggy, Zomato, etc offer you proper meals, and they have claimed that all the food that they deliver you is from the restaurants that prepare meal keeping in mind the strict guidelines of the health ministry.

So, you can try out these apps if you need them so badly, and yes there might be a huge delay in deliveries so be ready to have a high patience level before placing your orders. The link below can help you in making out in your quest to find the best such app for you –
Top 3 Apps to satisfy hunger

Connect via Video conference 

As of now, we have tried to cover things of prime importance, but still, there is some stuff left which might be bothering you. And one of the best examples of such stuff is missing your loved ones, who are not with you, they can be your relatives or any other family member who happens to be staying away, or any of your close or special friends. It is almost impossible for us to go and meet them, so again technology comes to your aid, there are a lot of apps and software available today with the help of which you can always stay connected with all your loved ones always and feel just like you are surrounded by all your dear ones in real life, and believe me, this is very much essential, as it not only changes your mood but also gives you confidence and mental satisfaction in this tough time. The link below provides you with examples of all the best software with which you can always remain connected with your loved ones without spending a single penny – Free Video-conferencing Tools in 2020 

Use Apps to Safe from COVID-19 infection in India

The next thing which can help all of us to stay safe and protected from this human killing invisible machine is some of the trustworthy and powerful apps designed especially for Covid-19. There are many apps present in Google Play store which give us all the details related to this virus, allows us to check the symptoms of this disease, showcases us the list of all the testing centres, and also all the hospitals where the patients of this disease are being treated state wise. Most of the apps also display the number of Covid-19 patients in India and well as in the world, the number of people recovered, the number of patients in the hospital, and also the number of deceased.

Some of these apps also provide you with the best possible safety measures and all the extra care that you should be taking all this time to stay both mentally and physically fit, as most of these apps are by the central and state government and contain all that the government wants to convey to you. Some of the examples of those apps are – Aarogya Setu, COVA Punjab, Jan Sahayak – HelpME App, OpenWHO: Knowledge for Health Emergencies, and many more. But the most important app from all these is the Aarogya Setu app, which is developed by the National Informatics Center and apart from containing all the above-mentioned characteristics it also has a lot of other stuff for you, and if you still do not have this app, then you should download it right now, if you want to know more about this app, then you can check it out here – How to use Aarogya Setu APP? 

Thus, these were some of the ways with which you can make the best use of technology and remain safe and protect yourself from this merciless virus. By following these simple methods, you almost need no longer to go out of your house or you may have to go very rarely, and also stay motivated and mentally and physically strong. Therefore, I hope that you found this article useful.