15 Best Useful Android & iOS apps for college students

All of us these days including students roam around with smartphones. In fact, smartphones can be quite addicting, and a person can end up wasting hours on it. However, they aren’t harmful to studies altogether either. Both Apple and Android have offered myriad options to students in the form of applications developed by the top rated developers to boost the efficiency of their studies. In fact, as a student, you should lay your hands on these apps as soon as possible if you want to keep up with the changing times. Almost every student already has a bunch of applications that he relies upon to keep track of his entire day. However, this article can further help you in expanding your personalized list. Here is the list of best apps for college students to ease their lives on Android and iPhone (iOS).


Any.do best apps for student

Any.do is used by millions of people all over the globe to keep a tab on their day-to-day engagements. This app is perfect for you if you want to create a simple to-do list. One of its best features that it enables syncing with various devices so that you never lost track of where you are spending your time and can access your essential to-do list from anywhere. You can also add new entries to the list whenever you find the need to do so. You can do so even through voice instructions.

Prioritizing your tasks is the most critical task whenever you set out to complete your goals. Through this basic app, you can change the order of priority of your registered entries as well as mark a task as completed and thus feel better about being one step closer to your daily target. If you want to do away with the current to-do list altogether, you need to shake your device, and you are good to go.  You can also add the widget to your home screen and access it as quickly as a lightning bolt.



If you are a college student, you are probably aware of this app already. It is the panacea for never losing your notes again. DropBox enables you to upload your documents, photos, videos etc. on the cloud and access them whenever you are in need. This way not only will you always have access to a spare copy in case you lose access to your notes in unfortunate circumstances but will be able to access them from wherever you want to even if you don’t have your phone with you. You need to connect to an internet connection, and all your notes will be at your fingertips in no time. You can also share your notes with your friends without being afraid of either losing your data or having to stay without the physical copy of the notes for some time.



Scribd best apps for studend college

Scribd grants you access to the world’s biggest online library. There are millions of books that you want to read. Many articles are essential for preparing that one assignment. It is not always possible to secure hard copies of all of them. In this situation, the vast resources of Scribd become your saviour. Not only will it provide you access to millions of books and articles that are important for your study but also well-prepared answers to some of the most challenging questions in your course. Experts all over the data pour their knowledge on this website. You can take advantage of this large basket and even curate and organize the data to serve your needs more efficiently.

In this manner, you can create your very own library online that will have all the books and articles that you need. You can share the same information with your friends and thus ace your exams together.



Mathematics is one of the most dreaded subjects by the students. Numbers haunt them even in their nightmares. Math homework and tests can be very challenging. Sometimes it requires hair-pulling effort to arrive at one correct answer. Mathway can be a blessing for students. It provides a step-by-step guide to the questions on various topics of Mathematics. You need to enter your task into the application and double check if it matches your query. Sounds pretty simple, right? This app is wholly credible as amazing reviews back it by its users on the Play Store.


Studious best apps for college studend

Student life is one of the most exciting yet difficult phases of anyone’s life. You feel like you are constantly jumping from one deadline to another and trying to juggle several balls simultaneously like a pro. Your schedule seems to be a stack of dominos where if you miss one single block, you lose control of the entire stack. If you tend to forget about your deadlines amidst your busy schedule, you must have Studious installed on your smartphone.

Studious will always make you feel that you have a hold of the situation an know the next subject, the next topic for the tests and the deadline for that assignment which is looming around the corner. You can enter all your information regarding the classes, timings, professors etc. on this app and you wouldn’t need to be anxious about remembering one detail. This cool app is efficiently designed to remind you about your engagements just in time.

Price: Free
Platform: Android 



As a student, you read several books on a number of topics on an everyday basis. There are a dozen new words that you come across. You cannot be carrying a bulky physical dictionary with you wherever you go. Thus, you must have a good dictionary app downloaded on your smartphone. Dictionary.com makes it a piece of cake for you to find the meaning of every word that you come across while reading a book or even while chatting with your friends or listening to the news. This app even allows you to see what is being searched by the people in your vicinity. Thus, you can even fill up your reserve from these searches and thus match up with the day to day conversations with the geeks and the grammar nazis.


Stay Focused- An app for college students

Stay Focused – App Block

The seven student apps that have been listed before this one have talked a lot about how you can fill up your knowledge bank and get ahead of everyone else in your classroom. We even talked about keeping a tab on and brilliantly arranging your daily schedule. However, thanks to the raging hormones and the wandering minds of students it is to achieve these targets in real life situations. Often, you might find yourself losing track of the task at hand and thus spending hours and hours altogether. These apps are all on your smartphone. A smartphone can play the devil in your life by distracting you from the most crucial tasks.

One ping and you get chatting with your friends. One notification and you have to check the latest photo uploaded on Facebook. The scrolls on Instagram are incessant, and a 15-minute break often becomes an hour-long one. Stay Focused app has been created to sail the students through such day-to-day distractions. For a specific duration of time when you are studying, you can block some websites. This will steer you clear from the distractions. This method of staying focused also does not require you to switch off or smartphone and thus lose out on the other vital functions that can be performed through other apps on your phone. As soon as you finish a lecture, you can get back to social media again.


TED Talks

TED talks best app for collage students

Are you lately feeling down? Are you not confident about your abilities? Do you have personal life problems that are distracting you from your goals? Do you need that little push of motivation to go and chase down your targets? Then, you must have TED on your phone as it will provide you access to the most influential and successful people all over the world. By listening to the stories of these people, you will feel a surge of energy rush through your veins. You can channelize the same energy towards your goals and achieve unbelievable success.

Price: Free
Platform: Android and iPhone(iOS)



Mint Budget, Bills, Finance apps for college students

Beyond the woes that are solely restricted to the academic sphere, college students always have to hassle with their monthly budgets. If you are a college student and looking for apps to manage expenses then this is one of them. It is a tough task to keep a track on where all your money is going and efficiently implement planned expenditure. Mint.com will help you not to be broke at the end of every month.

Price: Free
Platform: Android and iPhone (iOS)


Snap2PDF – Document Management

Snap2PDF – Document Management

Out of other apps for college students, this is what you need on a daily basis becuase being a student he/she has to deal with PDF files as study materials. You might also need to convert simple documents into PDF files to facilitate cross-platform usage. This platform helps you in doing just that in a matter of seconds. With just a click and snap of fingers, your needed text can be a part of a PDF file.



Globalization has made this world a global village. No country is too far or nor place too remote. The worldwide web has successfully transcended all geographical boundaries. In search of a scenario, the number of students who are now learning foreign languages is also expanding exponentially. Learning a foreign language not only boosts your communication skills but also expands your knowledge and enriches your cultural repository incredibly.

If you are a teacher and looking for apps for college students to study foreign languages, Dualingo can be a handy app for you. Dualingo will not help you have new words of the desired languages on your fingertips but also prepare you for the tests and exams of your foreign language paper and help you in scoring an A on all of them. If you don’t believe me, you can install the app and see the magic of it for yourself. This app is free and is available on iOS as well as Android.


Viber Messenger

Thousands of students move out of their hometowns every year to realize their dreams. In the quest for their goals, they have to let go of the attachment with their family members and friends back in their hometown. Homesickness can be a significant distracting factor for your study. Believe it or not, many students even drop out of amazing colleges to pursue courses back in their hometown just because they cannot adjust well to the city and miss their friends and family back in the home.

Although WhatsApp like apps for college students are here, if you feel homesick, however, if you want to feel something new, you can also download Viber and connect with your friends and family. You won’t have to spend money on roaming calls as the calls through this app are entirely free of charge. Through this platform, you can share the news and videos of all that happened to you throughout the day. Viber will not let you realise the absence of your family members from your lie even for a split second.


Chegg Books

If you are tight on budget, you can get easy access to rental textbooks through Chegg. You can use all the books that you need at unbelievably low prices and even rent them again and thus earn some extra pocket money. It is a handy app which is indeed worth a try.

Price: Free
Platform: Android and iPhone


LinkedIn SlideShare

LinkedIn SlideShare

If you need help on a topic that you are stuck with, you can save videos from this LinkedIn acquired platform and watch the videos whenever you are free and effortlessly clarify your doubts.

Price: Free
Platform: Android and iPhone

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  1. Studious is my essential tool. I know that I can schedule classes even in a “calendar” app. But using Studious is much more convenient. I also have TEDtalcks and Duolingo from that list. I will definitely check out the other apps, I have no doubt they are useful as well.


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