10 Jobs most likely to be replaced by Artificial intelligence (AI) technology

Robots equipped with artificial intelligence are taking on the world. They are more popular than ever before. The functions that are performed by robots these days were hard to imagine 20 years back. Structural unemployment is prevalent in any growing economy. Thus, many of us are going to lose jobs to robots. Robots are much better than humans in specific areas and are said to boost sales.

A landmark study in 2013 classified the jobs that humans will soon lose to AI by 2024. The list, derived from the level of routine a position has, and the specialized training and social intelligence needed to do justice to it. Is indeed credible as it also inspired  “Will Robots Take My Job?”.


Jobs those likely to be replaced by robots artificial Intelligence

Jobs most likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) technology
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The people employed in this sector have the highest likelihood of losing their job to AI, the likelihood being 99%. You already receive calls throughout the day from various companies and organizations and half of them are indeed robot-calls. Think about it, what is the level of social or emotional intelligence required to be successful as a telemarketer? Even when we think about their profit for companies, the conversion rates for direct phone calls are even less than 10%. This job offers ripe opportunities for AI and the career growth in this sector is prospected to decline by 3% by 2024.



Cheap alternatives as compared to a person’s salary are already available. QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Microsoft Office have already taken a toll on the employment in this sector. There is 98% likelihood that the career growth it offers will decline further. It might drop by up to 8% by 2024.


Compensation and Benefits Managers

Ironically, this sector is expected to grow by 7% by 2024. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the humans employed here have managed to shield their livelihood from AI. In future, multinational companies are bound to grow multifold. There will be more workload than ever. A human pen and paper system will not only be more time-taking but also more expensive as compared to AI and companies will try to save the maximum % of their profits. AI will ensure that number of employees gain in less amount of time. Have a look at the growth of companies like UltiPro and WorkDay and all your curiosities regarding this suggestion will be satisfied.



This suggestion didn’t need much validation after Pam declared it way back in “The Office’. Modern technology companies and multinational corporations are increasingly doing away with office-wide telephone systems. This practice itself has taken the likelihood of automation to 96%.



This suggestion should no longer shock you for most of the couriers, and robots have already replaced delivery persons. Just like the sector of Compensations and Benefits Managers, this job will also ironically see a growth of 5%. Though the change in this sector will happen slowly, there is 94% likelihood that AI will soon take over altogether.



Nobody updated contents online nowadays without consulting proofreading software. They are everywhere nowadays. Ranging from Microsoft’s simple spelling check to Grammarly’s premium services, the services offered by software in this field are indispensable. There is already software that helps us with this task on an everyday basis. Thus, there is 84% likelihood that humans will lose out more jobs to robots in this sector too.


Computer Support Specialists

The 12% likelihood of growth in this sector complements 65% likelihood of automation in the same. The internet has a lot of contents on various computer parts. Right from the hacks to the how-tos, there is now an answer to everything on the world wide web.  Many companies are going to do away with the humans employed for this job and are instead going to utilize AI to solve all related queries of the employees as well as the customers.


Market Research Analysts

If you need a contemporary example of market research analysis taken over by a robot, let me introduce you to GrowthBot. Bestowed with brilliant AI, it can conduct market research on nearby businesses and competitors as quick as “1-2-3”. No doubt market research does play a crucial role in messaging, content and strategy but such successful examples of AI, companies will surely look for alternatives to human effort.

Automated AI and surveys compile all this information and make their collection much more manageable.


Advertising Salespeople

There is a projected 3% decline in this industry. With the growth of the online worlds, advertising is moving further away from print and TV witch each passing day. There is no longer a need for companies to appoint salespeople to deal with the sales of the spaces for ads. The purchase of spaces for ads on social media can be easily made with the help of APIs and self-serve ad marketplaces. This is a much faster and easier mode of making money. This ease is reflected in 54% likelihood of the people employed in this industry to lose their bread and butter to robots.


Retail Salespeople

Buyers these days are much more tech-savvy. Not only do they prefer to purchase stuff online, in the event of visiting a mall, but they are also very comfortable with self-checkouts. Moreover, salespersons have lost the power to influence people as they come to the mall already equipped with all the necessary information about the choices available to them and the product they want to buy. Amazon Go stores are an example of that.

If you thought AI restricts to assembly lines, think again. AI has taken over the world of sales and marketing by storm. Though many of the workers employed in the fields like editing and HR will retain their jobs because of the essential nature of their work, many of us might have robots taking over our offices for good.


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