How in India AI and ML is Transforming Web Marketing

Article By- Mr. Amol Roy, Shutter Cast founder – a digital marketing agency.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has come to play a decisive role in how online marketing is being done these days. It has emerged as the go-to technology for every digital marketing agency. AI in web marketing has opened up new dimensions for business owners, enabling them to deliver memorable customer experiences and consumers are too reveling in it.

With its ability to collect data, assess and analyze it, apply it to different situations, and then gain insights from it, AI is revolutionizing digital strategies. As it continues to evolve further, its capabilities will also enhance to improve digital marketing strategies as well as provide deep customer insights for various companies.

AI is basically the intelligence demonstrated by machines. The technology empowers machines to enact like humans and equips them with the ability to think, respond and perform different tasks. Machines learn from experiences as well as adjust to different inputs. AI has the ability to increase accuracy and precision which in turn leads to a higher level of efficiency and helps analyze a huge volume of data for extracting valuable insights. While machine learning, or ML, is an application of AI that empowers systems and machines to learn automatically and keep improvising from experience without any need to be explicitly programmed.

How in India AI and ML is Transforming Web Marketing min

How AI and ML are Transforming Web Marketing

As part of web marketing, AI and ML are now a reality and they provide a wide array of options and benefits. Here are some ways in which these technologies are shaping the future of digital marketing in India:

1. Predicting Customer Behaviour

AI involves data-based decision-making and approaches for marketing, and to this end, it is being used for collecting and integrating data from various platforms. These platforms collate and store all types of analytics to assess customer behaviors and patterns for developing automated systems and building customer profiles to target designated markets.


2. Digital Advertising

Out of all the areas that AI has transformed, digital advertising has been an area that has most successfully adopted the technology. For instance, Google and Facebook ads are already leveraging ML and AI to search for an audience that is more likely to perform the desired action of the advertiser. For achieving this, they analyze consumer information, such as their choices, interests, likes, and other aspects to decide the best and most relevant audience for the brand.


3. AI-powered Chatbots

Chatbots are an AI-based software tool that can simulate human conversations through pre-defined phrases and sentences. Several organizations are capitalizing on AI chatbots to provide accurate responses to user queries. This saves manpower, money, and time while extending real-time customer service that generates leads 24×7.


4. Personalised Product Recommendations

Many companies are using AI for tracking customer preferences, buying patterns, and other habits. Armed with this information, brands are able to further suggest products to their customers which they will most likely be interested in. In-depth knowledge of customer behaviors and patterns helps design effective strategies.


5. AI-powered Websites

With AI and ML, enterprises do not have to labor for creating amazing websites. AI-powered website designing platforms make sure that websites can be created basis the user data available and how they interact with the content placed on it. The AI designer takes care of the color and content blocks on the website. The marketer only has to take care of the content that has to go on the website. These platforms also help build landing pages by picking up information about the business from the web and dividing it into design sections and pages.


Summing Up

AI and ML have become invaluable tools for digital marketers and are now more accessible for businesses. AI majorly influences the choices of the brand audience and helps provide adequate recommendations with timely customer service. By looking at the ways in which the technologies can be used to their fullest potential, companies and marketers can grow their brands and fulfill the expectations of their customers.