Best sites to download free apk files for Android Apps

On the Google Play store, we can download hundreds of Apps and games for our Android smartphone but not the APK files. Thus for that, we can use some popular and best websites to download APK files of apps & games as Play Store alternatives.

Developers on Google Play Store are pushing new Android apps day by day, a huge benefit for users. Sometimes, new update of any app perhaps doesn’t make some users happy either because of some breaking issue or not working smoothly on their old Android. Furthermore, if you want to install some apps without setting up of Goggle Play store then APK file will be an option.

However, to install any APK files from the external source apart from the Play store, the user has to enable installation from an unknown source option on their Android phone. See at the end of this article how to enable it?

To save your efforts of search, we have gathered here top well-founded sources to download APK files of Android apps.

Best APK download site for Android

Here is a list of few best websites that we can use to download APK files regardless of the device, just what we need a browser. All the APK download websites are in random order regardless of their popularity or numbers of APKs they hold.


APKPure website is one of the best option available to download APK files of both Free and paid Android apps.

It offers a large amount of APK files to download directly using mobile or desktop browsers. APKPure is available as an app along with the website. That means one can either download the APKPure app from its website on a smartphone to use as a Google Play Store Alternative to install apps and games. Or simply use its website in browser to get APK files.

APKPure is also available for iPhone apps.

On the APKPure website’s top bar four options are given Games, Apps, Topics and Products. The Games section features all the APK files of games; in a similar way APKs for APPs. In the Topic category, some editor choice apps, games on sales (paid apps) like links are available.


Furthermore, the user can download older versions of any APK files of popular apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram etc. including the latest one.

Website Link

F-Droid- an open-source APK Website

F-Droid is an alternative app store that only features free and open-source programs and games for Android.

Just like ApkPure, it is also available in the form of app and website. If you want to replace Google Play store on your smartphone simply install the F-Droid app for free tools and games. You can also easily get updates for the downloaded apps.

Those are interested in Android APK repository, they can just surf the F-Droid website service that offers lots of useful apps APKs.

Moreover, there are lots of opensource Android Apps that are only available on F-Droid and not on the Google Play Store. However, the quality control which Google Play store performs before publishing any app is not that much stringent on this alternative.


Website link


Aptoide is one of the best websites to download APK files for Android smartphone using a browser. It has been integrated as a default app store to replace Google Play store by many Android running Smart TVs.

It offers website service as well as an app for smartphones as a direct alternative to the default Play store app.

The repository of APK files of different Apps it offers is really very large and a user can find almost any popular app on it.

Aptoide is available in multiple languages and offers privacy features that allow parents to restrict Aptoide from showing Adult apps on its app service. Furthermore, developers can get their app monetized via Aptoide schemes.


Even apps that you wouldn’t able to find on Google Play Store, APK files of those can be downloaded from Aptoide.

Website Link


Note: uptodown site can be used to download paid Android apps’ APKs for free but we don’t recommend it, yes for the testing purpose it is good but for regular updates, one should purchase paid apps from their authentic source only.

So, this is another well know website option to download free APK files; which not only provides Android apps but also software for Windows and MAC.

On the website, you can surf Apps on the basis of category divided by uptodown. The sorts are Communication, Games, Lifestyle, Multimedia, Productivity, Top Downloads and Tools.

The way Aptoid and Apkpure work in the same way it is, however it is not available as an app to replace Google play store, yet the website is enough to download a wide range of APK files.


Website Link


This best APK download website doesn’t need any introduction, quite popular and most of the times appear on Google results if one search for some App’s APK file.

It has huge repository of Android Apps along with their older versions. Indeed it doesn’t offer any app to replace Google Play store directly on the smartphone, however, if you need is only APK then I am sure you don’t bother this missing feature at all.

The interface of the website is the same as APKPure. On the front page, you will get a list of the latest updated apps. While on the left sidebar, latest uploads can be seen.


Website Link

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