Gboard soon will have a Generative AI feature, what is that?

The world is full of introverts and extroverts, some of which are great texters while others struggle to even write a simple introductory text. Well, to help people start relevant conversations, Google is bringing a new feature in its very own Gboard app! Yes! Soon, Google’s Gboard will be able to help you out in writing down a starting text using the “Conversation Starters” feature if you struggle to initiate small talk with someone.

Gboard is the most popular keyboard app that people use on their Android mobile devices and Google is leaving no stone unturned to also make it the most useful keyboard app out there! During the Google I/O 2023, the company announced an array of features it will be launching for users across its devices and platforms based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. The company has already leveraged Generative AI technology in most of its products and services including Google Cloud, Google Bard, and Google Workspace.

And now, the Generative AI is coming to Gboard as well, super soon! As caught by a telegram channel AssembleDebug in the GappsMod Flags channel, Google is coming up with a handful of AI features for Gboard. The Proofread feature by Google had already surfaced last week which can be used to correct the written sentence using the Proofread option within the Gboard app.

The most special feature that is making the rounds is the anticipated “Conversation Starters” feature in the Gboard. The feature which is presently being worked on is to help people start an interesting and appropriate conversation with others by providing them with topics to choose from and sentence suggestions based on the selected topic.

Where to Find and Use the Conversation Starters Feature in Gboard?

The feature is currently hidden behind the numerous flags for Gboard and thus is not accessible for testing as such right now unless you know how to activate those flags! However, a user posted a screenshot describing where he found the feature.

All you have to do is go to the empty text field and click on the “Proofread” option. There you’ll find a horizontal list of topics under the Conversation Starters banner. These topics are mostly generic and casual like travel, music, news, sports, movies, food, coffee, politics, education, handcraft, sci-fi, books, novels, environment, weather, language, culture, history, and a lot more (almost 30+). You may also get custom topic suggestions based on your regional locations.

Gboard soon will have Generative AI feature

You can scroll through these topics and choose the one you would like to talk about! Gboard may further come up with interesting sentences based on your selected topic. For example, if you select the topic “Books”, it may suggest you a starting sentence like “Do you read books?” or “What’s your favorite book?”.

The feature is going to be a savior, mostly for the people who hesitate to initiate conversations with others or find it hard to think of an interesting topic to talk about. The highly awaited feature can significantly help people write generic, non-offensive, non-personal, and engaging text when they converse with others over text messaging!

When the feature will be rolling out is still a mystery but we can’t wait to try out this unique feature and explore what it has in store for us!