Importance of Artificial Intelligence in our Daily Lives, examples

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a boon of rapidly advancing technology, which is made possible by the internet. It refers to an artificial creation of human-like intelligence.

AI is playing a very vital role in shaping our future and this has also become the talk of the town in the tech world. Though it has already created an enormous impact on our lives, it is only going to increase exponentially in the coming years. AI affects our decisions, lifestyles every day.

examples of Artificial Intelligence in our Daily Lives

Don’t believe me? Well, let us now go through some of the examples which will showcase the importance of Artificial Intelligence.


Nowadays, probably most of us have a smartphone, it has become a vital part of our life as we use it all the time. We can say the word smart comes only due to the presence of Artificial Intelligence in a phone.

The smart assistant which we use whether it is Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, or Bixby all these are based on AI. Not only that, even the feature of portrait mode, which effects while shooting pictures is possible only due to AI.

There should be a question arising in your mind that how do smartphones manage to capture clear pictures even with a single lens? Well, the answer is AI.

Owing to all these features, Artificial Intelligence has become a must for every smartphone manufacturer nowadays. Scene detection, mixed and virtual reality elements, etc are some of its other features. In the latest android and iOS updates, a strong focus is laid on AI.

Moreover features like app actions, splices and adaptive battery in Android Pie and Siri Shortcuts and Siri Suggestions in iOS are made possible only because of AI. So, if you still think AI is not affecting you, take out your smartphone.

Social Media

This is another example of something that we use on a daily basis. Even if someone is living under a crater, there are high chances that he/she is tweeting from underneath it.

If Twitter is not your addiction, maybe it’s Facebook or Instagram or any other social media app out there. While using social media most of our decisions are being affected by Artificial Intelligence. The feeds in the timeline, notifications, newsfeed, etc all are organised by AI.

AI keeps a record of all the web searches we do, all the interactions, our every small big activity and then reflects its pure image every time we open a social media app, this process keeps on improving day by day, its sole purpose is to make us so addictive that we just cannot survive without it and believe me AI is winning the war against us.

Music and media streaming services

Well, this is another great example of how Artificial Intelligence impacts of our daily lives. Whether we are using Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, etc AI is making the decisions for us.

You might be shocked when I say that you are not in total control, yes you heard me right you are not in total control.

Let me explain this, for example, I love a particular weekly playlist on Netflix as it has introduced me to many new artists which I wouldn’t have been introduced to if AI didn’t keep eye on my behaviour at Netflix.

Spending countless hours watching the recommended videos on YouTube is another example of it.

So, next time before spending your valuable time watching a recommended video on YouTube, or watching a recommended show on Netflix, or listening to a pre-created playlist on Spotify or any other music and media streaming service, do remember that the remote lies in the hands of AI, not yours.


This industry was perhaps one of the earliest adopters of Artificial Intelligence. Initially, they were using very small AI to enable people to play, however, this kept on increasing gradually and the AI used nowadays in the gaming industry is far beyond a common man’s imagination.

Any game that we play has some sort of AI element to it. When we play games like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, PUBG, etc, we initially start the fight against Artifical intelligent bots before moving on to play against real players.

Even if we are playing a single-player mission game, we start off against AI bosses. If we are playing racing games, then also we are initially racing against the AI bots.

Well, I can go on and on about the use of AI in games, but that would make this article very long, so just remember before you open your favourite game next time all your activities are going to be regulated by AI.

Navigation & Travel

By now, we have understood that Artifical Intelligence impacts on our daily lives but there are still some of its examples left. I am talking about travel and navigation industry.

Most of us travel from time to time and use navigation very often. But again you will be shocked to know that whether you use Google or Apple maps for navigating or booking a cab or booking a flight ticket or booking a train ticket, etc you are using AI.

All navigation service providers including Google and Apple use AI to interpret millions of data points that they receive to give us real-time data. This, AI plays a vital role in deciding how we reach point B from point A.

Banking & Finance

No doubt this industry plays a major role in our lives. As the world runs on money and banks are the guardians who regulate their flow. But my question is Do you know that the banks and finance industry heavily depend on AI?

You will be surprised again as the answer is yes.

Customer service, fraud protection, investment, etc all heavily rely on AI. A simple example is automatic emails that we receive whenever we do an out of the ordinary transaction. This is nothing but a somewhat Artificial intelligence keeping an eye over your account and warning you of any possible fraud.

It is not only limited to fraud protection, all the alerts via and or emails regarding our every small and big transaction are also possible because of programme with a kind synthesis intelligence that can decide what to do, moreover when we are chatting online in any banking app regarding our complaints and queries it is likely we are chatting with AI bots.

But wait, that’s not all, major banks across the world are investing billions of dollars in Artificial Intelligence technology and we will observe its effects sooner than later. So, we can say that AI plays a vital role in this industry.

Thus, these are some of the daily life examples of AI, it impacts our lives in one way or another.

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