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Facebook Videos & Reels Downloader

What are Facebook video downloaders?

A free best Facebook video downloader is a small-size software that can be used to save Facebook videos, Reels and store them on the system for offline watching. Some of such free tools can be installed on a Desktop PC or Laptop while others are web-based like ours. We have created our Facebook URL video saver tool simple so that you don’t have to go scratch your head while going through multiple steps. Press the Download button and you are done!

One benefit of Facebook video downloaders is the ability to save copies of content for future use and reference. As most digital media can’t be saved in its entirety forever, it’s always great to have an extra backup option at hand; especially since there’s no guarantee any given link will work well into the future as websites change over time. Downloading your own content also makes it easier to share with other platforms or use in other capacities such as making graphics and montages.

Using a Downloader offers high-speed download and users an easy way to bypass the challenges associated with saving videos even from popular sites such as YouTube and Vimeo where saving files directly onto the device isn’t usually supported or allowed for copyright reasons. It also eliminates the need for signing into Facebook every time someone wants to watch old footage again!

In conclusion, having access to a downloadable version of the content published on social media platforms like Facebook can provide considerable benefits such as allowing users total control over their data. Giving them backup options so they don’t lose out due to website changes in the future. It also eliminates the unnecessary time spent by the users logging into accounts prior to viewing their past memories!

From creating instant memories with friends online by downloading clips or saving private videos– utilizing dedicated tools like FB Video Downloaders offer an ideal solution for anyone looking our a more robust – reliable way to access digital media!

Save Videos on Desktop PC – Windows, macOS, or Linux

You don’t need to download multiple Facebook video downloader apps on ou PC instead use some online web tool. Here are a few steps which will guide you:

  1. Open a Desktop browser, it can be a built-in browser like Google Chrome or others such as Firefox, Opera, etc.
  2. Now, visit the Facebook video or story that you want to save for offline viewing.
  3. Click on the three dots given above the Video File most of the time on its right top side.
  4. You will find the “Copy link” option select that and in a new tab open our Facebook downloader.
  5. On the User Interface of the app, you will find the URL box, paste that copied link and press the Download button.
  6. Select the Video quality and format and you are done!

How to save a video on Facebook to a gallery without using the app?

We can download Facebook videos into our smartphone gallery without installing any application. For that, we can use online web tools like ours.

  1. Go to the Facebook video that you want to download
  1. Click on the three horizontal dots given on the Top right side of the video.
  1. Select the Copy Link option to get the Video link.

  1. Open the user-friendly How2shout Facebook downloader page in the smartphone browser which is compatible with multiple social media platforms. 
  1. Paste the Video URL or Link in the Box given for it on our Online tool.
  1. Click the Download button to get the available video formats and resolutions.
  1. Finally, select the video type to save it in your smartphone gallery.

Facebook Story Downloading Online Tool

Same as we have down above, you need to only your browser to save the Facebook stories.

  1. In your browser or Facebook app, open the story.
  2. Copy its video link
  3. There are dozens of URL Video downloader apps, choose one like ours.
  4. Paste the Link of the Story in the app and hit the Download button.

Private vs Public Videos

When it comes to downloading videos from Facebook, the main difference between private and public videos is: Private videos uploaded by a user can only be accessed and viewed by the uploader. He has the right to give access to other users to view them discreetly. Whereas the Public as its name shows can be seen by anyone.

Also, the private videos must be downloaded with the permission of the uploader, however, this is not the case with publicly copyrighted free videos. Well, there are some free private video downloaders over the internet you can try them out.

Have a look at Thumbnail Preview before Facebook Reels Downloading

Some users might think they would get some unknown spammy file using an online Facebook video save. Our FB video downloader online utility, however, processes differently. It will not arbitrarily save the video on your PC or laptop. The users will first have a Thumbnail preview of the video, once they are confirmed they are getting the same content they are looking for after that, can select the available video formats. This video image preview eliminates any worries about downloading the wrong video or having to deal with corrupted files.

No Spammy Ads or pop-ups

Spam advertisements or unwanted pop-ups are really frustrating when we try to download Facebook videos online via some websites or apps. This is really a potential security risk, hence finding a reliable source is quite difficult that won’t bombard users with spam or malicious content. This can lead to wasted time and energy, as well as potential security risks.

Fortunately, How2shout’s Facebook video downloader HD will not show any spammy ads or pop-ups on your PC or mobile browser. We offer free high-quality downloads from Facebook that are free of any viruses or malware, ensuring that users can enjoy their favorite videos without any risk of harm.

What are the supported platforms?

We only need a browser to run our FB Video save, it doesn’t matter if you are using an Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Linux device. This makes it platform independent and incredibly convenient for anyone who wants to quickly and easily download videos from Facebook.

Additionally, there are no restrictions when it comes to downloading videos from Facebook as long as they are publicly available.

The best part about this web application, it is completely free to use. Being a user of this utility all you need to do is copy the URL of the Facebook video and paste it into the text box given on the website.

Once you have done that, simply click on the “Download” button and your video will be downloaded in no time.

Legal Note, users should give heed

The legal note provided by our Facebook video downloading service is important to consider before using the tool. We don’t support or encourage users to download any copyrighted material. It is because using somebody’s videos for commercial purposes without their express permission is also not allowed. Hence, our service does not take any responsibility if users choose to download copyrighted videos or use them for commercial purposes without taking written or verbal consent from the video creator.

Hence, we strongly recommended that users should and if necessary download only non-copyrighted videos. Also, use them only for personal but offline use unless they are not the owner of the videos. Furthermore, we will not be held liable for any potential copyright violations resulting from the use of our FB story-downloading tool. Thus, keep abiding by the law and enjoy this free online video downloader web tool.


How to download Facebook stories with music?

Like any other video on Facebook also copy its link and add it to the text box given on the Downloader page. After that hit the Download button to get the story file.

Can we download Facebook videos to view offline?

Yes, ofcourse the main purpose of creating a Facebook downloader is to save the video on a Desktop or smartphone’s local disk to watch it later offline.

What is the best way to download Facebook videos online?

Online FB downloader tools like ours are the best way to save videos without installing any software or application on your computer or mobile device.

Can we get the Facebook Live videos using this tool?

Yes, users can download HD-quality Facebook Live videos at ultra-fast speed on their Android Devices or Desktops.

Can we download the Private video from Facebook using this tool?

No, private videos are not public, hence a user cannot get the link to download them unless the owner of the video is not providing it. 

How do I copy the link address of some FB videos?

Visit the page where the video is playing on FB, after that you will see three horizontal dots on the right top side of the built-in video player. Click that and select the option – Copy Link.