Philips TAT1215BK truly wireless earbuds review

Even though wired earphones are far better in terms of audio quality under budget, wireless earphones and headphones are way better when it comes to convenience. Until and unless you are looking for impeccable audio, wireless earphones can suit your requirements, even when you are casual to a semi-pro listener. Nowadays, truly wireless earbuds, aka.

TWS or Truly Wireless Stereo is available on a budget and if you mostly consume audio from your smartphone or laptop, you can get TWS that will deliver a perfect balance between audio quality and convenience if you can spend a few thousand. That said, I got the Philips TAT1215BK a few months back, and just like every time, I am here with a review.

The TAT1215BK doesn’t come from a present-day brand like Boat Audio, but Philips is a trusted brand even today, and we all use, or have used products by this brand for a long time now. Considering the patronage of Philips in the electronics domain, I purchased this pair of truly wireless earbuds at first look on Flipkart, and it is working great even after 5 months of purchase.

However, the Philips TAT1215BK also has its cons, and thus, I will start with the Philips TAT1215BK review to help you get an idea of whether this product is going to fulfill your requirements as an audio listener. I will start with the box contents, and will hence proceed with the pros and cons, of the product. 


So without any further delay, let’s get started with the Philips TAT1215BK review.

Box contents:

Let’s have a look at the box contents.

♦ The Philips TAT1215BK box cum charging case
♦ A pair of Philips TAT1215BK
♦ 2 pairs of ear tips, with one pair attached to the earphones
♦ A USB to micro-USB cable for charging

So that was pretty much the box contents, and you get everything as expected.



Now, let’s have a look at the Philips TAT1215BK specifications and notable features of the Philips TAT1215BK.

♦ The Philips TAT1215BK with Voice Assistance Bluetooth Headset comes with IPX4 certification, making the earbuds sweat-proof, and the earbuds offer a tight yet comfortable fit within the ear cavity.

♦ The earbuds come with physical clickable buttons that can be used to control music playback, use the virtual assistant, or to accept and end calls in a hands-free way. I will be discussing the use of the buttons shortly.

♦ The earbuds, along with the charging case delivers 18 hours of playtime. As the claim by Philips goes, a pair of fully charged earbuds can offer 6 hours of playback, and a fully charged case can add 12 hours of playback time to the earbuds.

♦ The earbuds come with 6mm neodymium drivers that offer great sound, and at the same time, it offers decent bass making it a great product for bass lovers.

♦ Just like most other earphones in the budget, the Philips TAT1215BK also offers the smart pairing feature, which means, it will automatically connect to the last paired device on powering on or removing the buds out of the case.

♦ Talking about the Bluetooth profiles supported by the Philips TAT1215BK, it supports a wide domain of profiles, and they areA2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, and Handsfree. The Philips TAT1215 comes with Bluetooth 5.1. Coming to the connectivity range, the maximum range supported is 10 meters between the host and the earbuds.

So, those are the notable features of the Philips TAT1215BK Bluetooth earbuds.


The use of Philips TAT1215BK buttons.

♦ A single click of the left or right earbuds: Play/pause music, accept or end calls.
♦ Long click of the left earbuds: Play the previous track / reject incoming calls.
♦ Long click of the right earbuds: Play the next track / reject incoming calls.
♦ Double click on the left or right earbuds: Call the default virtual assistant.


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Let’s have a look at the pros of the Philips TAT1215BK Bluetooth earphones.

♦ Most people use truly wireless earbuds for convenience. When it comes to convenience, comfort is an important aspect. The Philips TAT1215BK is really comfortable to use, even for long durations. I sometimes use the earbuds for 4 to 6 hours or continuously while traveling, and it wasn’t irritating at any time, even after having a snug fit in the ears. Additionally, if you are using the earbuds while running, most users will not face any problems either. So, I must say, Philips did a great job in making the TAT1215BK comfortable. Furthermore, the build quality of both the case and the earphones might not be premium but are great at this price.

♦ Next comes audio quality, and again, the audio quality of the Philips TAT1215BK is quite impressive, if not perfect. Obviously, you cannot expect premium audio quality from budget earbuds like this, but it will do the job. The vocals are clear, and the earbuds also offer great bass that most music lovers would like. However, if you are looking for the most punchy bass out there, this pair of earphones is not for you. You can tinker around in the equalizer to get a better bass, but it won’t be as good as a pair of earphones known for bass-centric sound signature.

♦ The physical buttons offer pleasant tactile feedback and at the same time, it doesn’t hurt the ears in any way when the buttons are pressed. It might seem fancy to have touch-sensitive surfaces for music control, but physical buttons are way better and Philips did a great job with the buttons on the buds.

♦ The battery backup of the earbuds is really great, and in real life, matches the claims made by the manufacturer. It easily lasts 5 hours to 6 hours after fully charging the earbuds, which can be great for those who want to consume audio for a quite long time, and even for those who want to binge-watch shows back to back.

♦ I used the Philips TAT1215BK for gaming, and I played BGMI, COD Mobile, and other popular titles on my phone, and in all the cases the latency wasn’t significant. If you aren’t a serious gamer, and you mostly play games for timepass or simply for fun, the Philips TAT1215BK Gaming Performance shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. 

♦ Just like most other truly wireless earbuds within budget, the Philips TAT1215BK can also be used in both mono and stereo mode. It means you can use one earbud at a time, making it similar to a hands-free mono Bluetooth earphone. This is really useful if you want to make a call or want to enjoy your music, and want to listen to what’s happening around you at the same time.

♦ The Bluetooth connection takes place really fast if it is already paired to the host beforehand. Thus, the claim made by Philips in terms of fast connections is also valid, however, the host device that you want to connect to should also support fast pairing and fast connection of Bluetooth devices. However, one thing that you should note is,  you can only connect one device to the earphones, and that said, if you want fast pairing, you should first disconnect the first device before connecting the second one.

♦ One more big advantage of these TWS is that they can easily be kept in the case and hence in the pocket while not in use, unlike collar Bluetooth earphones that are possible but a tough task to keep in the pocket. The Philips TAT1215BK case, due to its shape and size can easily be kept in the same pocket as your wallet or smartphone making it easy to get started with listening sessions at any time. This might seem to be a trivial aspect but can really be useful at times for most consumers.

So, those were the pros of the Philips TAT1215BK Bluetooth earphones.



None of the electronic gadgets are void of shortcomings, and the same goes for the Philips TAT1215BK earphones. So, let’s have a look at them.

♦ Sometimes there is a sort of stuttering in the audio. This happens randomly, however, I have also noticed the issue even with a slight movement of the head too. So if you are enjoying a podcast, listening to some songs, or watching a show, such random stuttering issues can cause interruptions in the listening sessions.

♦ Even though it happens once in a blue moon, but once the earbuds are out of sync, the only way to reverse the problem is to restart the earbuds, either by putting them in and then out of the box or by long-pressing on both the buds to first turn them off, and then turn them on the same way. Once, the earbuds are out of sync, there will be a little gap, say, a few milliseconds, between playing an audio element in the right and left earbuds. This is yet another interruption that you might face, and I didn’t find any reason why this happens.

♦ There are LED indicators both on the earbuds and on the case. When the case is delivering power to the earbuds, the front LED of the case glows white. However, sometimes I noticed that the white light goes off, giving me the perception that the earbuds are fully charged. However, when I connect the earbuds, I find 40% or 60% battery remaining on the earbuds, instead of 100%. The earbuds need to be put to charge again so that they are charged fully. This happens especially after using the earbuds for long durations, say 3 to 4 hours.

♦ I found the grip quite good for my use, maybe because of the shape of my ears. But the earbuds are bulky, and thus, some users might not find the grip perfect for them, which is yet another con. The feedback on the shape of the earbuds and the grip are subject to vary from one person to the other, however, that was my observation.

♦ Coming to Philips TAT1215BK True wireless Earphone Microphone Performance, it isn’t the best. If you are making a call in your home or office, where the noise levels are low, you will not face issues with calls. However, if you are in a noisy environment, maybe on the streets, or while driving, your voice will not be clear to the other party. So it is great for casual calls of a few seconds, but it is better to not use it for online meetings, professional calls, or long chats.

So those are the cons of the Philips TAT1215BK and hope you got the Philips TAT1215BK True Wireless Earphone Detailed Review. None of the cons is a deal-breaker considering the Philips TAT1215BK price, which is below Rs. 2,000 in India.

My verdict:

If you are looking for the best budget wireless earphones the following Philips wireless earphones can be your choice. Considering the Philips TAT1215BK, the performance of the True Wireless earbuds is quite impressive, and most importantly it comes from a brand that we all trust.

Yes, there are certain cons, which you have to deal with, but the Philips TAT1215BK is one of the best wireless earphones under 2,000. You cannot compare the Philips TAT1215BK with some other premium earphones. There will be cost-cutting measures, which might be the reason behind the cons. But if you mostly listen to music while commuting to the office, while preparing your dinner, or before going to sleep, the Philips TAT1215BK can be great budget earphones for you. Even if you are into casual gaming, the Philips TAT1215BK can be a great deal for you.

So that was all about the Philips TAT1215 True Wireless Earbuds Review. Do you have questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.



  • 8/10
    Build quality and design - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Audio quality - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Features & connectivity - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Value for money - 9/10


If you are looking for the best budget wireless earphones the following Philips wireless earphones can be your choice. Considering the Philips TAT1215BK, the performance of it is quite impressive, and most importantly it comes from a brand that we all trust.

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