Top 13 Alternatives to Canva Online Graphic Designing Tool

Visual content is essential in today’s rapidly changing digital era for capturing audiences’ attention and effectively delivering messages. Canva has become a widely recognized graphic design tool that empowers users to make beautiful visuals without specialized design knowledge. It is a web-based design platform that can accommodate many different design requirements. Canva offers a huge library of templates and design components, from social media graphics and presentations to posters and flyers. Users can easily customize designs thanks to its user-friendly interface, which makes it a popular tool.

Key Features:

  • Canva’s drag-and-drop editor lets users easily alter designs by including elements, images, text, and shapes.
  • Its team collaboration feature allows multiple users to collaborate on the same design in real-time.
  • It is a one-stop design and image enhancement platform due to its simple photo editing features like crop, filter, and adjustment.
  • Users can upload logos, set brand colors, and save brand fonts using Canva Brand Kit to ensure consistent branding throughout designs.
  • Users can enhance their artwork with the help of an extensive library of stock photos, illustrations, icons, and other design elements.
  • Users can directly share their designs on various social media platforms from within the Canva interface.
  • The Magic Resize feature makes it simple to repurpose designs for different platforms by automatically adjusting designs to different sizes.
  • With the help of the platform’s animation effects, users can give their designs motion and visual interest. This feature is especially helpful when creating social media posts and presentations.
  • Users can export their designs in various formats, suitable for both digital use and print materials.
  • Additionally, a mobile app is available to expand its functionality to tablets and smartphones, allowing users to design while on the go.
  • To assist users in honing their design abilities, it offers tutorials, design classes, and design school resources.

Due to its impressive features listed above, Canva has emerged as a leading option for people, companies, and organizations seeking an easy way to create visually appealing and professional designs.

But there are a tonne of different options on the market today that provide comparable or better features. Let’s look at the top 13 Canva substitutes that are worth exploring.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express alternative to Canva

Adobe Express is a gem among Adobe’s mobile apps and one of the best alternatives to Canva. It boasts powerful yet user-friendly photo editing tools. Effortlessly enhance your images with one-tap auto-adjustments and creative filters while on the go. Its seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud allows for easy syncing and access to your edits across devices. Perfect for mobile photo editing enthusiasts seeking professional results with simplicity and convenience.


PicMonkey Canva replacement

Another easy-to-use Canva platform replacement is called PicMonkey combines graphic design and photo editing tools. It is a well-liked option for those who need both functionalities in a single tool because it offers strong editing capabilities in addition to a huge selection of design templates.


DesignWizard for online editing

DesignWizard offers a sizable collection of design templates for a range of uses, including posters, presentations, social media graphics, and more. This alternative to Canva is suitable for both inexperienced and seasoned designers due to its user-friendly interface and impressive customization options.

VistaCreate by Crello Ltd.

VistaCreate by Crello

A variety of design templates and resources are available on VistaCreate, making them ideal for producing captivating visuals for social media, advertising campaigns, and other uses. Design creation is simple thanks to its drag-and-drop editor’s user-friendliness.



A user-friendly infographic creator with many features is Piktochart. It provides a large library of editable infographics, reports, presentation templates, charts, and icons. Users can add and edit elements with ease using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to produce designs that are visually appealing. The platform offers interactive graphs and charts that support data visualization. Piktochart makes it simple to share and export designs in a variety of formats, making it the perfect tool for educators, marketers, and business professionals who want to effectively and creatively convey complex information.



Figma excels as a robust platform for collaborative design. It is perfect for collaborative designers because real-time editing and commenting allow for seamless teamwork. Projects can be easily accessed from anywhere with Figma thanks to cloud-based storage. It provides capable prototyping tools for dynamic design presentations. Figma is a top choice for UI/UX designers and design teams because of its extensive library of design plugins and assets, which boosts creativity and productivity.


free vector graphic editor Vectr

An intuitive interface can be found in the free vector graphic editor Vectr. Users can produce designs that are scaleable for logos, illustrations, and more. Vectr gives users easy access to both online and offline options. It is a useful tool for illustrators and graphic designers due to its simplicity and emphasis on vector editing.


Easil alterantive

The drag-and-drop tools on the flexible design platform Easil are its trademark. It makes it simple to create social media graphics, posters, and marketing materials by providing a large selection of design templates. Easil is ideal for producing eye-catching visuals without the need for advanced design knowledge because of its user-friendly interface and customization options.



Snappa stands out for its efficiency in creating visual content. It offers a comprehensive collection of templates and high-quality images, thereby rendering design creation quick and easy. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor simplifies the process, and its focus on social media graphics, blog images, and ads caters to content creators, marketers, and small businesses.


BeFunky alternative canva

One of BeFunky’s unique features is an all-in-one platform that combines graphic design and photo editing tools to replace what Canva offers. It is usable by users of all skill levels due to its simplicity and ease of use. BeFunky is a flexible option for making captivating visuals and collages thanks to its extensive editing features and design templates.

Ease ly

By providing users with a simple drag-and-drop interface and impressive infographic design capabilities, stands out from the competition. Data visualization is a breeze thanks to its huge library of customizable templates, charts, and graphics. effortlessly transforms complex information into engrossing infographics, making it perfect for presenters, marketers, and educators.



Visme shines with its versatile features for creating interactive presentations and data visualizations. Its comprehensive library of templates, charts, and widgets streamlines design creation. With easy sharing and exporting options, Visme empowers users to communicate effectively with engaging visuals. Perfect for professionals and educators seeking impactful visual communication tools.



The cross-platform design capabilities of Desygner, which let users create images on computers, tablets, or smartphones, are impressive. It is simple to create captivating visuals for social media, posters, and marketing materials thanks to its extensive collection of drag-and-drop design tools and templates. A practical option for designing while on the go with seamless device synchronization.

Ending note:

While Canva has established itself as a flexible and user-friendly online graphic design tool, however, one should know what are the other available innovative options. Each Canva alternative given in this article has its own distinct advantages, from Crello’s vast design assets to Adobe Spark’s polished touch. These alternatives provide excellent ways to improve your creative endeavors and successfully engage your audience, regardless of your level of design expertise.