How to Manage Technical Debt? Learn the Core Concepts

Have you ever heard about technical debt and what is it? Well, the debt is mostly about financial states, but the technical debt is in programming. It is all about the loss of time, or the exertion of extra efforts to complete a work in the limited amount of time.

There are many times when companies are not able to complete the work in a given timeframe, and it can lead to numerous issues. Even such things can harm the reputation of the company. If you want to eradicate all and don’t want to get into any kind of issue, then this guide can come handy for sure.

The below given are some of the common tips which are effective to manage the technical debt, and you can rely on all of them. But, before that, let’s take an overview of technical debt causes.

How to Manage Technical Debt Learn the Core Concepts

Technical debt causes – Overview

There’s no doubt in the fact that the technical debt can occur due to various reasons and the most common reason among all of them are –

  • The number of employees is not enough for that project.
  • Lack of experience among employees working on the project.
  • Poor strategy to work on the project or messy tactic.
  • The use of outdated tools that are no more reliable.

In addition to the mentioned reasons, you can find many more which can set you in big issues. If you want to eradicate all and don’t want to get into any trouble, then the selection of right strategy matters a lot. In addition to this, you can focus on the below-given methods.

Tips to manage Technical Debt

There are no doubts in the facts that are managing the technical debt can be hard sometimes, but if you have the effective strategy, then you don’t have to worry about a single thing. The crucial things are –

Build Awareness – The quality work is always essential, and if you have employees that are kept on working at good quality project then they should be showing their best. If you are aware, the whole company about quality is must then you won’t find the technical debt from the employers.

Proper Approach – There is no doubt in the fact that there are many ways to approach a task and when the employees begin, they should have the right approach. You can eradicate this issue by making an experienced developer as the in charge of the whole process. It is easy, and it can significantly help in various manners.

Constant feedback – When employees get into a conversation with each other, they will start getting leaner, and they won’t be doing the work at an effective speed. It can lead to many issues, and if you want to get rid of it, you should be getting the feedback. By this method, employees will be working at a faster rate.

Testing Out all – It is necessary that you must be testing the quality of work and eradicates the problems as soon as you can. If the employees are not offering quality, then they don’t deserve the job. So, you must be doing the test and inspecting the whole task as much as you can.

These are some easy to follow tips which can help in various manners and increase productivity with ease. Make sure that you must consider how much time is required to complete the project by one person and then divide the task in many. It will make things easier, and everything is done after that. Isn’t it easy and helpful to rely on? Well, you have to give it a try and come up with a different strategy for the best approach.

Train Employees

If you have hired new employees and wanted to work with them for a longer time period, then you can consider training them. You can put the experienced employees as the work of training all the newbies and make them learn the rules.

By this method, employees will learn new rules and understand some of the basic things which matter the most. If they have everything sorted n their mind, they can easily provide you with the quality work with ease, and it is the highly reliable method as compared to the other ones. Make sure that you should choose the right training program.

In addition to this, consider training programs that are easy to follow and take less time. There is no doubt that training timing is the only issue but spending one hour every day can help in various manners that’s why you can try it out and eradicate all the issues with ease.

Types of Technical Debt

If you are facing trouble due to the technical debt, then you must consider the types before taking any action. There are three major types –

1. The source code formatting is very common, and it consumes hours to eradicate. In such cases, you should consider experienced employees work on such issues because they know the right solutions.

2. Code Complexity can lead to slower working, and it is time-consuming when it comes to tracking down the issues. Most of the employees are not able to track down the problem which can lead to slow working again.

3. Documentation plays an important role, and you should get it before starting the project. If the documents are not complete, then you can face trouble during the strategy. Even, it can make you work at the slow rate that’s why you keep documents overview as the first thing to focus on.

These are very common causes of technical debt, and you can eradicate all with the help of the effective team and the consideration of working schedule.

Bottom Line

Technical Debt is definitely affecting business in numerous manners where the slower working rate and is not able to complete the project in a given time frame is the biggest issue. In order to alleviate such problems, you can consider the above-given methods and then you don’t have to worry about a single thing.


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