All About Google Trips | Google Trips Alternatives in 2021

Do you often find yourself traveling to new places and spending your vacations in different cities or different countries every now and then? In those trips, have you stood in front of the reception endlessly going through emails for the reservation, or have you ever made a whole line of people wait because your phone decided to hang at the exact moment when you had to show your airline ticket? So, here are some best alternative options to replace Google Trips in 2021 for planning a better holiday or road trips.

All About Google Trips

Well, if you don’t like feeling that social anxiety, then Google has come to your rescue.

Google Trips is an app that uses an extremely impressive algorithm that scouts through your mail and records all the necessary information for one trip under simple garb.

Trips organize accesses and organises all your data in a very orderly manner. Your airline /railway tickets, hotel reservations, etc. Apart from that, Google Trips also recommends famed tourist spots, renowned museums, and hotels that you should totally check out in the city.  You could save your favorite places in the app to make sure you do not miss your favorite destinations.

Google has decided to shut down Google Trip and Here is Why!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Google had decided to kill Google Trips on August 5th of 2019. Google has shifted the features of Google Trips to several of its other apps, which are significantly more popular with its audience.

This decision was taken by Google because Google Tips lacked to gather a popular audience and lacked several features.

Google Travel, on the other hand, is like an alternative rolled out by Google to make up for the loss of Google Trips. 

Google kills a number of its apps every now and then because they fail to be as successful as Google expects. You may be familiar with Google Allo which released in 2016 but was put down by Google in 2019. It also killed Google+ when it failed to be popular as a social media app. Even Hangouts is shutting down soon because of withering users.


Google Trips features being shifted to its other apps:

Google Travel

You can download Google Travel or visit its website, which almost mirrors the features of Google trips, and combines it with your Google account. Earlier, the features of Google trip could only be accessed through the mobile application, but with Google Travel, you could access the features on any device like your computer, laptop, tablet, etc.

Google Travel a best alternative to Google Trips min


Google Maps

Alternatively, if you do not want the hassles of downloading multiple apps, Many of the features of Google trips have been brought to Google Maps. Your upcoming trips are displayed on the ‘upcoming’ bar on the Google Maps app. Tourist attractions, Hotels, Games, Gas stations, Restaurants, etc., are available at your perusal just a click away.

Google maps like Google trips scan your Gmail and extract all the necessary information about your upcoming flights or impending plans.


Google Trips Website

Google has also ruled out a Trips website, which encompasses all the features of the Trips mobile app. Unfortunately, the website lacks the offline feature of the app, and you cannot download your reservations on your phone, which could prove to be pretty annoying in a location with no Internet facility. The website will contain the data of your previous trips as well as a guide for you to effectively replace Google Trips.


Best Alternatives to Google Trips

If you are not a fan of Google apps or if they are not available in your region, you could download substitute apps like TripIt and RoadTrippers, which have surfaced significantly in the market since Google has ceded the land for now.

All the below given potential apps to replace Google Trips are available for Android and iOS including in the form of a website.


1. TripIt

TripIt is a perfect Google Trip alternative that has offline features where you could download maps of the cities you’re visiting and all your favorite destinations you’ve saved earlier, as well as tourist attractions to work in places where there’s no Internet reception. In simple words, it creates a master itinerary for your whole trip and ensures that you experience only the most wonderful vacation with no hassles at all. TripIt not only scans your impending reservations and plane tickets but also offers you features where you can browse tourist locations, heritage sights, restaurants, famous spots and lets you book hotels with attractive discounts around those locations for your convenience.

Trip Advisor min


2. RoadTripper

RoadTripper is another travel app similar to Google trip that caters especially to your road trip needs. It helps you plan perfect road trips with your friends and family. You can browse pit stops, gas stations, restaurants on the way, map out your entire trip, save reservations, hotel bookings, and much more. With RoadTripper, you could go on adventurous detours and land up in places that are no less than a haven. You could get important information about your route instantly with notifications on your phone.

RoadTripper min


3. Sygic Travel Maps Offline & Trip Planner

Sygic is an Editor’s choice travel planning app available on the Play store to use. It helps in detailed trip itineraries, provides useful travel guides. Popular places come with descriptions, photos, opening hours, admission fees, links, and additional data written by professional travel editors or sourced from Wikipedia and other databases.

Further 360 degree videos of various popular places also there on the app to experience them before actually visiting the place. Find a hotel, hostel, apartment, or b&b and a lot more…

Your trips will sync automatically between all your devices, overall Sygic Travel is a great alternative to Google Trips. From local restaurants and sights to public transport and sports, everything is included. And even the hotel search and travel planning can be done with the free app. However, one drawback is to use the app without any internet connection and save maps offline, the users have to purchase its premium version.

Sygic Travel Maps Offline Trip Planner min


4. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is not a new name for traveling freaks. It comes with lots of features to make our trip smooth and useful. Such as we can discover flights,  book a table at nearby restaurants, travel ideas, maps; low prices on hotels, resorts and with the help of millions of reviews, photos, articles, and videos we can assure how was the experience of other travelers and is it worth to go to a place you are looking for…


Trip Advisor top alternative to Google trips


5. PackPoint travel packing list

This app is slightly different because this is not here to tell you where to go, instead, helps you to reach them with all the important stuff you would need. Actually, in the haste of bag packing, we often forget something behind and later realize that.

Therefore, PackPoint is a free travel packing list organizer and packing planner. It helps in organizing luggage based on how long are you planning to travel.

PackPoint travel packing list min



So, this was, in our opinion, the best description and alternatives to Google Trip and an elaborate guide for a smooth experience of your upcoming vacation plans.

We hope that you never have to go through your emails and be ‘the guy’ that makes everyone wait. Enjoy your organized vacations; after all, you deserve it