Top 10 ways technology can change the education system for good

The internet has hardly left any part of our lives untouched. With the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things or IoT and Machine Learning, even the devices we use regularly are also connected to the internet and talk to each other to present us something outstanding. The potential of the internet is really far touching and one of the fields, which the internet has rejuvenated, is education. There isn’t any doubt, students should go to schools and colleges or other educational institutes, online education holds its own position. Online education is one of the best ways to clear the concept of the students, and the internet being a library of knowledge, the users can easily push their limits to learn more and more every day.

Most apps are available nowadays, which handicraft the knowledge available on the internet, in an organized way, which makes it easy and comprehensible to the students. But today, I will not talk about any of those apps, which are making the students fall in love with education. Today I will discuss the ways, education can be positively influenced or is getting influenced by the internet and the other advancements in technology like the IoT and machine learning. The ideal online education platforms are still just a dream, but the proper utilization of the technology will surely take online education close to the level of perfection.

So let’s get started with the top 10 ways, how the internet helps students in education

Video tutorials and simulations

Video tutorials and simulations

Our eye interprets things in a better way than our ears do. It will be easier to understand the laws of reflection if an arrangement is shown where the light falls on a mirror and it gets reflected from it, instead of reading the same from a textbook. That was just a mere example. When something is shown with proper diagrams and simulations, chances are very less, they will forget that ever in their life, even if their point of interest is in somewhere else. When making physical arrangements can be really costly for most institutions, doing the same through some video simulation is pretty easy, and it is one of the ways video tutorials and simulation can help in clearing the concept, and hence influencing education in a positive way.

Better communication with teachers

Better communication with teachers
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While studying, we all came across things that were not clear to us, and we had to wait till the next day to go to the school and get the doubts cleared, or get it sorted from our tuition teachers. But the internet has changed this complete scenario. It is pretty easy to get in touch with the teachers, either through social networks, cross platforms messaging platforms or dedicated platforms provided by the educational institutions for seamless communication. Not only that, it is pretty easy nowadays to get in touch with the teachers and mentors abroad and get the doubts cleared in less than a minute or so. An improved and better channel of communication between the educator and the learner is eventually fruitful for the students in the long run. Just in case the teachers are not available, searching for the doubts on the internet will unlock a lot of contents to solve the doubt.

The boon of e-books

boon of Ebook

We all know about e-books in 2018 and the way it differs from conventional books we read regularly. To some, normal textbooks are better than e-books, but it is more convenient at least for me and most other students to read e-books. E-books being digital, can be read anywhere, without the need of carrying it physically, which itself is not feasible every time. Apart from that, the students can read ebook anytime they want, even at the time of traveling or at some other time, when they have access to a smartphone, tablet or any other electronic gadget capable of opening ebooks. Ebooks are also available at affordable prices, and there are also a number of renowned authors who make their books available for free on numerous platforms to spread the knowledge among those users unable to afford a printed version of the books.

Easy to take and share notes

share notes

In the conventional education system followed in India, a lot of time is wasted in making and giving the notes of numerous subjects to the students. But if the internet is used, a lot of time can be saved as the notes can be easily shared with the students through an online platform. No more copying them down in the notebook or some other place to keep them safe. As long as the syllabus is same, the same note can be shared every year, which can eventually help the students to learn more in the small time or learn something more than the limited boundary of the syllabus. Moreover, there are a number of easy note taking applications available for smartphones and desktop computers to make the process even simpler.

Learn at will

Learn at will
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Long gone are the days of late night studies, and mugging up everything, a day before the examination. There are a plethora of learning apps, which offer a virtual classroom experience, and the students can visit those classes from a smartphone or a computer, whenever they want. The videos are pre-recorded and most of them come with the option to book slots with teachers after every lesson to clear the doubts if any. Allowing the students to learn at their own convenience can eventually help them increase their productivity, and they can learn a lot within a short time, as that is the only time when they actually want to study, and learn something new. Learning at will is thus one of the biggest reasons why education apps are changing the conventional way of studying.

Easy revision of the topics

Easy revision of the topics
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Most education based apps are based on pre-recorded videos, and the students can watch the same whenever they want. This eventually opens an avenue to revise the topics once the students start forgetting the same. The same is pretty difficult and time-consuming without the internet as the school teacher or the tuition teacher will have to find out time and explain the same to the students. The students will not have to bother the teacher every time they want to revise the things through if the lessons are learnt through pre-recorded videos. Thus, with online education, the students can not only learn new things at will, but they can also revise the old topics seamlessly to keep them fresh in the minds. This can be helpful before the examinations or semesters when the students need to revise the old lessons, and the teachers or the mentors might not be available at that time for doubt clearing sessions.

Periodic mock tests to assess the students

Periodic mock tests to assess the students

Taking frequent tests and examinations is a great tool to assess how students are doing in their studies. But organizing a test in a classroom and getting adequate attendance can be a challenge. With the aid of the internet, the students can appear in mock tests more frequently and compare their real-time performance with other students. This can also increase the willingness of the students to do better as there will be a competition like an ambiance. Holding examinations online will reduce the costs of printing, and the students can give their best in the examinations, as they can appear in it whenever they feel like doing so. Easy organization of periodic exams and mock tests is yet another great advantage of online education.

The potential to educate everybody

potential to educate everybody
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The internet is available to almost everybody nowadays. If the internet is used as a carrier for education, it can easily reach a lot of people, and even in those rural areas of India, where education is still a dream. With the aid of the internet, the students from every part of the country can participate in digital classrooms and can avail all the single features, which are mentioned above. This can actually change the way people get educated. The internet has the potential to provide quality education, and once it reach the overlooked parts of India, India will surely become a brighter place in the world.

Learn beyond the syllabus

Learn beyond the syllabus

Learning about what’s inside the syllabus is no doubt the key to get good marks, or even become first, second or third. But the rank batch besides the name is not going to fulfill the hunger to learn more, for a handful of students. The internet thus is not limited to only the syllabus. If you want to explore more topics relevant to your syllabus, you can do that at ease without limiting yourself only to the school syllabus that only ensures good marks. Learning more and the topics beyond the syllabus will not only fulfill the desire to learn more but will also help an enthusiastic student to clear all your concepts as the student is learning the same from his own desires, which eventually defines an organic willingness to learn.

Develop additional skills

Develop additional skills
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The more skills you learn, the easier it will be to get a job or start something new, whichever is fancy for you. Without the internet, it is hardly possible to learn something new if there isn’t a good mentor. But today, with the aid of the internet, you can learn or develop new skills whenever you want. There are a lot of free and paid online resources available and each of them can be helpful to develop the skills in a proper and organized way, the same way a mentor can help a learner acquire those skills. The reason why the internet has positively influenced the development of additional skills is that they don’t have to depend on another person or an institution for the same. This eventually opens additional scopes for a student to learn or develop new skills pretty fast.

Well, those were some ways, the new technology can help the students in getting educated in a better way. The internet and the modern technologies are no doubt powerful tools to educate students in the smartest possible way. Online education is solely based on clearing the concepts of the students, help the students learn new things and subjects outside the syllabus, and develop new skills with minimum or no dependency. With time, machine learning and AI will surely be helpful in imparting quality education and emphasize on making those things easier, which most students find difficulty in understanding.

Hope the topic on top 10 ways how technology helps in education was interesting and was informative for you. Did I miss out on any important points or do you have some suggestions? Feel free to comment it down below.

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