Inevitable Cyber Security Breaches: What Businesses Should Do?

In the digital world, organizations are making an effort to get things done online with speed and safety. Every day there are tons of data generated from all the types of platforms and maintaining this data can be a little hectic. We are aware of the data breaches happening around us and so some serious steps are crucial to take to be taken. There are plenty of ways to try on and today we are going to discuss some important hacks which you can keep in mind to avoid such inevitable cybersecurity breaches.

Inevitable Cyber Security Breaches What Businesses Should Do

Know your Assets

Among the bunch of data generation for any organization, there comes a most important raw data which they need to keep most secured from the cybercriminals. Such raw data is considered as the precious asset as if the data gets breached still it can be completely recovered and transited back into the system using this raw data.  Knowing your valuable data can help you to stay ahead of the cyber attacks at a large extent. It is next to impossible to get a reliable view of this ecosystem to fight against the cybercrimes without continuous, data-driven analysis as only manual assessments can deliver a partial but point-in-time snapshot.

Think from every individual’s flaws

When it comes to cyber attacks you cannot really rely on some basic fundamentals. You are required to have your own criteria in order to protect your precious data. Look from every aspect of your data to protect it from cyber crimes. Think of every possible attack on the data and take suggestions from every individual on how they think to attack the data if they were the hackers. Such steps can help you stay one step ahead from the cybercriminals as you get to know their mindset and take prior actions. You can definitely not measure the accurate risk but these factors help to combine by giving threats a path to their targets.

Check your data security

You can try joining up all the information and metrics from every technology to measure the security success which can be a real challenge. The external reviews of security defences are typically broad but not deep assessing if the policy is being followed or is effective or not. Bring the relevant data into a single location and security can gain the meaningful, timely and accurate insights which they need to know how advantageous their defences are at protecting their business from data risks and where to put more priorities in improving them. If we cover the obvious, then try to keep your software up to date and fix all those security vulnerabilities but when you do not download and install them, you are actually leaving yourself unprotected from malware.

Utilize the third line of defence

To add an extra layer of protection against the data breach troublesome, the websites on Google allows you to turn on multi-factor authentication. This can also be done using a mobile phone that generated a numeric code every half minute or more and you can also plug into your computer’s USB port which can afford at least some protection by making you of sites to send you a code. With such simple steps, you are prone to the new mindset of thinking on how to avoid this attacks and this will make you less worried when news break of the next data breach of some company’s data files.

Try to generate long passcodes

One should always opt for the long passwords rather than the complex ones which make it difficult for themselves to remember. There has always been confusion about what makes a strong passcode – is it the most complex one or the ultimate long one? This can run into a long debate but you can secure your files and important data by generating some long passcodes. The long passwords are thought to b more resistant for the attacker side as it is complex to guess them by trying on many variant options. The long passcodes should not be harder to remember but they can be easily recalled phrases. With the help of software development company, you can manage to get the one software which helps to choose the passcode carefully as more of them have been breached and it can be regarded as a safer option.


Exciting times ahead

The data breaches can be the worst nightmare for any organization and hence secure steps can be taken to get maximum protection against it. In the present times, the problem of cybercrime seems big and too complex as by effective use of data can simplify, automate and advances how the problem is solved. You can also look at some marketing departments who have embraced a data-driven approach to improvise customer satisfaction and grow business. So, what are you waiting for?


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Cisco Ramon is working as a Business Analyst at Tatvasoft Australia. He is a result oriented Business Analyst with problem-solving skills well experienced in understanding business issues/requirement and challenges and providing solutions also. He also loves to write for security, enjoy’s listening to music and play a lot of games.