What is Blue Ray Technology and how does it work?

There are millions of boons of technology and many of them get updated and modified every day, while many new technologies are emerging frequently, and all these are aimed at making our lives more and more easy and peaceful. So, today, I have come up with this article in which I will discuss the Blu Ray technology.

First of all, let me discuss the meaning of this technology in brief. We all are very aware of the fact that in the beginning it was CD-ROM discs, and then came the DVD discs, which increased the storage capacity of memory storage by a huge margin, but as we all know that technology is never done, it always brings out something new to amaze you. So, now it has come up with Blu Ray discs, that provide a gigantic and mighty capacity of 100 GB, and it is indeed very very crazy. It was first introduced by Sony in late 2000, though it was manufactured keeping in mind the consumer market, it later became common in computer data also. And with time, it became the ruler of the market, all due to the massive demands from the consumer side.

The blue-violet laser is employed to write and read this disc, so it has got the name, Blu-ray discs. One of the reasons which make this beauty store such huge data is the fact that it is of shorter wavelength (405 nm), so it is capable of storing way more data as compared to the likes of DVD discs, which are backed by a red laser of the wavelength of (605 nm). When they were developed back in 2000, they had the capacity of 25 GB but now it has been increased to iconic 100 GB.

A normal DVD disc can contain in it approximately a movie of two hours duration coupled with a few more things, but if you wish to enjoy a movie at its best, then perhaps your DVD disc must have a storage size equal to five times the size of your disc. So, as of now, you must have understood the basic meaning as well as the importance of this amazing technology.

What is Blue Ray Technology and its Applications
Blue Ray Disc

Let me again shock you with the fact that a blu ray disc not only has gigantic size as compared to a normal DVD disc, but it also offers a wide new level of interactivity, like, with the aid of this awesome technology equipped discs, you can connect to the internet and in no time download many interactive features of your movies like subtitles, etc. And not only this, furthermore, you can also do these things with it:

  • You can record and save HDTV (High definition television) and that too at its best possible quality.
  • You can skip to any preferred spot of your in the disc with a single click.
  • You can easily create your own playlists.
  • You can also watch one programme and record another programme at the same time on this disc.
  • You can also modify or edit any of the recorded programmes on this disc as per your choice.
  • You have the authority to access the web for downloading features like subtitles and much more.
  • You can search for empty spaces in your disc and then arrange it accordingly.

Now, let us try to understand the fact that how our blu discs are able to store such huge data as compared to normal DVD discs. A blu laser has a shorter wavelength as compared to red laser, as we have discussed earlier. The fact is that a smaller laser puts more precise focus, and it enables it to read very small bits of information which is almost impossible for normal DVD discs. And this very thing also enables it to store too much information and this is why the size of this disc is so big.

The blu ray discs are designed in such a way that it saves a lot in manufacturing costs. The normal DVD discs are made by sandwiching the recording layer between the two discs of 0.6 mm size. But when it comes to this blu ray disc, they are made by the following methods:

  1. First of all, the two discs are moulded.
  2. Now, the recording layer is attached to one of the discs.
  3. Finally, the two discs are glued to one another and your high capacity blu ray disc is ready to perform.

As there have been a bunch of surprises and shocks, so let me add one more to the kitty. The blu ray disc do the process of injection moulding on a single disc 1.1 mm disc, so it reduces cost, and this reduction in price balances the high expenses of attaching the protective layer. Moreover, in the end, the price of this majestic disc is quite similar to a normal DVD disc, isn’t that crazy? Well, surely it is. And another big thumbs up is the fact that it also boasts of a very high rate of data transfer (48 Mbps), and a normal DVD disc does that transfer at a much slower speed (10 Mbps). This means that with a blu ray disc, you can transfer 25 GB of data in just one and a half hours. 

Now, last but not least, let us know about the formats supported in it. 

  • BD-RE (rewritable) – for HDTV recording.
  • BD-R (recordable) – for PC data storage
  • BD-ROM (read-only) – for pre-recorded content.
  • BD-RE (rewritable) – for HDTV recording.

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