How to install apps without Google Play Store: 3 Ways

Installing an app via Google Play store on Android device is the easiest thing, however, for that, you have to set up a Google account on your Android phone or tablet. Nevertheless, it is not a compulsion, if you want you can install apps without Google Account then it is possible. And in this article, we let you know the different ways to install apps on your Android device without having to use the Play Store and its associated Google Account.

3 Ways to install Android Apps without Google Account and Play store

Here are the most viable ways to get apps on Android smartphone or Tablet but no need to login on Android.

Download Apk files direct on Android device

The fastest and easiest way is to download directly the APK file of the App you need to install on your phone. There are a couple of good websites such as,, Uptodown and more… You can directly visit these APK downloading websites to get the latest versions of different apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram and more.

Indeed, APKs can be easily downloaded and installed on the smartphone. However, before that, you must first allow the Android smartphone or tablet to install third-party apps that are not from the Play Store.

To this enable, go to your Android settings and find the option to Install apps from “Unknown sources“. Enable it, using toggle button which in return give you a warning message, accept that.

Install apps from unknown sources

However, the warning is all about that you should take care of the sources to download apps, if the APK file you are installing is from some unknown app or virus then responsibility for damage and data loss, would be yours. But APK mirror, and APKPure are some trusted sources so far.

Play Store Alternative App Store

Google Play store is not the only App store that offers to install the various latest version of apps on an Android phone or tablet. There are some other well-known App stores such as Aptoide, Amazon and FDroid those let you install Android apps directly on your phone without Google account login. There are hundreds of thousands of apps and games available for download.

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Download Apk from Playstore without Google Account (APK Downloader)

The third way is for those don’t trust on any third party websites or App store.

How it would be if we download the APK files directly from the Play store but with signing in?

Yes, it is possible for that just go to a Website called It is an online-based APK downloader software.

Now open the Google play store search for the apps that you want to download after that copy the URL of the same. Now, on Evozi, paste that URL and it will fetch that App’s APK file for you; which you can save on your device to install.

APK Downloader

So, these were some quick ways for a smartphone or tablet with Android, you don’t need to be dependent on Google anymore for apps. No worry about signing in or up.

However, one thing needs to know that, if you are installing the apps from App store like Aptoide you will get the updates. But you will not receive any important app updates if you install the applications using their APK files on the smartphone such as ApkMirror. And every time when the latest APK will be there; you need to download and install it manually.

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