Google Chrome’s Web Browser Gets Several Security Enhancements

Google Chrome’s 117 Web Browser Gets Several Security Enhancements

A forthcoming update to Google Chrome, known as version 117, is anticipated to address a crucial requirement by providing users with more transparency regarding the removal of extensions from the Chrome Web Store. The company’s official blog post highlights that this update will enhance user control, contributing to a notably safer browsing experience on Google Chrome.

The new update also provides users with the capability to assess extensions that have been removed from the Chrome Web Store. This is particularly valuable for extensions that were flagged as potentially harmful or in violation of store policies. Users will find this feature in the settings menu, conveniently located within the “Privacy and Security” tab.

Within the same menu, users have the option to either uninstall the extension or opt to retain it by dismissing the warning. This empowers users to utilize extensions that may have been flagged as potentially harmful, a functionality that was not available in previous iterations of Google Chrome.

Presently in its beta stage, Google Chrome version 117 is poised for release in the coming days as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to improving the user experience.

In a separate blog post, Google revealed its intention to enhance user privacy by automatically transitioning all URLs from “http” to “https,” implementing automatic encryption. Moreover, the company will take a proactive stance by cautioning users about attempting to download “high-risk” files from unsecured websites.

At present, Google Chrome commands a substantial market share of over 62% within the realm of web browsers. The company is actively engaged in proactive efforts to advance and refine the web browser, with a particular focus on bolstering security measures and user-friendly experiences.