15 Top AI Plagiarism Checkers to Detect ChatGPT-Generated Content

Modern tech is slowly leaning towards Artificial Intelligence. We can see or feel the implementation of AI in many fields. Those AIs are not that advanced right now to work exactly like a human but shortly they will most likely develop the skills very well. Still, people are utilizing the existing AI tech to execute different work to complete them relatively quickly. After the arrival of ChatGPT, content creators or students have been using that AI tool to write articles or academic essays.

It may look like a very obvious thing but ChtGPT created content is not authentic and it might not help any company to market themselves online. Using Such AI platforms for assistance to write any content is one thing and creating the whole content by this is not acceptable. The originality of the content is important.

To detect such AI-generated content there are some of the best AI plagiarism checkers or platforms available to check the authenticity of a content piece. They can help to find AI-written content.

List of AI plagiarism checkers to detect ChatGPT-generated content:

1. Copyleaks AI Content Detector

Copyleaks AI Content Detector

Copyleaks is one of the best AI content detection tools that can distinguish between AI-written content and human-written content. It has an accuracy detection of more than 99%. Multiple languages like Spanish, French, German, and others are supported by this application. The detection system of this platform is very impressive as it leverages AI to detect content that is created by AI. This system provides this tool to develop even further to catch up with the advanced AI chatbots that are newly released.

It is one of the most versatile AI content detectors and you can use it for different contents like articles, posts, academic papers, essays, and reviews. You can ensure the content’s originality and maintain integrity using this tool. You can try this to check the accuracy it offers. It also provides a Chrome extension that you can download to access it from there. You can this as a free version.

2. Winston AI

Winston AI ChatGPT text detection tool

To detect AI-generated text, there is a tool called Winston AI is one of the most reliable ones to perform the test. Any ChatGPT-created content can be detected with over 95% accuracy by this AI platform. And the most important thing is it can also read image files and PDF files too apart from text. You will be given results with the sections of human, AI, and readability which will be essential for a user to act accordingly.

The tool is very fast and you will get your result in a few seconds after you enter the text or upload an image. It is that much easier to use and handle. Using this tool you can also find out the exact text that is generated by AI from a piece of content file. The AI prediction map in it makes it possible to highlight the AI-generated text. Free account creation is possible on Winston AI and it will allow you to check 2,000 for free. You need to select a paid plan after the free trial. Plagiarism detection, handwriting support, and other features are there with the paid plans.

3. GPTRadar


GPTRadar is based on GPT-3 and it is one of the most worthy tools for checking AI-generated content. It analyses text to label them as AI-written or human-written. On metrics like perplexity and burstiness, it performs certain calculations. GPTRadar lists text’s perplexity as the model’s ability to predict words and identify common patterns. This platform can distinguish a section of text to indicate whether the nature of is AI-generated or human-written.

GPTRadar is constantly improving the model to recognize AI content with the help of a Feedback loop. It also provides information like token distribution and probability along with other things. The platform is a very basic one thus making it very user-friendly and effective. Free users can have 2,000 tokens for use as the platform works on a token basis. Users can purchase more credits.

4. Content at Scale

Content at Scale

Content at scale is one of the best AI plagiarism checkers in the segment and it has been trained on billions of pages of data. Probable word choices can be accurately forecasted by this tool. Apart from a detection tool it also provides the service as an AI writing tool and it is very good at it. A breakdown of different elements within the content like predictability, probability, and pattern is provided by this tool as a score is there. Within a few seconds, the content can be checked and it will provide the verdict of content originality with absolute accuracy.

All versions of GPT like ChatGPT, ChatGPT-4, and along with other AI-content generators will be easily detected by Content at Scale. And the interesting part is that the tool is free for the AI plagiarism check so users can try it without investing any money.

5. Originality.AI

Originalit AI

If you are looking for a great AI plagiarism checker that is specially recommended for serious content creators and website owners then Originality.AI is one for that role. According to various studies, the accuracy of this AI detector is top notch and it can detect all versions of ChatGPT along with other AI writing tools.

Some common methods that are used for tricking other AI detectors will be ineffective in this platform. There is a free Chrome extension is also available to access. Originality.AI highlights the specific section of the content that is predicted by it as AI-generated or human-written with the help of an added feature. You can go for it if you desperately need a quality tool like this.

6. Copyscape


CopyScape is one the best and most well-known tools with a huge number of users that offers AI plagiarism checks. The working pattern of this platform is different from the other AI checkers. It scans the entire web pages for the users instead of scanning text inputs. It searches web pages and websites and detects duplicate websites and pages for plagiarised content. It leverages Google as its search engine. Businesses can find out if their content has been stolen with this tool. The exact word count and percentage of copied content are also given by the platform.

The user-friendly nature makes it very easy to handle and any user can also use it for their work. Copy the URL of the webpage you want to check and paste it on CopyScape. And you will get any copied content within a minute. Detailed information will be there in the results that you can check with a click. It provides accurate results for AI-written content. You can use the free version for the time being.

7. Writer AI Content Detector

Writer AI Content Detector

Writer AI is a type of company that offers AI detection services along with AI writing. It can detect copied contents very well and it is very easy to use. The company is also planning to offer other services to the users with a dedicated app. Using this platform you can find out about the written content whether it is created by an AI or human. The checking procedure here is similar to other tools like this. You just need to copy and paste the written content to analyze it.

The only limitation you will find in this tool is that you can check a maximum number of 1,500 words at a time. So, when you have to check large text content you need to break it into parts for checking. It also allows you to input web page URLs to check contents. A percentage meter is used by the tool to check whether content is plagiarised or not. It can be used as a free detector.

8. Plagibot


Plagibot is another AI plagiarism detection tool in the list that you can use to find AI-generated content. The best part of this platform is that it is compatible with different document types like PDFs, Word files, and, others. The user interface of Plagibot is very simple and any user can operate it very easily. It keeps an updated database so it can scrape the internet every hour. The sources of the copied content can be identified with it detects plagiarism.

The accuracy rate of this platform might not be so good at times and can show more errors. But it is not a bad option for the users to try. The free trial is limited to 2000 words per month and after you need to pay for a subscription.

9. Corrector App AI Content Detector

Corrector App AI Content Detector

The one thing that makes it different from the other AI detection checkers is that the tool provides extended support for all the GPT models including GPT-4. For many different needs, users can use the Corrector app’s AI just like any other AI detection tool. You will not find any detailed information after analyzing any content. A Fake % meter is there to showcase the probability of being AI-generated.

There is a word limit for checking a piece that you have to maintain and act accordingly. You can try this tool to see whether this is good enough to handle your desired demand or not.

10. GPTZero


Here comes GPTZero which utilizes the same technology that was used for developing ChatGPT. But with the opposite objective of determining whether the content was produced using an AI tool. It is a very popular tool among users and many even recommend this for AI detection. It works across many texts and is very easy to use for anyone. To figure out whether the text is created by humans or not, use statistical data.

GPTZero uses an algorithm to check for originality and also factors like perplexity and burstiness. You will most likely find it positive most of the time while you use it and this can easily distinguish between AI-generated content and human written. The metrics of this tool will be specific and you can access it for free.

11. Write full GPT Detector

Write full GPT Detector

This AI detection tool “Write Full GPT Detector” is relatively new in the market and detects fake Tweets online, many users have been using it. To detect AI-written content, it is trained on a variety of datasets. Users will not face any difficulty in using this AI plagiarism checker. To rank the likeliness of the text coming from an AI chatbot, it uses a percentage scale.

It is due for an update from its current model and could add GPT-4 support shortly. You can consider it as one of the most reliable AI detectors from the segment and the version there to avail the services.

12. ZeroGPT


For quick and easy detection of text, ZeroGPT can be a good tool because of its capabilities. You can detect texts created by some AI writers like Google BARD, ChatGPT, and others in the market. One of the most notable things is there is an option to upload a file for scanning for analysis.

The platform is developed by the team of ZeroGPT to work through complex and deep algorithms. It takes very little time to provide results after you enter the text content. Many educational and professional institutions are using this AI tool for AI detection. The accuracy level of the tool is very much higher and the success ratio is very good. It is a free platform to check and use.

13. Sapling AI Detector

Sapling AI Detector

In the list of top AI plagiarism checkers, Sapling AI is a deserving one to be in the list. This excellent tool is capable of rooting out AI-written texts with the help of machine learning. This tool maps out the probability of a word being AI-created or not by considering it as a token. In rare cases, some of the human written contents could be labeled incorrectly as false positives. But the platform assured the accuracy of 97% which is a remarkable thing.

Regular updating is there so that it can make itself compatible to detect the latest LLMs and do the task without any inconvenience. Up to 2000 tokens can be scanned for free by the users. And signing up with it would provide you with more tokens. You can try this out for experience.

14. Crossplag AI Content Detector

Crossplag AI Content Detector

Next on the list is another AI checker that can be very beneficial for checking assignments. The CrossPlag is very much capable of detecting copied text as it has been trained on a fine-tuned model of RoBERTa using the Open AI dataset. Despite being in the testing phase, it is undeniable that it works fast when you check any text for plagiarism detection. And the output would provide you satisfaction if you test the platform.

Shortly the tool might be available to institutions and to do that language support should be increased apart from only English. It is suggested that the tool could perform on longer text more conveniently than on shorter ones. You can use this tool to get a practical knowledge of it.

Final Thoughts

There are many AI plagiarism checker tools available and new ones are coming up in the market but you have to pick the most suitable one for you or your business. The list is created to assist you in getting the right one from some of the best AI detectors. We hope this helps because detecting AI-generated content is very important for the sake of originality and authenticity.

As AI writing tools are developing day by day and more platforms are released to create AI content, you need proper tools to identify the content source to provide unique write-ups to grow as a professional or a business entity. Please let us know of any AI detector that works very well.