Hybrid teaching and learning: Best Practices

Hybrid teaching encompasses a type of learning which combines on-campus face-to-face as well as online teaching and internet-based activities into one integrated, cohesive and enriching experience. Though in hybrid teaching the learning outcome and academic achievement are better and stronger than either online teaching or face-to-face teaching, nevertheless, a lot of careful planning is required to ensure the stability and smooth running of hybrid teaching. Let’s explore more about the best practices of hybrid teaching and learning.

Hybrid teaching and learning Best Practices

Best Practices In Hybrid Teaching

Curriculum Planning

  • The first and foremost thing which we should keep in mind when designing and planning the curriculum for hybrid teaching is to decide and lay down the learning objectives for the students.
  • The selection of the assessment process and assignments to be given should be in accordance with the hybrid teaching method and which would support the learning objective.
  • Again, instead of going for the paid ones try locating the free resources which are available. One should try to use and utilize all the free online materials, tools, and free videos which are available.
  • One should engage in creating new and novel activities that not only support the learning goals and objectives of hybrid learning but also make the students involved in collaborative activities for the same. The activities should be such that it encourages the engagement and interaction of the student with the instructor, student with other students, and student with the course material too.
  • Time to time assessment is very necessary to check the progress of the whole process and ensuring that the desired learning outcome is being met. The assessment can be in the form of a quiz, group discussion, or simply an activity that involves the display of what the child has learned whether by reading, watching videos or face to face, etc.
  • The online class curriculum should be planned and designed in such a way that the online content and the face-to-face teaching are well coordinated with each other and the students are able to grasp it easily and naturally.
  • A curriculum chart or map should be maintained, where all the minute details of the designed curriculum are noted so that nothing is missed out and no gap is created. This also acts as a reminder to communicate the designed plan to the teacher and instructor and thus leading to an organized implementation of the hybrid teaching.


Set Up A User Friendly And Welcoming Environment

  • The setup of the classroom should be visually attractive and headings can be used for information so that it can easily be scanned virtually.
  • The fonts used should have high contrast colors but nevertheless, they should give a consistent look and the same color and format should be used for each topic.
  • Care should be taken to see that only links are underlined so that they can be easily accessed by the students.


Early Planning And Preparation

  • If one is planning to organize hybrid teaching then it is advisable to design and plan it at least five to six months in advance before its execution.
  • It is very difficult to plan and execute it simultaneously.
  • To make hybrid teaching successful it is always better to get a peer review of the class before starting.


All information should be easily available and accessible online

  • Links should be provided beforehand to access required websites, interactive games, tutorials, books, videos, etc.
  • A Library database should be also provided which will make it easier for them to access books.


Online Presence Should Be Established

  • A page should be created displaying a little information and contact details of the instructors. This not only helps in creating a bit of a comfort zone for the students but also letting them know whom to contact if required.
  • The students should be sent an email welcoming them, a week before the class begins and they should also be given a virtual tour of the classroom via pre-recorded video.
  • To maintain the smooth working of the class, weekly virtual office hours should be held and the same intimated to the students so that they can attend it.
  • The instructor should also try to be present when students have group discussions or when question forums are held.


Maintain Good And Continuous Rapport And Contact With The Students

  • The instructor should try to facilitate and encourage online chats and conversations
  • The track should be kept of the participants.
  • Summarized information and main ideas and reminder texts should be put across regularly.
  • All questions raised should be addressed with a personal touch.
  • Personal feedback on the submitted assignments and their progress in the class should be given timely and regularly.
  • On receiving a query in email, the instructor should try to revert on the same day.


Help Students In Handling Technical Tools

  • The instructor needs to be well aware of all the technical tools which are going to be used in the class.
  • If the students are required to use technical tools, a demo needs to be given before the online class begins, this will not only increase their technical knowledge but will also help them adjust easily to this online method of teaching.
  • The instructor should also make the students try it out after the demo so that they also become more comfortable with the whole process.


Interactive Activities Should Be Created And Encouraged

  • Active learning, collaborating in group projects, discussion forums, peer-reviewing in uploaded projects, and other such interactive activities should be planned and created.
  • A question forum can also be created where students can upload their questions as well as answers to each other’s queries. This will also help the students to know each other better and develop a sense of community.


Take Feedback, Evaluate And Make Changes If Required

  • From time to time surveys should be taken to evaluate how the students are coping with the online process and are not facing any difficulty in it and if they have any expectations which need to be fulfilled.
  • If survey reports do not have the desired outcome then adjustments and required changes must be done accordingly, as soon as possible, and not wait to implement these changes in the new semester.



Whatever practices we adapt to make hybrid teaching effective and successful, an important thing that is to be kept in mind is that the students should not be overloaded with too many activities, resources, and assignments whether the classes being held are online or face to face. Another important thing to be kept in mind is to maintain the quality and also be prepared for anticipated problems.