Oxigen Expense Management Solutions for enterprises and SMBs- All you need to know about

Oxigen expense management, an enterprise unified solution to manage expenses for both employers and employees from a single desk.

Digital payments and e-commerce have made our lives a lot easier nowadays, and lucrative incentives for the consumers and merchants is the driving force behind increasing attraction towards online payments, needless to say, it is more convenient than carrying cash as we can pay at will, directly from the smartphone wallets or cards.

Today there are a handful of digital wallet and payment platforms which are acclaimed for delivering a variety of offers from cashback and discounts to premium offerings for different online services. The intelligent customers, thus prefer online payments over cash payments, as they can get awarded without spending extra amounts.

When most online payment apps and services are busy targeting individual customers and pull them in the online payment ecosystem, only a few look after the big enterprises and offer them a comprehensive set of services related to payments, help them manage expenses and budget, and whatnot.

One of the biggest payment platforms i.e. Oxigen Payment Services is offering payment services for individuals and enterprises. So no matter, whether you are an individual, or have a small Enterprise or SME, Oxigen has the solution for you. It has all the services you need, to make managing expenses a piece of cake.

So let’s get started with the tidbits of Oxigen Payment Services for the enterprises, one by one.

Services and features

Let’s get started with the services and features first, which is, in some way or the other, the reason you should choose Oxigen Expense Management Solution for Enterprises.

  • Oxigen Expense Management Solution offers a wide-ranging catalog of services, which include recharges, online bill payments for different utilities, travel ticket booking for employees, merchant payment solutions, eCommerce payments.
  • Talking about the modes of payment for Oxigen Expense Management, it supports making payments using Oxigen All in One card at PoS terminals, and withdraw cash in the ATMs.
  • The Oxigen Expense Management All in One card can be used for making different kinds of payments I talked about. It is a RuPay prepaid card, which is launched in partnership with RBL Bank.
  • Apart from offering expense management solutions for corporates and small and medium businesses, Oxigen Services also has solutions for consumers, students, co-operative societies and credit companies.

So those were the features and services in a nutshell.

Benefits of using Oxigen Expense Management Solutions

Let’s now find out, why Oxigen Expense Management is worth going for.

  • Talking about expense management for an organization or enterprise, it is a cumbersome process to disburse salary and incentives. It is a matter of maintaining multiple sheets and as everything needs to be carried out manually, it can lead to errors. But with Oxigen Expense Management, everything from disbursing salaries to incentives and festival advances can be handled effortlessly with minimum human intervention.
  • Apart from disbursing salaries, which is a repetitive process, Oxigen Expanse Management can also make it easy to manage different other expenses for a corporate company, like media spendings, promotions, travel advances, and every other associated spending for an organization.
  • For consumers, there are prepaid and gift cards, which can be equally useful if the company plans to provide gift cards as festival bonus, meal allowance and fuel expenses as the solution has multiple categories within the same physical card which saves the hassle of carrying multiple cards.
  • For educational institutions and students, Oxigen Expense Management card can be customised, and also used as a card for making fee payments online and offline, which is a bonus offering apart from just expense management solutions.
  • Oxigen Expense Management is accomplished basically through three elements, the online dashboard, the wallet app, and the All-in-one card. It is very easy to get started with all three elements.

So those were some cool reasons, why you should opt for Oxigen Expense Management if you really want to keep a tab on your payments and manage them efficiently. Oxigen Expense Management for enterprises, don’t even cost an arm and a leg for such a cool set of functionalities it has to offer.

Dashboard and convenience of Oxigen Expense Management

There are three elements in the Oxigen Expense Management ecosystem. The corporate dashboard, the wallet app, and the Oxigen RuPay Prepaid card.

The corporate dashboard, which is one of the most important elements of Oxigen Expense Management, is the landing zone for all kinds of activities you want to carry out on the platform. You can manage employees, add funds on a real-time basis, schedule payments, impose limits, order, issue and activate cards for the employees, and view the reports effortlessly on the dashboard.

Oxigen Expense Management Service Glance

With the Oxigen RuPay, one can set up his own pin, load money up to 1,00,000 INR, make payments in over 1.1 million online and offline stores, access the card via the app, and get all the benefits of a RuPay card, without the need for a bank account, which is cool to say the least.

Oxigen Expense Management is very convenient, and it will save a lot of your time when it comes to managing your expenses. The best part is, it complies with all the RBI guidelines so that you never face a charge.

Just sign the agreement along with the necessary formalities, and you are onboard. Once you are onboard, you are ready to avail all the cool services by Oxigen Expense Management Solutions and make cumbersome processes of expense management, a thing of the past.

The mobile app or the virtual prepaid card wallet for the customers are equally efficient, and you can view the transaction history, block a card, load money, see the current balance, and find the expenses in different categories with the help of the app.

Oxigen Expense Management Mobile App- See how to Manage expense through the smartphone

So that was all about Oxigen Expense Management Services. If you are having a small business, and want the best use of your time, Oxigen Expense Management is going to help you get your job done with minimum manual efforts. Oxigen Expense Management is a new concept and is way different from the other run of the mill expense management solutions, you can find in the market or elsewhere.

So that was it. Do you have any questions about Oxigen Expense Management Solutions? Feel free to comment the same down below.

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