What is Blue eyes technology and things used in it?

Just as we all know that technology has brought a very drastic change in our lives and all of us have been benefiting from it in one way or another, so we must always remain grateful to it and keep appreciating it. So, today I am going to discuss everything related to Blue eyes technology. This term might sound alien or new to many of you, as most of you might have not even heard about it. But, yes this word and this technology do exist and is one of the millions of blessings of technology. So, without any further delay, let us understand it.

Blue eyes technology and its Artificial intelligence

What is Blue eyes technology

In simple words, this Blue eyes technology enables computers to know and feel human senses and behaviour and also allows computers to react in a respective manner. The main aim of this beautiful concept is to fill computers with human-like power and abilities so that our computers can interact with us in the very same manner in which we interact with each other. And yes, probably all of you will agree with me on the fact that every human has the inbuilt ability to feel and understand the emotions and feelings of every other human being to a very deep extent, in the very similar manner, this technology gives the same power to computers, yes you heard me right, the computers will now be able to understand your feelings and emotions by analysing your facial expressions, and then also react accordingly.

Just try to imagine the unparalleled power of technology for a while, you are in a beautiful and magical world where your computers can speak, hear, and even scream, just like any other human being. Your computer will interact with you according to the information it gathers by analysing your mood, not only this, with a simple touch on the mouse of your computer, it will understand your emotional levels, and then interact with you like any other caring partner of yours who will never cheat with you.

Your machine will automatically feel your presence in the room, and then identify that it is you, and after all these, it then starts interacting with you in the best possible way. And yes, if it feels that you are in some trouble or there is an emergency situation, then it will automatically make calls to your family, relatives, or friends. Isn’t all this seems magical?  

Now, as all of us have clearly understood the meaning of this cool technology, let us now dive deep into this wonderful sea. It is a combination of hardware and software systems. The hardware is made up of CSU (central system unit) and DAU (data acquisition unit). The heart and brain of DAU are ATMEL 89C52. These two units are provided with Bluetooth technology for their proper and balanced coordination and communication. So, this majestic technology is backed by these powerful combinations of hardware and software. 

This technology can be employed in all working places, especially the places where the attention of the operator is continuously available. It can also inspect and record the physiological conditions of users with the help of a simple technical approach. So, in simple words, this will create a very fantastic world where all humans and computers can exist and work together in a very blissful manner. And yes, it will also boost the work output of many sectors exponentially.

As we are getting somewhat a very clear idea about this concept, now let us fill the boxes of treasures of our brain with more precious gems. Let us study about the hardware and software parts of this technology in details:


It is basically the mobile component of the system. The primary objective of this part is to accumulate the physiological data and information from the sensors and then forward it to the CSU for the purpose of verification and processing. The wireless interface between the CSU and the user having sensors is provided by the Bluetooth module, which is integrated with DAU. And yes, for the authentication process, ID cards and PIN codes are assigned to all the operators. It is packed with 5 key keyboards, LCD display, and beeper for the interaction process. With the help of a headset, the voice information is passed from the users, and the very headset is connected with DAU with the aid of a mini-jack plug. This DAU is backed by various modules of strong hardware like- system core Bluetooth section, EEPROM, LED indicator, LCD display, level monitors, 6 AA batteries, ATMEL 89C52 microcontroller.


It consists of a wireless Bluetooth module and CODEC. This part is combined and added with the computer using a USB cable. Audio data accessing is one of the main objectives of the mini-jack socket used in it. The operator’s personal ID is contained in a program and this program is merged to the computer with the power and serial ports. The handling and management of 12C EEPROM programming and the UART transmission is done with the help of ATMEL 89C2051 present inside the unit. 

Now, as we have learnt a lot about the hardware components of this beautiful technology, it is time for us to explore the software world of this beauty. This part performs real magic. It continuously monitors and supervises the mental and emotional conditions of the user. It will react in the very accurate and best possible manner according to the emotions analysed by it. The data or information is transferred from managers to data analyzers with its aid, then after that, the processed data is passed from the data analyzers unit to the GUI controls and data analyzers. Finally, the module of data visualisation that supports a user supervisor interface section continuously gathers data from database and also analyses and records audio, video, and emotional parameters. Therefore, the software of Blue eyes allows the supervisor to understand the mental and emotional state of the user.

Thus, this is Blue eyes technology and I hope after reading this article you would have understood about it and even imagined it to a very large extent. It will surely make your life more and easier and simplify it. And yes, believe me, the day is very near when this outstanding technology becomes a common household thing fo all of us, and it will only make our lives more peaceful and make us one step closer to a revolutionary world of technology.