Vmware NSX and State of Louisiana Builds Technology called ‘System of Tomorrow’

The virtualization and cloud infrastructure provider VMware announced that with help of VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture and VMware NSX, the state of Lousiana technology services transforming security and modernize the data center operations.  State of Louisiana Office of Technology Services (OTS) empowered by the VMware with a common model that spans both private and public cloud to manage more securely.

“According to OTS, to date, NSX has saved OTS upwards of $1 million in capital expenditures and even more in operational expenses by better equipping IT teams with the tools they need to scale systems with better outcomes and at lower costs.”


The IT operations of 16 state-wide agencies, including healthcare, education, and public safety, into a single entity by the State of Louisiana OTS which significantly transformed the IT structure.

They have implemented a software-defined data center with VMware NSX to deliver a service-first approach that prioritizes end-user security and ease-of-use while enabling easy scalability to various aspects of its government. OTS first deployed VMware NSX as part of their SDDC solution to support two of Louisiana’s largest healthcare services, the Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment System and the Medicaid Management Information System. By implementing VMware NSX network virtualization, OTS said it can better serve the 1.4 million and growing constituents who use these programs by guaranteeing high availability, application continuity and streamlined IT workloads.


With VMware NSX, OTS said it is able to extend a software-defined data center across a metro available cluster, providing OTS with Four-9’s availability with an active-active topology and near zero RTOs and RPOs for application continuity. OTS can fail over some traditional clusters between different data centers, and use NSX to do micro-segmentation. NSX enables OTS to automate application deployment, security, creating a more secure infrastructure across the entire environment. With NSX, OTS said its systems can also scale on demand to handle peaks in traffic when volumes can increase by as much as 20X, as was the case with the availability of a new Medicaid service. With the built-in load balancing capabilities, OTS is able to move many of those capabilities into software, further reducing the requirements on hardware-defined approaches.


OTS is responsible for often 20- to 30-year-old legacy systems and thousands of applications spanning public safety, education, healthcare tax and many other government services.  Using VMware NSX and a software-defined, cloud-centric approach, OTS is building modernized “systems of tomorrow” today that are stable, scalable and can help the organization address not only technology and service requirements but also procurement cycles that can put IT behind the technology curve.

Source: Vmware