26 Cool Websites with Interesting content to Visit and Pass Time in 2021

Most of us have been through a phase of not wanting to step out of the house, not willing to hit the ground for outdoor play. At this point in life, all you need is something exciting and happening to gear up. Would it not be just fantastic to learn and be creative at the same time when boredom hits you hard? Surf through these Cool Websites for when you are bored.

If you need some enthusiasm and want to explore the internet, then a quick fix is these  25 Cool And Interesting Websites to Pass Time on Google, for Kids, youngster and others who want use internet when they get bored. A cure to daily pressures of life, if you need a break from daily routine or running out of fun and cool stuff to do, the internet provides you with tons of activity to do which are just a few clicks away.


Top Cool Websites to visit in 2021

Suppose you waste time on popular websites and still find yourself clenched into a boring zone. Then there are few other Cool websites to waste your time on! Sounds interesting to have something apart from the same old social media platforms to kill time? So here is a list of cool websites you may find yourself getting addicted to the next time you find yourself bored.

Note: Websites are not in some popularity order, instead we listed these cool websites in random order…

1. BoredPanda

BoredPanda is a website that mainly focuses on funny content. Today’s young generation is fond of humorous content, and they enjoy reading memes and stuff that tickle the funny bone. You can find content under Comic, four-legged pals that are animal stuff content, and photography.

Website link- https://www.boredpanda.com/



2. Instructables

Coolest website making it easy to learn how to make anything, one step at a time. If you are into do-it-yourself projects, definitely give it a try to build some play-cool projects. Each category has step-by-step instructions on how to do the task. Over the years, the site has grown with amazing content to create for yourself.

Website linkhttps://www.instructables.com/

Instructables cools site for kids


3. Internet Arcade

You will find more than 17,00 video games from the 1970s to the 1990s that you can play legally on this free site. The website is pretty easy to understand.

Clicking to the game you desire to play, you will find a short description of what the game is about and how to play with instructions of controls and keys. Isn’t it just amazing to have a site with old games? The Internet drives you through lanes of eras.

Website linkhttps://archive.org/details/internetarcade 

Internet Arcade


4. Oddee- Wired internet stuff

If weird and odd stuff fascinates you more, Oddee has got you covered. It is a site consisting of three categories: news where you can find the latest articles worldwide.

The second is the odd story, having some bizarre stories to read, and the third is the numbered lists with some weird photos and facts that might fetch you out of boredom and lead you to think about how bizarre the world could get.

Website linkhttps://www.oddee.com/



5. The Wayback machine

Many times we would like to see somethings to know how they were in past for example what was exactly on the website of Fox New in 2013. This can be seen with the help of Archive.org’s “The Wayback Machine” page which given a search box to find out the old interface of your favorite website or choose the popular one from the scrolling thumbnails.

Website linkhttps://archive.org/web/

The Wayback Machine


6. Ancient History Encyclopedia- cools website for kids

If you have an interest in the events that happened in past, thus you definitely want you and your kids to go to this website that offers a good wide range of information on historical facts.

Website linkhttps://www.ancient.eu/

Ancient History Encyclopedia cools website for kids


7. A good movie to watch

What can be more relieving than finding an exciting movie? A good movie to watch is one of the most recommended websites for movie suggestions. Which now also provides you with web series and shows. Cool website to find good movies in one go.

It is a fantastic site to find highly rated hidden gems with options to filter your platforms to watch these movies and shows on.

Website linkhttps://agoodmovietowatch.com/

A Good Movie to Wathc website


8. 16 personalities

Sixteen personalities are a catch when it comes to self-diagnosis. It is great to know yourself and get to hear.16 Personalities takes you through tests and finally lets you know which personality suits you the best.

While taking the test, you go through some serious questions and, likewise, mark the depth of your answers. The final results once you take the test will be displayed with a freakishly accurate personality check. Must try site which is currently available in 37 languages.

Website linkhttps://www.16personalities.com/

16 personalities


9. Attack of the Cute- Funny

We all adore watching the cute little animals. Attack of the cute is a website that manages to awestruck its viewers with posts and pictures of cute small animals. Different variety of animals and their adorable pictures. Visiting this site will make you feel aww with these pictures of pleasing pals.

Website link http://attackofthecute.com/ 

Attack of the cute


10. PostSecret

PostSecret is a website full of secrets to read. This website is fascinating and very cool to surf through. Provide you with postcards to write down your mystery anonymously. You can also ready other postcards for fun.

Website link- https://postsecret.com/



11. Patatap

An exciting website one must visit while in boredom, Patatap, where you find typing is fun when the keys make a relaxing sound. You will find the sounds while typing paragraphs amusing and somehow cool and relaxing too.

Website link- https://patatap.com/



12. Quickdraw

One of the best sites to kill time is Quickdraw. It provides a plane surface to draw the thing mentioned and gain points. The level increases with gaining points. Fun and enjoyable it is. Any age group can try this fun and straightforward website to pass the time with some primary imagination and will to draw.

Website linkhttps://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/

Quickdraw cool website 2021


 13. CoolThings

Want to try some cool stuff? CoolThings website us here to help you out with entertainment or gadgets or inventions all under one website.

Cool people will surely want to visit this website and have a tour with this fun stuff around. CoolThings is a cool website having special categories for men and women suggesting gifts. Isn’t that a relief if you are planning on gifting someone. A unique idea is just a click away.

Website link– https://www.coolthings.com/

chrome uczMxsU7Au min



14. Bigthink

Big Think’s big sight is that it allows you to go crazy over the fabulous stuff of incredible minds all over the world. You can even learn from the mistakes of others and their success stories too. It is an excellent place to get to know people about how they became successful in their life.

It is quite helpful for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur and start their own business or anyone trying to succeed in any field.

Website linkhttps://bigthink.com/

BIgthink cool website with fun facts


15. HowStuffWorks – informative

This website gives information on different subjects to tell the world how they work. From animals, common things we use in our life, entertainment to tech everything is there to not only pass your time on this cool website but at the same time gain a lot of knowledge.

Website link- https://www.howstuffworks.com/



16. Akinator

Okay, so this website is magical or instead feels like one. Here you can think of any character in the entire world, and through several questions, it will give you the correct name of any person or character you were thinking about. How cool is that?

Website linkhttps://en.akinator.com/theme-selection



17. SuperCook

Eating food might help to cheer you up. But what if you have no fantastic good recipe to make your stomach stop crying?

Here it is, SuperCook helping you with recipes you should try for yourself and get rid of the boring zone. Killing time with cooking is far better. You get to eat and spend time while cooking delicious food. It is easy to cook when guided. Simple to hard, Quick to slow processed food, all types of worth trying dishes.

Website linkhttps://www.supercook.com 



18. BuzzFeed- Amazing facts

Laughing cures! Why not just go to BuzzFeed and enjoy. BuzzFeed is popular among today’s young generation providing funny articles and digital gig content. Buzzfeed also has these quizzes to pass the time effectively. It has these easy-to-read numbered listicles, Gifs, funny photoshopped content that will make you laugh hard at any time.

Website linkhttps://www.buzzfeed.com/



19. Geo Guessr

A game beyond cool. Geo Guessr is a game where you find yourself put at a random place in the game, and then you will have to pin the exact location on the map or nearest location to gain points.

You can even customize it according to your known places, e.g., Europe or other regions. But for real fun, you have to play the global version. Good luck on the journey.

Website link- https://www.geoguessr.com/

Geo Guessr


 20. Level Up Life

Leveling up life is what we all are trying to do. Level Up Life is a cool website to gear you up to do the remaining work. People swear on this site an excellent way to complete things in time. Great kickstart, isn’t it? For better life and time management, you can give it a try to maintain good habits.

Website link– https://lvluplife.com/

Level Up Life


21.  WikiHow- for kids and adults

WikiHow has the answers to your every question. From food to sports to history to geography, every question will be answered here. Isn’t it just wow !!! You can find answers to someone else’s questions too. You are learning things from Diy. All you need is WikiHow.

Website linkhttps://www.wikihow.com/Main-Page

WikiHow is one the cool websites for tutorials

22. 29a.ch

This is a very interactive site where you get to choose your choice of color to form your galaxy. It indeed looks like you kind of create universes. Such a play with color is a must want for relaxing your mood. You can clear your work, tweet it, and share your creativity with your friends or social media. It is just so much amusing. Drag the color and paint your galaxy; it is that simple.

Website link– https://29a.ch/

29ach cool website for kids


23. Dive into SPace with 100000 stars

If you are a fan of the sun, moon, stars, and beyond that, this is for you. Out of the other cool websites, your will love this one as it will walk you through the information of various celestial bodies. Maybe, we can call them aliens too! This will be the most beautiful website one has ever visited. The experience is just mesmerizing. You can just drag the bar up and down as per your favorite place to explore in the galaxy.

Website linkhttps://stars.chromeexperiments.com/

Dive into SPace with 100000 stars


24. My Fridge Food

Away from home makes you miss the food the most. If you want some food and kill time, My Fridge Food allows you to make food with the ingredients you have in your fridge. Just list the ingredients in your fridge, and it will come up with the recipes you can try. Saving your stomach from boredom, that’s where you can bring the internet in you, right? This is a cool and savior website for students living away from home.

Website linkhttps://myfridgefood.com/

My Fridge cool website for Food lovers


25. Is it Normal?

Taking out time for analyzing your actions is a good habit, they say. Is It Normal? It is a website where you can pen down your queries, questions about your past life where you still feel you missed things, you did some embarrassing stuff, and now you want to free yourself from the thought of it. This site then helps you solve your problem where it works like an organization, people helping each other for free. Let’s say online Therapy for free. Sharing is caring, you know. You never know you might find relief here with your chaotic thought processes.

Website linkhttps://www.isitnormal.com/

Is it Normal


26. Waitbutwhy

Don’t go by its name, the content of this cool website is really great because of the way they present. Even some boring subjects, they present in a very funny and interactive way.

Website link: https://waitbutwhy.com/

waitbutwhy cool website for kids


Conclusion- Cool websites

The pandemic outbreak has brought us to think about such striking moments when we don’t know how to utilize our free time. It is uneasiness in solitude that makes us a crib and crave for an external source of happiness. We don’t realize that we can have more fun when we learn to enjoy it alone. Internet is full of interesting things and these are just a drop of that, there are a lot more things to do if you know a website that is interesting let’s know. The comment section is all yours…

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