Twitch introduced the new TikTok-like clip features “Discovery Feed”

A new TikTok-like clip feature was launched by Amazon’s Twitch during the weekend Opening ceremony at TwitchCon Paris. The popular video game streaming application, Twitch, finally responded to the worries of small broadcasters by launching a discovery feed feature in the app. Twitch has been lashed with unpopular opinions about the application’s zero scope of growth for new and small creators since its launch in 2014.

The struggle of small creators to build a premium Video game broadcast on Twitch because of the app’s lack of exploration capabilities is much greater than that of applications like TikTok and YouTube with robust discovery features. Making it hard for small and medium game broadcasters to earn a meaningful income via the app.

This throws creators under the peer pressure of 24-hour streaming to create a greater viewer base, affecting them mentally and physically. Twitch acknowledged the creator’s concerns and the consequences of these complaints on Twitch’s long-term healthy operations to develop the “Featured Clip.”

Twitch adds the much-awaited Clip feature to the discovery feed section of its homepage for mobile users. Considering the small creator’s complaints against Twitch’s lack of growth prospects, Twitch introduced the new TikTok-like clip feature.

Twitch, via a Twitter post, exclaimed the feature is primarily available for a limited time, and only a few of Twitch’s base members will be trying it out. The company claims the feature is available for testing to train the app’s algorithm and collect needed feedback before it goes live for streamers in the coming fall.

The post further included an explanatory video for user convenience and understanding.

Twitch officially announced the release of the “Featured Clip” to Creators and editors next week in its recent Twitter post on August 22, 2023.

This overcomes the creator’s agitation about promoting content on YouTube and other social platforms. Adding a clip feature that allows them to promote content via bite-size videos that can be streamed even when the creator is not broadcasting, helps creators earn more viewership without 24 hours of exhausting live streaming.

Twitch users can select the type of feed they wish to explore in their discovery feed and other discovery surfaces. The application will throw some regular feeds in between for the creator promotions but will eventually prioritize the feeds chosen by the creators.

Twitch, indeed, does not provide multiple channels to attract new viewers, unlike TikTok and YouTube. The company clarified that it is not the company’s motive to promote the clip feature, as the app’s primary objective is to stream live video gaming.

 “Because Twitch is all about live, interactive channels, it’s not our goal for viewers to spend hours in a Clips feed. Our investment in Clips is to help viewers discover your channel so they join you and your community when you stream.” said the company in a blog post.

The Clip Feature represents videos vertically, similar to that of TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Further, Twitch plans to launch a new clip download feature that allows streamers to download clips directly to their smartphones using creator mode. Twitch Product Manager Shilpi Chakrabarti says on a stream that this was the “number one requested feature on the Partner Summit.”