10 Best PikaShow alternatives for streaming

PikaShow is a quite popular streaming app among movie and TV series lovers. It is absolutely free to use and provides so much content from various subscription-based OTT platforms. It is a one-stop station, especially for Android users, to tap on various shows and movies. Users can get content from Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, and other TV channels on this platform. Therefore, it is very demanding software, and the user base is growing day by day.

So, why should we find some alternatives to Pikashow?

Well, there are mainly two reasons to look for alternative apps like this.

The most important point is security. The platform does not have any of its own content. They basically pirate content from other sources, which is not very secure for the users. Due to this, the legality of it remains a question. The APK version (not available on the Google PlayStore and App Store) is there to download the app, which makes its future uncertain. The threat of banning or blocking is always looming over Pikashow.

The second reason is the vast user base. The load of huge users sometimes makes it difficult to use, as it can get slower or crash. It can be annoying for some.

For those reasons and for the sake of user privacy, it is important to know about the other options for a better alternative.

The alternatives to Pikashow are given below.

Note: Because of piracy concerns we are not providing the links to these alternatives, for that you need to search the names of these PikaShow alternatives in Google Search.

1. Movie4k To

Movie4k To

One of the best candidates to start the list is Movie4K. Going for this streaming platform would be great because of the quality it offers. Viewers will get many movies and series in different languages with High-definition pictures. It can be considered a free-to-use app that is user-friendly. The mapping of the platform is remarkable, which makes it a top player in this segment. It delivers major, highly demanding movies from the world of cinema. Trying this application instead of Pikashow would not let you down.

2. Viooz

Viooz pikashow

In the list of alternatives to the Pikashow streaming app, Viooz is not an unknown streaming platform with a very big library of movies and series. It offers a very good-quality picture, top-notch sound, and content of various genres. You can search for any content on the basis of name and genre. It is also very useful for TV show fans, as it provides an immense amount of TV shows in a very user-friendly way. The platform is absolutely free to access and enjoy the content, with supportive features.

3. 0goMovies


This streaming platform is free for users and has some highly tuned features that make 0goMovies a great one. The site is filled with top-rated movies, Web series, and documentaries. Not only that, but the app also provides newly released movies as soon as possible, which is the best thing about it. The only drawback to those new movies is that the picture quality might not be good. Apart from this, there is nothing to worry about, as it delivers praiseworthy services to the users without any charges.

4. YouTube

Youtube movies

The worldwide-famous video streaming site YouTube cannot be an alternative to any other platform. YouTube itself is a giant that does not require any marketing or introduction. It is next to impossible to find an internet user who does not know about it or use it. It is available on any device around the world.

The immense amount of content over there is free, and it is absolutely legal and secure to watch. There are movies, songs, series, news, live streams, and different types of videos in different genres to access. It covers any topic or genre you might feel like watching. So, YouTube can entertain you so much that you might not need any platform like Pikashow.

5. MoviesLand


The name MoviesLand suggests that the platform is about different types of movies and shows. It offers a very interactive feature that allows users to suggest their preferred content and potentially add them to the platform. The video quality and user experience can give competition to rival platforms. You can also select a movie or TV show to watch by knowing about it through trailers, reviews, short story descriptions, etc. The search function is also helpful for searching contents by category, title, etc.

6. Playbox HD App for Android

Playbox HD App for Android

There is another player in the game that has a huge database of content, which can attract movie lovers. The user experience is satisfactory on this platform, with great video and audio quality. Subtitles are there to help you understand the dialogue more accurately and enjoy the content. You can also adjust the settings for video quality according to your tastes or needs. Along with watching entertaining content, users can download content without any limitations. If you are looking for a PikaShow alternative, then Playbox HD can be a good fit.

7. JioCinema


JioCinema is one of the most trusted and legal applications in the world of streaming apps. It is a very popular app in India, as it serves a wide range of movies and series for free. But it does not stop there, as you can watch live sports here for free as well. Only a part of the content, like HBO content, is not free but that will not bother a user at all because of the quality of free services it provides.

The free version is not restricted to only Jio users; it is free for other users as well. All you need is an internet connection, and you are good to go. Users can search for various movies or shows from many genres with high-quality video and sound. The user-friendly interface allows you to browse through the site and entertain yourself peacefully.

8. Filmzie

Filmzie alternative

If you are looking for a rising streaming network to replace PikaShow, then Filmzie is the one to look for. The evolving collection of movies, TV series, documentaries, and sports will entertain users for sure. The simple search option will make it easier to find a suitable show, and the contents are subscription-free. The app is compatible not only with Android but also with Android/ smart TV, iPhones, Amazon Fire TV Stick, iOS, etc. The HD-quality content just sweetens the viewing experience.

9. Stremio App

Stremio app best alternative to pikashow

Stremio is another unavoidable application that can take charges from PikaShow as an alternative. It is free for all users and has a huge library of content consisting of movies and TV series. The user-friendly interface allows you to browse and find your preferred content with ease. Downloading the content from this platform is just a click away, and you can optimize your video for desirable performance. The features and viewing experience are better, and you can enjoy your movies or series as you want to.

10. HD Streamz App

HD Streamz App

HD Streamz is another Android app that deserves to be on the list of alternatives to PikaShow. Installation and usage are free for the users. You will have access to so many live TV channels and radio stations from many countries. The contents are the latest in this app, and sports like IPL, World Cup, etc are available, which is making this platform famous among the users. The HD quality of movies and live TV series can make you fall in love with the site more and more. The user-friendly nature and up-to-date content are creating a difference among its competitors.


Third-party apps like PikaShow are not totally safe to download and use, to be honest. So, if you have the option to go for a trusted and legal platform, then you must opt for it. In case you want to use any app like PikaShow, then use it carefully and research it well to know that app precisely.