Top 8 technology buzzwords that you should know in 2023

Technology is evolving extremely fast, and while it is making our lives easier, new technology terms are popping up like blooming flowers in the morning. It is not possible and is not important, to be frank, to know about every technology term, but you should have an idea of some that could drive the future or you can encounter them in person. 

Knowing those buzzwords will not just sharpen your general knowledge, but can also help you be safe in the digital era, and when you will come across relevant topics, there will be less friction for you to make out the subject if you are into some research or there’s some assignment. That said, today I will talk about a few of the most common technological buzzwords, which you should definitely have some idea about, in 2023.

Let’s get started with the top technological buzzwords of 2023 that you should know.

Top 8 technology buzzwords that you should know in 2023

1. Blockchain

Most people associate Blockchain with Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies, which is OK, but the power isn’t that limited. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use Blockchain technology, but Blockchain itself is a distributed ledger technology, which means records are stored in blocks interconnected through chains and in servers across different geographical locations instead of just in one location. 

Adding a new record involves complex calculations that are carried out using powerful computers. This ensures records can’t be tampered through unlawful ways. Blockchain technology is already used in several sectors across the world, and here’s a detailed overview of where Blockchain technology can be deployed to streamline the workflow in businesses and administration across the globe.

2. Edge computing

Several gadgets these days use Edge computing where devices that generate data can process the data internally without sending it to a centralized location, or if it is sent, the processing center should be located close to the user to ensure faster and theoretically latency-free processing. 

This fast processing results in quick decision-making and processing of data in volumes that can lead to faster outcomes for businesses and other sectors that use this technology. Edge computing is used in autonomous vehicles and other industries to help machines make decisions quickly, where every second matters. See: Top 8 ways, how edge computing is impacting modern technology

3. Metaverse

Just like the parallel universe, Metaverse is a parallel universe only in the digital realm. Using Metaverse you can not just communicate with other individuals digitally, but special wearables like VR glasses, gloves, full body suites, etc. take communications one step ahead, where it is possible to feel the presence, just like when two persons meet in the real world. Check out – Applications utilizing the idea of the Metaverse.

Apart from social interactions, which I just discussed, economic activities can be carried out on the platform by purchasing goods and services that will be applicable only in the Metaverse. 

You can do almost everything that’s on your mind, in the Metaverse, like play games, travel to places, and hang out, except eating and sleeping, which are primary for human existence in the universe. While Metaverse still has a long way to go, this is undoubtedly a buzzword you should know about in 2023.

4. Quantum computing

A technology that is still under research, Quantum computing can take computing to the next level due to the core differences it has, compared to that of regular computing. Unlike regular computers which can store, or represent data in binary or in just two forms, i.e. 0 and 1, Quantum computers use qubits, which are not just limited to these two states. 

This adds flexibility to the system and opens the door for parallel, more and more efficient computing. As this technology is still in the research stage, it will take some time before Quantum computing takes off, and see a handful of Quantum computers meet the computing needs of one whole nation.

5. Natural Language Processing

If you read news on the internet or use tools like ChatGPT, Natural Language Processing is a term, which is highly unlikely you haven’t heard about. Natural Language Processing, as the term suggests, is the branch of AI that powers computers to understand human language fed into it either through text or voice. Glimpse: 10 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions to Add an AI in Browser

Natural Language Processing involves human linguistics with statistics, machine learning, and often deep learning to understand the meaning of the words, along with the sentiment involved with it. This is hence used to deliver the most correct answers from the information that is already fed into the system, based on what questions are asked, or the context.

6. Distributed cloud

Cloud computing is something most of us already know by 2023, where data is stored in a central location or different other services are provided to the clients to meet their business requirements for improved scalability. Distributed cloud takes this one step further, by introducing cloud infrastructure worldwide, or in geographical locations which are close to where it is necessary for the client. 

This offers improved performance through reduced latency and server overhead which makes it a breeze for Edge computing and computers that require seamless communication. It will no longer matter for companies to communicate with the cloud servers, no matter where their location is as distributed cloud will enable the business branch offices to communicate with the nearest server and let the cloud provider do the rest. 6 Best Open Source Personal Cloud Software to Setup Cloud Storage

7. Sustainable Technology

Advancements in technology and other aspects wreak havoc on our environment, and we often come across terms like global warming, which is something we should worry about. Sustainable technology is the answer to environmental depletion caused due to technological activities. Sustainable technology refers to models that believe in an environment-first approach, where activities are carried out in a way that ensures no harsh impact on the environment. 

Companies that adopt this model ensure that the outcomes are environmentally sustainable not just for the companies themselves, but also the clients and the customers. Sustainable technology, to be stated in better words, is a set of rules or a combination of models that are environmentally sustainable in the roles they perform for an overall sustainable outcome for the environment.

8. Machine Learning

Just like AI, Machine learning is a buzzword, which is a branch of artificial intelligence but is involved in making a machine understand patterns from existing data sets so that the same can be implemented into other data sets later fed into the system. By learning patterns from some existing data sets, systems that implement machine learning can not just find similar patterns, but also predict outcomes from other data sets by identifying the patterns and understanding the past results. Related to this you can also check out –Top Artificial Intelligence Websites and Tools that you should use

The goal of machine learning is to improve a machine over time with new sets of data so that the patterns can be better identified, and hence decisions and predictions can be made. For example, if you show different pictures of a cat to a machine, it can later identify a cat from a photo having several other animals. The machine achieves this ability through machine learning. Find out: What is the difference between Normalization and Standard Scaling in Machine Learning?

So, those were some technological buzzwords that you should definitely know, no matter whether you are interested in technology or not. You will definitely come across these terms, and now that you are well aware of what they mean, you can save time by understanding the subject better, and save a Google search.

Do you have any further questions regarding the top technological buzzwords of 2023 that I just discussed here? Feel free to comment on the same below.