10 Top Cloud migration tools & services for companies or businesses

Are you planning to migrate your data from local data centres to the cloud? Or it already on cloud and you are planning to shift to another cloud vendor then you must be looking for cloud migration tools. 

To reduce the maintenance cost of the private in-house data centre infrastructure, enterprises are now moving to cloud; which is robust, scalable and no physical maintenance needed by the enterprises to store their data. However, generally, businesses set back when it comes to data migration to the cloud because of their complex applications structures and downtime. In such a scenario, cloud migration services can be very helpful and if you are IT professional and already acquainted with cloud migration process and complexity then free tools are always a boon.

The available enterprise cloud migration tools are either free or paid.  There are different public cloud companies that offer free cloud migration tools to easily migrate the data to minimize the migration cost, however, if you want to dwell to individual cloud migration services those sounds expensive but remember they are a professional in their tasks and reduce your chaos of migration a lot.

If you are not thinking for multi-cloud migration strategy and opted just one public cloud vendor then free cloud migration tools offer a great advantage by reducing the migration cost. Few public cloud vendors also offer devices those can use to transfer the data offline if you have a large volume of data to migrate; also these devices transfer rate is faster as compared to a public internet connection.

Leaving up to you what kind of complexity of data you have and which cloud migration strategy you about to opt; here we are with the list of cloud migration tools those somehow definitely help you in automating the cloud migration process. Note: Some of the free cloud migration tools supports only their respective cloud environment.

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List of top cloud migration tools providers for Enterprises: Free and paid

AWS cloud Migration tool

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS)

It is the best cloud migration tool if you are thinking to migrate to AWS. AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) is free service offered by the Amazon web services to customers to migrate their in-house data to their cloud without paying specifically for their cloud migration service. However, the user will charge to create an EBS snapshot (baseline for new volumes or for data backup) at every replication. This charge can also be prevented by deleting each snapshot copies which no longer needed. Also, when Amazon cloud migration replicates or copies the data from your local server, it stores that in temporary S3 which cleaned after creating EBS snapshot. This transient for the temporary usage of S3 will be liable to.

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) is an agentless service makes it easy to migrate a large amount of data, automate, schedule, and track incremental replications of live server volumes make the migration more smooth.

Amazon also pointed the enterprise will not face downtime because the source database remains full function for apps those rely on that during the cloud migration process.

Link to official AWS SMS page.

Azure Migration Tools


The cloud migration service name of the Microsoft is Azure Migrate that all migration services for free as other public cloud providers including Azure Site Recovery and Database Migration Service.

Some of the Azure tools such as  Cloud Migration Assessment, Azure Hybrid Use Benefit, and Azure Site Recovery are more beneficial for or to speed up the migration of hybrid cloud and optimize deployment.

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit service of the Azure migrate toll will help the customers to save up to 40% of WIndows server license while migrating which means the Windows server license can be used by the enterprise on the cloud that was on -premises which reduce the cost of license on Azure Windows servers VMs. So, the Azure is much beneficial, if you local servers VMs are mainly on Windows servers or Windows Apps.

Link to Azure Migrate tool

Google cloud platform (GCP) + Velostrata

Google cloud migration tool

Google cloud platform (GCP) which is well known public cloud provider also offered cloud migration tool or service only its own cloud customers with the help of Velostrata. It is a startup which lately acquired by the Google to enable the cloud migration technology. With this new venture, Google has now enabled the migration process ten times faster than before. Same as above two cloud migration tools the Google Migration service is also free of cost and provides most of the migrations services as other public cloud providers do.

Link to GCP Velostrata

Corent SurPasS Cloud Migration

Corent SurPaaS cloud migration workflow model

Corent offers different migration packages to help customers as per their needs. Besides selling service to enterprises their products or services are also available through systems integrators, independent software and cloud computing vendors. Corent supports Microsoft Azure, AWS, Oracle OCI Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Vmware, and OpenStack cloud platforms. Both Data and Server migrations are available. It has got multiple awards for one of the best service providers; one is from Gartner in 2014.

To know more about the Corent see the official website


Densify on demand cloud migration services

Densify is another on-demand best cloud migration tool to compare different cloud providers and choose the cost-effective cloud hosting environment for your business applications. The Desify cloud migrating service is also the paid one but they ensure each application workload’s compliance, regulatory, security, utilization and other technical requirements. Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud computing, IBM Cloud, Vmware, Private Cloud, Hybrid Workloads and Amazon web service are supported.

Optimization Technologies it provides are Compute Sizing, Database Sizing, Instance Family Optimization, Scaling Group Optimization, Reserved Instance Optimization, Machine-Learning/AI-Based Engine and Optimization as Code.

Supported containers are Kubernetes, OpenShift, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Google and Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

The 14 days trial is also available for Densify

Official website

Microfocus PlateSpin Migration Factory

Cloud and Data Center Migration with PlateSpin Migrate and PlateSpin Transformation Manager

Micro Focus PlateSpin migration factory is another highly versatile and scalable cloud migration product.  on the market. It uses two solutions for enterprise-grade server migrations one is PlateSpin Migrate which meant for server migrations to the cloud or vice versa. Another one is PlateSpin Transformation Manager, it uses to plan and track migration projects across cloud infrastructures.  Main supported cloud platforms are AWS, Azure, and VMware. Free trial is available.

Official website


Turbonomic cloud migration

Turbonomic is not completely for free and available as 30 days free trial. It is not a cloud migration tools suggested above, most of them work only with their own cloud platform, instead, it is a workload automation platform for a hybrid cloud environment. It supports the AWS and Azure before migration to any of these platforms using the Turbonomic cloud migration one can compare the compute and storage costs, including RI savings. It in advance can discover inventory and generates actionable cloud migration plans. It optimizes the resources on both on-premises and in the cloud, in order to assure application performance across the entire hybrid environment.

Official website


Carbonite migration cloud to cloud model
Carbonite migration cloud to cloud model

Another Server and data migration solutions. With solution provided by the Carbonite, the enterprises can move data, application or entire server between clouds and physical and virtual platforms. You can easily move workloads with structured, repeatable processes. It is a paid solution and offers a trial period.

Official website


Fivetran cloud migration

The Fivetran can replicate database, files, applications, and events directly to cloud platforms with zero configuration and schemas designed for analytics.  It provides connectors to a wide range of data sources such as Salesforce, Analytics, MySQL, MongoDB, Shopify, Google cloud storage, Amazon Aurora and more… It is not free but comes with a 14 days trial period.

Website link

Cloudhealth Cloud Migration by Vmware

Cloudhealth which was acquired by the VMware provides data centre to the public cloud migration. It enables you to efficiently assess and model workloads for migration. The AWS or Azure cloud platforms supported. Data and serve both migrations are available with project planning, monitoring and security.

Official website

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  3. CLoud Technology’s benefits are easily accessible in case your database is supported by Cloud. Otherwise, migrating database SQL and business logic to Cloud can be complex and should be done with prior preparation. Getting rid of a legacy database can complicate a matter even more.

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